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Emily Booth Talks About Her New Series For The Horror Channel - Horror Bites
By James Whittington
Posted in: Interviews, Monday 30th Jan 2012

Emily Booth Horror BitesEmily Booth really needs no introduction for she's one of the most talented people in the entertainment industry today. She's an actress, presenter, writer, producer and the face of the Horror Channel.

Emily will be fronting a new series on the Horror Channel starting in February - Horror Bites. We decided to catch up with Emily to find out what Horror Bites is all about and what else she’s been up to.

HC: It's been a while since we last chatted, can you bring us up to date on what you’ve been up to?

EB: Mainly giving birth! I found out I was pregnant in January last year much to my delight, though I kept it secret for as long as I could as I didn't really know how people in the industry would react to the news.... would I lose work? Would people see me as just a mum - not a horror hostess!! Luckily I have been so so blessed as everyone has been amazing and super supportive! I actually ended up having quite a busy year - just when I was supposed to be taking it easy - typical! I had two film commitments to do and that was a real dilemma for me - do I take the film roles - being horror films I knew they'd require screaming and falling about! Would it be dangerous - would I show?! I ended up doing both film projects - a small cameo role in Alex Chandon's Inbred where I had to get my head axed in and a larger quite demanding role in The Reverend playing a troubled abused prostitute! I didn't tell the crew on The Reverend I was 4 months pregnant till they told me I was wrapped on the shoot - quite a surprise for them! Then of course I did my last presenting commitment for the Horror Channel in August at Frightfest when I was 8 months pregnant! Totally different as I couldn't drink or go out and let my hair down - so it was great that I could work but was definitely a more subdued affair for me! Anyway - I gave birth to Betty Booth on the 13th (typical) of October.

HC: Tell us about your new exciting project for the Horror Channel – Horror Bites.

EB: It's a new monthly show that I present where I chat about the Horror Channel's cool film premieres and events. We also get directors in for film chat and interviews It's what I have wanted to do on the Horror Channel for years so now finally my dream has come true to host a horror show!!!!!

HC: Are you hoping that it could expand into a more regular series?

EB: Well yes! Its early days yet and the show is mainly about stuff on the Horror Channel but we all want to expand to include fun stuff like exclusive on set film reports.

HC: Is it fun to make?

EB: Its totally different to my usual location work - its all in a proper big studio with a million people running round doing things - so it feels very cool and professional and I get to keep warm! I even bring my baby Betty to the shoot with me as I don't live in London and at the moment I have to take her everywhere with me - so that was a first - TV presenting one minute - then breast feeding in between takes! Talk about multi tasking! Luckily the Horror Channel are the coolest nicest people to work for and they are incredibly accommodating with me having Betty - I'm so grateful for it. So yes its a bit hectic but we always have fun, especially as my 'look' for this is one I adore - 1950's style Betty Paige, so it's great fun getting glammed up for the job.

HC: Which director would you most like to interview for it?

EB: Guillermo Del Torro maybe?!

HC: You've written columns in a few magazine, do you ever get writer's block when writing and where do you get your ideas from?

EB: Oh god yes! If I'm writing a column I often have to think about it for a few days then the writing comes easily, so I’ll look around to see what’s happening in the horror industry or if a particular film release sparks an idea I’ll talk about that – Horror is so brilliant in that way though as there are so many tangents you can go off on – whether its personal loves and hates of the genre, political arguments with films that bring up the censorship issue for example or talking about it historically or even psychologically! If I’m really stumped a few glasses of wine often helps!

HC: So what else do you have planned for 2012, can we expect to see you on the big screen again soon?

EB: Well, The Reverend which I shot last year is getting a small theatrical release I believe in February so that’s cool, and I’m just getting my head around going back to work for the Horror Channel whilst juggling motherhood! So I'm not sure about film roles in the immediate future as she's still very young and needs to be with me pretty much all the time! But I am penned to do a film called Friday's Child I think later in the year.

HC: Your cameo in Alex Chandon's Inbred is quite something; that must have been fun to do?

EB: Yes it was funny and weird being back on set with Alex as the last time we worked together was in 2001 or something on Cradle Of Filth, he's so good to work for and very easy going, he especially loves it if you come up with a funny accent or expression or noise or something quirky for your character! And he was super understanding as I was 5 months pregnant when we shot that and he was very accommodating as I had to scream lots and fall over and stuff! Poor baby! I'm sure she's fine…..!

HC: Are there any horror movies that are due this year that stand-out for you?

EB: Well there's a few I caught at Frightfest that are definitely worth a look… Kill List, think that's just come out though – is a very weird genre twister which will leave you quite baffled as its does not deliver to the viewer what you think it will – and brilliantly acted! And I hate to say it as this is pretty mainstream but I'm quite intrigued as to how the remake of Woman In Black will go – as I'm a huge fan of the original it really spooks me still to this day – somehow I don’t imagine the new one will measure up but I'll give it a chance! Obviously I'm looking forward to seeing my very own The Reverend in Feb which also features Rutger Hauer and Doug Bradley - Oh and I'll be very excited to watch Neil Jordan's second foray into the vampire genre with Byzantium out in the US this year – they filmed some of it in my hometown of Hastings recently so I'm very proud of that! Actually that's my dream project – for Neil Jordan to put me in one of his lavish sexy horror productions – I'd wet my pants I think.

HC: You've already mentioned that you recently became a parent, has your view of censorship changed at all because of it?

EB: Oooh you bugger that's a toughy as you do have to become a much more responsible person when you are a mother, and things definitely upset you more, but to be honest I've always felt that any balanced person who knows the difference between truth and fiction, would not react badly to 'offensive' horror. I'm hoping I'll bring her up in such a way that she would take it all with a pinch of salt and be able to make her own decisions about things. But obviously I don't want her watching heinous violence that will give her nightmares when she is too young! I'm incredibly protective over her naturally so really I'm more concerned about nastiness in the real world than the fictional one, I'm thinking more about her exposure to Facebook perverts who target young girls for grooming or dodgy porn on the internet, those things can be far more dangerous than some stupid bad taste film. So I guess the short answer is no!

HC: Emily Booth, thank you very much.