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Booth's Blog: Wrong Turn is the Right Way on Horror!
By Emily Booth
Posted in: Booth's Blog, Wednesday 22nd Mar 2017
Emily Booth Red JacketOne of the most talked about films to enter the 2017 horror radar is and will be Raw; the French/Belgian cannibal film directed by first timer Julia Ducournau, scooping out more awards than her leading lady scoops out eyeballs.

Raw is currently getting the critics' tongues wagging and the audiences' stomachs reeling. Reports are coming in that people have been vomiting during screenings; not something you hear much in this disaffected age. I feel there's an emerging wave of arthouse horror taking its cue from current society's ills, splashing it across the celluloid dripping with not just blood, but oodles of style. 2012's Antiviral (the disease of celebrity culture), It Follows (sexual disease) and The Babadook (motherhood) in 2014, and The Neon Demo... »

Soska Sisters head up Slasher Season on Horror Channel
By James Whittington
Posted in: Features, Tuesday 21st Mar 2017
Soska Sisters-1Get ready for hooks, surgical knives and power saws as Horror Channel adds a cutting edge to April's schedule as the UK TV premiere of the Soska Sisters' See No Evil 2 heads up a season of contemporary slasher films.

The season also has the network premieres of Stewart Hendler's sadistically slick Sorority Row with Carrie Fisher, the darkly deranged Girlhouse, and Nelson McCormick's axe-crazy re-imagning of a stalk and slash classic, Prom Night.

See No Evil 2-1

See... »

Booth's Blog: A real stench is coming to Horror...!
By Emily Booth
Posted in: Booth's Blog, Friday 17th Mar 2017
Emily Booth Seat SmallHorror is one of the most ubiquitous, hell if not THE most ubiquitous genre out there, it has countless sub genres, parodies, sequels, franchises, horror icons, rules and lore - making it incredibly hard to create an original movie these days. The Slasher film either goes for the supernatural angle, the more believable 'serial killer' angle, or following Wes Craven's 1996 Scream, will have a more 'meta' element to it. But one things for sure, each new entry is looking to become the next big thing, to spawn a sequel and hopefully a franchise and to do this you need some kind of unique gimmick or horror icon to drive those fans batsh*t crazy!

According to Forbes, of the more contemporary franchises SAW did it the most successfully, financially (beaten only by Alien which is... »

Booth's Blog: Murder, madness and mushrooms!
By Emily Booth
Posted in: Booth's Blog, Thursday 9th Mar 2017
Emily Booth BarnWell if that hasn't poked your curiosity cat, I don't know what will. This week my inspiration comes from Friday night's network premiere Shrooms (great name, great poster); a film that takes us deep down the rabbit hole courtesy of the humble magic mushroom, only there's no wonderland to be found here...

In this Irish horror, director Paddy Breathnach delivers genuine shocks amongst the (sometimes) hilarious hallucinations, taking full advantage of the gothic Irish woodland setting and a creepy campfire backstory to set the tone. A mostly American cast of attractive young 'uns heads to the deep dark woods in search of a head trip they'll never forget, but when one girl takes a particularly potent 'shroom, proceedings take a dark turn as she begins having premonitions of all her fr... »