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Exclusive Interview With Directors Jen And Sylvia Soska - Part 1
By James Whittington
Posted in: Interviews, Saturday 21st Jan 2012

Jen and Sylvia SoskaJen and Sylvia Soska are the talented twins behind the hit flick Dead Hooker In A Trunk which got its UK television premiere last year on the Horror Channel.

We decided to catch up with them to ask what they thought of the movie being shown on the Horror Channel and the impact its made on both sides of the Atlantic. They gave such a great interview we needed to split the piece in half.

Part 2 will follow next Saturday.

HC: Horror Channel gave DHIAT its UK Television premiere last year, what did you think when you heard the news that the channel was showing it?

Sylvia: It was an unreal experience. When you make a movie as independently and modestly budgeted as this, you really hope that it can get to the level where it gets a big audience who can check it out, but you don't know if that will be a possibility in your situation. It's extremely humbling, the amount of support we have gotten for Dead Hooker In A Trunk from the UK and the Horror Channel. The first festival to screen the film was the Ghouls on Film Fest in Birmingham, UK. The first region to get the DVD release through Bounty Entertainment was the UK. Then we got the news that the Horror Channel would be giving the film its television premiere and that was after we had an issue in Canada where the film had been banned for its title alone - the theatre refused to even watch the film to see that the project was actually a dark satirical comedy. It was really cool to get that support especially at that time.

Jen: The UK has a very special place in our hearts. After the unbelievable support they showed us, we couldn't have been more happy to our television premiere to be there as well. It was only fitting after our first screening happened there and the film first came to DVD there. And they didn't just show it once. They showed it over and over again! The gore-geous Emily Booth even did an introduction for the film. She's incredible. To know that the UK Horror Channel was playing Dead Hooker In A Trunk was a dream come true. It didn't feel real. We're horror fans first and foremost and this was a real honor for us.

HC: Did its showing on the channel help build up your relationship with UK horror fans?

Sylvia: The exposure on the channel got Dead Hooker In A Trunk to so many people who had never even heard of the film before. We're very grateful to the people who have stood behind the project to get it to this point, so when we had the Horror Channel premiere we went on Twitter to talk to the UK folks while they were watching the flick on TV. We had a bunch of people tweeting at us and when we did a search for 'dead hooker in a trunk', we found people talking about the film. We messaged them and thanked them for checking it out, it was a great way to thank the people who were watching.

Jen: It was fan-f*****g-tastic. It's amazing that we live in a day and age where social networks allow us to really connect like never before. We were able to chat live with fans as they were watching the film. To get people telling us lines they loved as they happened or getting their instant reactions to what was happening while being able to give a running live director commentary was surreal. We put up our Facebook accounts and our direct contact email address and got flooded with emails from UK fans. It was overwhelming. Especially to hear from other aspiring filmmakers or people that really loved the film. It's very humbling. Those UK Horror Channel showings added a ton of members to our Facebook groups and twitter account. We still keep in touch with many of them. We respond to every email we get as long as it isn't "I wanna sleep with you" or "Make me famous".

HC: What feedback did you get from fans?

Sylvia: Folks in the UK have a really good sense of humour and they seemed to really enjoy Dead Hooker. It was funny because a lot of them were attracted to the name, but didn't expect that much from the film. They would watch and say things like "Wow, this is actually good". We get that a lot. I think because of the $2500 budget or the fact that it's an independent horror or that the title sounds a little too crazy to be decent, but we have people saying that they went in with very low expectations - always nice to hear - and were blown away by the fun, insanity of it all. That's a pretty sweet deal for us.

Jen: They got our sense of humour. I try to warn people if the words Dead Hooker In A Trunk linked together don't make you smile, guilt-fully, blissfully, or otherwise, there's likely very little else in here for you. It's a crude, utterly ridiculous, occasionally offensive, delightfully hilarious, and unexpectedly thoughtful film. Is it for everyone? No, but what is? Nothing is for everyone and you can't make everyone happy. If you try to, you'll likely make no one happy, so why bother? But the UK? They just get us. I love talking to the fans and the interviewers and the reviewers over there. I always end up giggling in front Taylor Lautner. Or Robert Pattinson. I always forget which team I'm supposed to be on.

HC: Is it true that DHIAT is getting a world wide release soon?

Sylvia: Yup. The IFC Midnight release of the film is coming January 31st, 2012 with pre-orders already available. It's initial release was May 23rd, 2011 by Bounty Entertainment in the UK and through Monster Pictures in Australia.

Jen: We can't thank IFC Midnight enough for giving us a worldwide release and a run in theatres. We're even on Video On Demand. I have to thank the wonderful folks at Industry Works, who believed in us from the very beginning and have even produced our newest feature, American Mary. Evan Tylor supported us and Dead Hooker In A Trunk when everyone else thought it was to risky. I want to thank him for taking a chance on us.

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