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The Devil Take Your Stereo - Brand New Audio
By James Whittington
Posted in: News, Wednesday 29th Feb 2012

The Devil Take Your StereoBe alarmed... Be really quite alarmed... Sir Desmond Stirling, world-acclaimed author, patriot, bon viveur, war hero, and great political thinker of our time offers his loyal readers an exclusive chance to eavesdrop as he writes his latest novel, The Devil Take Your Stereo.

Listen as a brand new Satanic chiller spurts forth from the brain of the master story-teller! Gasp at the horror of it all! Feel humbled at the enormous privilege you are experiencing! Wait impatiently for the next exciting instalment! Who is the mysterious intruder in socialite Marjorie Ashbrook’s bedroom? Why are there Nazis in Hampstead? Will playboy and dog-meat heir Simon Tubular-Wells succumb to an act of shame which could diminish his standing in society? What diabolical and probably foreign mastermind is behind it all? Can Charles, the tough, but classy aristocrat, rescue his friends and save the world from the dark Satanic forces which threaten to engulf it... or will even he forfeit his soul in the War Against Beastliness?

Written and performed by Anthony Keetch and Produced by David Darlington at What Noise Productions this audio release is wonderfully bizarre and eccentric with an over-the-top score that early Hammer movies would be proud of. Sir Desmond is an ill-informed, controversial and politically incorrect caricature who is being made to sex-up his latest work whilst being constantly interrupted.

Keetch's script sparkles with plenty of naughty humour and is riddled with subtle nods to the outrageous radio adventures from the of 1940s and 1950s.

The Devil Take Your Stereo is now available on CD and download from What Noise Productions www.whatnoise.co.uk