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Must See Movies This Christmas On Horror
By James Whittington
Posted in: Features, Friday 24th Dec 2010
Silent Night Deadly Night What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a selection of some of the best seasonal slashers rounded off with a contemporary shocker and a cult classic.

Horror Channel has it all for you this Yuletide.

Merry Christmas for all of us here at the Horror Channel.

Santa's Slay/Silent Night Deadly Night – Friday 24th December
This double bill of seasonal slaughter starts at 21:00 with the festive fright flick Santa's Slay. It stars wrestling superstar Bill Goldberg as a demon who lost a bet that consigned him to duty as Santa Claus. But that bet is over and he's about to unleash jingle bell hell! This is followed at 22:55 by the classic slasher movie Silent Night Deadly Night (pictured) where a man who saw his parents murdered by a criminal in a Santa suit as a child dons the yuletide garb himself to wreak bloody havoc on those he deems "the naughty ones".

Jack Frost/Jack Frost 2 – Saturday 25th December
Another seasonal double bill this time though the main protagonist is a snowman with a mind filled with murder! Jack Frost (at 21:00) stars American Pie babe Shannon Elizabeth, who gets to share an unforgettable bathtub scene with a dead serial killer who now happens to be a psychopathic vengeful snowman. In the sequel Jack Frost 2 at 22:55 a Sheriff and his friends and family opt for a Christmas in the Caribbean, only to find there is no escape from the sinister snowman.

Clive Barker’s The Plague/Street Trash – Sunday December 26th
A harrowing tale of terror produced by master of malevolence Clive Barker hits Horror at 21:00. In Clive Barker's The Plague all the world's children turn homicidal and display supernatural strength and intelligence... can anything stop them? Anything with Clive Barker’s name attached to it is a must see and this is the perfect was to wake yourself from any post-Christmas slump. Then at 22:55 its time to test your nerve in Street Trash. When a liquor store owner sells dodgy wine to local hobos, some melt messily right where they stand, while others attempt to fight the effects. Gross and hilarious this is very Frank Henelotter meets Troma in style with plenty to offer and is so over the top you just won’t believe what you’re seeing.