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Brand New - Exclusive Interview With Human Centipede 2 Actress Emma Lock
By James Whittington
Posted in: Interviews, Wednesday 14th Dec 2011

Emma LockHorror Channel recently celebrated the controversial side of cinema with Season Of The Banned, a selection of movies that tested the BBFC to the limit. So we thought it would be cool to chat to the cast of The Human Centipede 2 which was banned in the UK earlier this year and has only been released after a selection of cuts were made. Here we ask actress Emma Lock about her role in the movie and her plans for the future.

HC: Are you a big fan of horror cinema?

EL: I am a huge fan. Growing up in the far East you can imagine some of the horrors I was exposed to pretty early. My favourite horrors involve the dead, like Ju-on.

HC: Had you seen the original movie? If so, what were you initial thoughts after seeing it?

EL: We all had to watch the first film as part of our audition. I really enjoyed it and thought it was inventive. Georgia was also in the audition and we were the only two girls to giggle. Everyone else either walked out or stared at the floor. I had to think really hard about if I wanted to be nude for my first major role. I decided it was something I could live with and the filming process proved that. It wasn’t weird at all.

HC: Can you tell us about your role in HC2?

EL: My character is called Kim, who is Ian's girlfriend. She's very sweet and brainy, but traditional and ultimately depends on Ian. Unfortunately, Martin envisions her as the back end of the centipede and she is dealt a very raw deal.

HC: Did you have to audition?

EL: Yes, that was the second part of the audition. I was quite confident that I would be asked to read some lines and maybe do some improvisation, but boy was I wrong! Tom and Illona were both in the audition room and spent some time putting my mind at ease. Then, they asked me to lay on the floor and imagine someone raping me from behind and ripping at my skin. It was pretty intense.

HC: What were your first thoughts on the script? Did its tone and content make you think twice about accepting the role?

EL: The script was a work of art in itself and really gave me insight in to Tom's beautiful and twisted mind. It was written very quickly, full of grammatical errors and chops and changes, but it drew me in like an enjoyable filthy book! It just kept getting more and more horrific and for me that was very exciting. I could see way how the scenes could be shot and I was eager to get started and create this monster of a film. I had no doubts at all.

HC: The film is very dark in tone to say the least, what was the atmosphere like on set?

EL: It was surprisingly light! Typically we would be laughing, chatting, snacking on the fake poo and even having naps on the floor on bin bags together. We had a great relationship with the crew as well and there was never a dull moment. It was a fantastic set to work on.

HC: How did you react when you heard that it had been banned?

EL: I thought the cast member who called me to tell me the news was joking. When I heard it on the news I was shocked. I couldn’t believe that the BBFC could deem it uncuttable and that it would pose a real risk to viewers. It's pathetic really.

HC: What are your thoughts on censorship?

EL: I can understand why people would find comfort in censorship, but personally I am quite repulsed by it. I think the idea of censorship is outdated and very patronising. If people dislike a film, they can leave the cinema. I've seen a lot of supposedly banned films and found far worse scenes shown on the news.

HC: Does the BBFC still have an important role to play?

EL: Not in my mind.

HC: So what projects are you working on at the moment?

EL: I have been talking about doing some sci-fi projects and some more horror. I would like to do a psychological horror next or a zombie film. Eventually Id love to be in action film as that’s where my heart is.

HC: Emma Lock, thank you very much.