5 Things You Need to Know About 'Raw'
By Jemal Polson, Friday 7th April 2017

Director Julia Ducournau's first-full length outing, Raw is a must-see.

The film, which centres on a young vegetarian university student who develops a taste for human flesh, is unlike anything you've seen in recent years. We caught up with Ducournau to discuss what you need to know about the ultra-realistic flick that has everyone talking.

1. It may not be as gory as you think
Its debut at the Toronto Film Festival last year garnered a wealth of media coverage, due to the films' seemingly graphic content resulting in paramedics reportedly being called after cinemagoers had fainted. When Julia heard the news, she was shocked. "I love mixing genres and I love balancing everything that I do, but I do not like gratuitous violence because it bores me to death." She states. "For [Raw] to be compared to a shocker or "torture porn" doesn't do justice to what I've done."

2. ...and because of that, you'll be able to handle it just fine
Don't get us wrong, the film definitely does have its gruesome parts. But since those reports have been taken a little out of context, you'll be able to sit through Raw as you would any other horror title. "I think the only thing about it that makes me really sad is that some people are gonna be too scared to go see my movie when they could actually have handled it very well." Ducournau says.

3. She's fascinated by the cannibal sub-genre
Ducournau chose to bring the idea of cannibalism to the forefront for Raw, as she felt as though cannibals are often treated as though they don't exist. Continuing on, Julia stated that "murders and incest are always treated as the perpetrators of human beings...but cannibals are always a couple of anonymous people coming to our world from outer space or like zombies."

4. It's thematically similar to another famous, albeit not horror based French film
Whilst speaking about Raw's themes, most specifically the sense of "belonging", Ducournau stated that that she finds the concept of such "very claustrophobic". "[I] wrote this story of this girl that wants to belong but discovers there's something in her that rejects that." Bearing a strange similarity to Adbetellif Kechiche's 3-hour relationship drama Blue is the Warmest Colour, we asked Ducournau if the film was of any inspiration. "I've never thought about that! But now that you say that there are some similar themes. I'm gonna sleep on that!"

5. There won't be a sequel
We all know the genre is famed for creating a number of sequels and spin-offs, for their original entities. But Ducournau wants to let you know that she has no plans for a direct follow-up to Raw. "I've done this movie and I don't want to linger on it." She says. With that being said, audiences can expect a self-contained, fully realised project that doesn't warrant a follow-up.

Raw is in cinemas across the UK now


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