Booth's Blog: No One Lives this weekend on Horror!
By Emily Booth, Wednesday 17th May 2017
With such a great film title I don't need to call my blog anything else, for this says it all. This is a bold punch-in-the-face thriller that delivers twist upon twist and doesn't let up till the final scene. A typical thriller or horror usually involves one psycho killer and a bunch of victims, but in this film you're never quite sure who you should be gunning for as roles are reversed and slick surprises are served to the audience totally derailing them from their usual genre movie experience. Meet 'Driver'; a strange name for a strange man. He and his lover are on a road trip when they're tormented by a ruthless criminal gang who think they've struck gold by targeting these soft, rich tourists. Trapped and tortured, it looks like it's all over for Driver and his belle, until the tables are turned. "Ok", you're thinking - "I've seen this before, it's not all that original". However our criminal gang have not just angered a man who wants to fight back, they've invited one of the most dangerous psychopaths ever into their lives, who will stop at nothing till he's the last man standing! And boy does he have some secrets up his sleeve.

This is a tricky film to write about because there are about three solid good twists that I really want to shout about, but if I do, I'll be accused of dishing out spoilers. Suffice to say there's a parallel storyline involving the kidnap of a young heiress, whom the authorities believe is still alive somewhere, and all three sides of the story - the protagonist Driver, the criminal gang, and the missing heiress - are about to come clashing together in the most dramatic of ways!

I'd also like to add that it's incredibly refreshing to watch a psychopath you actually kind of like and admire, and it really doesn't hurt that he's menacingly good looking. This is nothing new in action films of course but in horror-thrillers it's rare. You can't exactly say Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and John Kramer did well in the looks department but here it's like Jason Bourne stepped into a horror flick - nice! Driver, played by rising star Luke Evans (The Girl on the Train, The Hobbit) is so satisfying and enigmatic to watch he even has his own Apocalypse Now moment where he rises out of a black lake in the pitch dark, naked, ready for the hunt; primal stuff indeed. On talking about his character and how he wanted Driver to come across, actor Luke Evans said this in an interview for Metro:

"He might be gratuitously murdering people left, right and center, but all of the people he chooses to murder aren't the nicest of people. The director and I wanted to challenge the audience's moral and ethical compass to see if they would start liking him."

This is indeed a 'driving' element of the film but it also touches on the emotions of a psychopath. The fact that they can't distinguish between passion and violence or love and ownership means that in watching Driver, we get all fifty shades of this and more!

From Japanese director Ryuhei Kitamura of The Midnight Meat Train among other viscerally violent films, who certainly enjoys pushing buttons and blurring the boundaries of expectation in a genre film, and be warned the bloodshed here does not hold back expect some gruesome kills. Well worth a watch.

No One Lives makes its network premiere this Saturday 20th May at 10.55pm.

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