Bloody British Season comes to a climax with The Descent!
By Emily Booth, Thursday 23rd November 2017

There's a lot we've got to be proud of here in Blighty. James Bond, Monty Python, David Bowie, and of course a healthy appetite for all things Horror, so over the past few Saturdays in November we've been enjoying our Bloody British Season which comes to its nerve-wracking climax this weekend!

The early noughties saw a resurgence in all areas of pop culture in the UK, and Horror was no different, with a slew of emerging directing talent making big bloody waves. Neil Marshall was at the helm with a film that took the genre in a new direction; down! He calls The Descent (2005) the sister film of his directorial debut Dog Soldiers, in that it features an all-female cast as opposed to the (nearly) all-male testosterone fest that was Dog Soldiers.

Six adrenaline-junkie friends all meet for an epic reunion at a lodge in the north American mountains to embark on an adventurous potholing quest. We soon learn through nightmares, flashbacks, and girl talk that a tragedy left one girl without a partner and child a year back, and that this is her way of facing life once more. As they descend the hole in the ground, ballsy confidence turns to terror when this nihilistic horror delivers blow after blow. Walls cave in, bones are broken, and soon there is no way back. The terror in this film is multi-layered, covering every fear and phobia. Being literally entombed in stone deep beneath the ground is horror enough, so add to that broken chins, asphyxiation, drowning, and a few monsters, and you're pretty much set for one of the most nerve-wracking rides of your life!

The Descent is our Bloody British Season finale and premieres on Horror Channel this Saturday November 25th at 9pm.

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Top 5 horror movie remakes
Posted in Features, Sunday 25th February 2018

Hollywood: a place of constant invention. Well, sometimes as it seems it always likes to look to the past for inspiration. Sometimes though, a remake (or re-imagining as they to call it!) hits the spot so here's our Top 5 remakes! Do you agree?

5: Evil Dead (2013)
Fans of the original movie, The Evil Dead had been waiting years for a cinematic sequel. Rumour after rumour followed but no one expected a remake of the story especially when rookie director Fede Alvarez was given the job to bring it back to life. It was backed by Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Robert Tapert and given a decent budget, but few fans expected it to be so good. Bloody, ultra-violent and incredibly fast paced, it's a movie begging for its own follow up. Groovy!