Booth's Blog: A real stench is coming to Horror...!
By Emily Booth, Friday 17th March 2017

Horror is one of the most ubiquitous, hell if not THE most ubiquitous genre out there, it has countless sub genres, parodies, sequels, franchises, horror icons, rules and lore - making it incredibly hard to create an original movie these days. The Slasher film either goes for the supernatural angle, the more believable 'serial killer' angle, or following Wes Craven's 1996 Scream, will have a more 'meta' element to it. But one things for sure, each new entry is looking to become the next big thing, to spawn a sequel and hopefully a franchise and to do this you need some kind of unique gimmick or horror icon to drive those fans batsh*t crazy!

According to Forbes, of the more contemporary franchises SAW did it the most successfully, financially (beaten only by Alien which is more horror/sci-fi) using the novel concept of a morally dubious killer who never directly does any of the killing himself but rather sets you up to do that for him! SAW was also part responsible for the dawn of 'torture porn'. Final Destination had the whole 'death has a design' device with meticulously gruesome death scenes, and even Chucky, the pint sized menace managed to totally corner the killer doll market with a 7 strong (inc the latest Cult of Chucky Oct 2017) movie franchise. So how in Satan's name do you come up with something different? Well our movie premiere tonight may not have wound up on the Forbes 'highest grossing slasher of all time' list - but it did do something we've never seen before in a bid to be original! If only they'd invented smellovision to compliment its cinema release, yes Reeker (2005) really did kick up a stink.

ReekerIt starts in all too familiar territory, a group of archetypal friends are driving through the desert on the way to a rave when car trouble renders them trapped at the abandoned Halfway Motel, a subtle clue is given here as to the fate these friends will suffer. This is a strange place populated by the odd horribly mutilated traveller passing through, and now it seems death is following them around like a bad smell - literally, for a cloaked creature that makes it's presence known by omitting the stench of rotting flesh before it goes in for the kill is after them one by one.

Director Dave Payne says in the DVD commentary he was inspired to write Reeker by the experience of first arriving in Los Angeles and moving into an apartment above a man who had been dead for a full week. "The smell was atrocious," he recalls. "He was melting in his chair..." An experience so profound he simply had to get it out of his system by making this highly original slasher.

Following the movie's success Payne went on to direct the sequel No Mans Land: The Rise of the Reeker but unfortunately this is where the stench dissipates with no more Reeker movies planned.

Death is in the air so take a deep breath for tonight's network premiere Reeker at 9pm.

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