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Watch Out, Here Comes Jessica!
By James Whittington
Posted in: Frightfest, Monday 25th Aug 2014

Jessica CameronThe Discovery Screens at FrightFest have given us some incredible cinematic moments over the last few days and today’s line-up contains an even more incredible mix of shade and light with a day packed with UK and world premieres.

One movie that has got everyone talking is Truth Or Dare which is getting its UK premiere today.

Six college kids find Internet stardom when they make a ‘Truth or Dare’ reality video with a violent twist. After their ‘fatal shooting’ broadcast goes viral, they reveal on a talk show the filming was a complete hoax. Basking in their 15 minutes of fame, none of the Truth or Daredevils takes the waspish comments of a particularly impassioned audience member that seriously. So excited in fact is their biggest fan Derik to be close to his treasured celebrities, his inappropriate comments and actions get him removed from the studio as a security risk. Only for him to turn up at the remote location of their next project with crazed plans to make the group’s latest horror atrocity a YouTube milestone by setting a whole new collection of shocking rules.

Written, directed and starring Jessica Cameron this ballsy, brutal and bloody movie signals the arrival of very exciting new talent. Cameron has produced a no holds-barred experience that will cause controversy and conversation wherever it’s played. Reminiscent of the original raw talent exuded by inventive film makers such as Jen and Sylvia Soska, Cameron is a name to remember as she’s going to be very, very successful. Watch this space.