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Exclusive Interview with Jennifer Lim, Horror Star from When Evil Calls and Hostel
By James Whittington
Posted in: Interviews, Sunday 10th Dec 2006

ZH: How young were you when you decided you wanted to become an actress?

JL: I had rather modest ambitions when I was a child but when I reached my teenage years, it became clear that all I wanted to do was to act. Why limit yourself to being just one person when you can experience being a whole lot more? It's certainly less boring and gets me away from a conventional desk-bound job.

ZH: How did you get to be in the survival horror hit, Hostel? Are you a horror movie fan?

JL: I auditioned for it. I was sent along to a casting and remember blood-curdling screams coming out of the audition suite and wondering "what on earth's going on?"
I enjoy horror movies, in particular the recent wave of Japanese and Korean ones, though I wouldn't class myself as an exclusive horror movie fan.

ZH: In When Evil Calls your character, Samantha, wants to be popular; did you go through that stage whilst at school?

JL: Definitely. I was a geek until I went to drama school where I joined the 'in' crowd. I didn't feel very comfortable when it happened as I hate factions and like Samantha at the end, I became more comfortable when I stopped wanting to be liked or approved of.

ZH: What was the atmosphere on set like?

JL: The set was peopled by a real group of passionate enthusiastic individuals and that made a real difference. There was a lot of laughter and everyone got on really well.

ZH: How different is it acting for a movie that’s being made for mobile phones rather than a normal cinema movie?

JL: There's not much difference in the acting of it I suppose. Its screen acting but I think you are very aware that your reactions have to be a lot faster as it's a two-minute episode as opposed to a 90-min feature.

ZH: In a similar way is it more difficult to act in a two minute piece rather than something that lasts longer?

JL: I don't think so. It's all in the writing. It's like shooting a short film and I guess from the acting point of view, you simply wish there was more to do but in terms of difficulty, it doesn't make a difference.

ZH: Did the blood, sex and gore content surprise you?

JL: No. Not after Hostel!

ZH: Do you find clowns creepy in real life?

JL: Yes! I hate the enforced joviality and I think there's an undercurrent running underneath the mask that is not what it seems on the surface.

ZH: Can you see this form of entertainment taking off?

JL: I think so. People are constantly on the move and they want entertainment when they demand it. We live in an i-Pod and mobile phone generation where we get our entertainment at our fingertips.

ZH: What does it feel like to be part of something very unique? Were you aware that such a series had never been made for mobile phones?

JL: It's very exciting and groundbreaking and I'm rather proud of it. I can look back in twenty years' time and say I was one of the first that did it. No, I wasn't aware of it.

ZH: Would you do another series for mobile phones?

JL: Yes. With new technology developing all the time, who's to say that mobile phone entertainment is not the new way forward. It could join cinema and television as part of popular entertainment.

ZH: Jennifer Lim, thank you very much.