Genre legend Jamie Lee Curtis rocks in Horror's Sci-Fear season!
By Emily Booth, Thursday 16th February 2017
Ever since Jamie Lee Curtis invented and cemented the now familiar trope 'final girl' in her feature film debut Halloween in 1978, fans have literally fallen over themselves to get a load of this original scream queen. Surely deserving of a 'lifelong contribution to horror award', this legend has not stopped, from Halloween, The Fog (1980) and Prom Night (1980) to action girl roles in Blue Steel (1990), True Lies (1994), and this week's excellent Sci-Fear Season network premiere Virus (1999). Curtis's Scream Queen status has recently come full circle, with her taking on a very meta role in the TV series Scream Queens as the tough talking Queen Bee of an exclusive University. Combining beauty, brains, brawn, and a rare androgyny, she makes for a far more interesting hero than her male counterparts. Which is why she is so watchable in Saturday night's Sci-Fi action horror Virus.

Originally starting life out as a comic book from Dark Horse Comics (publishing house of Sin City and Hellboy), the plot is tantalisingly original and manga-esque! An alien life form of pure energy takes over the on-board computers (and by extension all the machinery) of a Chinese research vessel, mutating the damaged equipment and dead bodies into mechanical monsters of both flesh and metal in a bid to take over the technology of the entire planet. This alien is the ultimate hacker.

Virus small

The film follows a very similar plot to the comic, only this time the vessel under attack is Russian. A huge electrical power surge from Russian space station Mir 'infects' the ocean vessel, killing all but one crew member. Meanwhile, the crew of a tugboat in trouble discover the abandoned ship, and decide to investigate with a means to salvaging her for big cash. However, what they find baffles them to say the least. Engines down, wiring cut, electronics destroyed and a lunatic Russian lady screaming at them: "It's learning how to kill us!" The vessel seems to have a life of its own, controlling the anchors, the doors, and all means of escape. The alien life-force has the power to converge the human with the mechanical, creating a cyborgian army of human slaves to do its bidding. Luckily Jamie Lee Curtis is here with her straight-talking no nonsense to save the day...

Directed by John Bruno, his experience in visual effects is clear, having a background as effects designer on Terminator 2 and The Abyss. You will certainly recognise some Terminator-esque cyborgs here!

William Baldwin and Donald Sutherland also star in this effects-heavy, fun action Sci-Fi that begs the question - is the alien the Virus, or are we...?!

Sci-Fear Season continues this Saturday at 9pm with the network premiere of Virus.

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