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Rose Black: Demon Seed - Release Date
By James Whittington
Posted in: News, Saturday 9th Jul 2011

Rose Black Demon Seed CoverThe most ambitious installment of the Rose Black comic-book saga will be released this summer by Rough Cut Comics.

The 100-page full-color volume Rose Black: Demon Seed develops the series' "re-imagining" of vampire mythology through its titular heroine – the angelic super-being who discovers her 600-year-old reputation as 'an evil bloodsucker' has been manufactured by a sinister cabal housed within Vatican City.

The saga, which will stretch to a three-book series next year, has been pitched as a crossbreed of Blade and The Da Vinci Code with nods to Marvel's Black Widow and 2000AD's Durham Red.

Creators Ed Murphy and Tom Campbell, the Publisher/Writer team behind the popular Freedom Collective and Surgeon titles, gave themselves the opportunity to re-invent the traditional vampire design for their series. They have invested two years developing and creating this next installment, which transforms the first book's black-and-white artwork into a full colour presentation. The sequel pits our heroine against a genetically-created opponent – essentially the world’s "first" vampire.

Original penciller Jaeson Finn has since moved on to become a much-sought after storyboard artist on films such as Neil Marshall’s Doomsday and Centurion, as well as the Liam Neeson thriller Unknown. He is replaced by former Striker artist Joel Carpenter, whose pencils and inks are coloured by Derek Dow.

“It’s a definite change in style,” said Murphy. “But we felt the colour pages would bring in more new readers than we’d lose from the original fan base. I think Joel’s created some beautiful frames and his style is very cinematic, which is exactly what we were looking for. “I think this will definitely take the saga to a new audience. A PR company just predicted that angels would be the new vampires in 2012 … and if that’s the case, we’re certainly on the right track. I just hope we can get out there to that huge True Blood fan base in the mainstream comic-book audience. I think they’ve definitely been intrigued by Rose Black. ”

The £9.99 GN is being solicited in the July UK Previews and will be shipping exclusively in the UK next month. We will be following up with a Stateside release next month.”

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