Booth's Blog: We’ll Have You In Stitches This Saturday
By Emily Booth, Wednesday 4th May 2016

Emily Booth Red JacketClowns. We’re not altogether sure why they freak us out - they just do. Who’d have thought something designed to make us laugh and entertain our children would become such a potent symbol in horror films, sometimes even taking the starring role? With our network premiere of the brilliantly demented Stitches this Saturday I thought I’d delve in to the psyche behind these psychos!

The official term for ‘fear of clowns’ is an odd one; coulrophobia and is incredibly common! In fact music festival Bestival had to cancel their ‘clown themed’ event due to the huge response from ticket holders expressing their hatred of the red nosed buffoons! So what is it that we find disturbing? The exaggerated features, the giant feet, the crazy unpredictable behaviour, the eerie silence they maintain while supposedly entertaining you with wide-eyed demented laughter? Yup, I can see why they’re a nightmare! Which is why they’ve been a staple character in horror movies over the decades. Who can forget that nightmare scene in Poltergeist (1982) when Robbie discovers to his horror the toy clown has moved from his regular spot on the chair and is hiding under his bed! Stephen King also dedicated a whole novel to the creepy killer clown theme with It which became a popular TV serial that, as most of you know was a Horror Channel favourite!

The wise cracking clown has the ability to tap into and represent childhood fears and phobias, especially I think, trust issues! As a child you’re supposed to be able to trust an adult, but in the case of these red nosed hysterical madmen, this is totally not the case!

Such is the case with Stitches. Taking the comedy horror route, the clown in this brilliant movie from Conor McMahon is initially just a messed up bloke with a drink problem; the very last person who should be hosting a children’s birthday party as he slurs and burps his way through bad jokes and bad tricks throwing insults to anyone who raises objection. But one party goes from bad to worse when a childish prank played on Stitches does not end well for this children’s “entertainer”. It wouldn’t be a spoiler to say that Stitches winds up 6 feet under but returns from the grave a few years later with some new tricks up his sleeve to wreak revenge on the kids who took him down!

This movie is pure popcorn – it’s Saturday night heaven! With stand-up legend Ross Noble taking the lead role of, this is horrifically hilarious from start to finish with superbly bad taste humour and gags that really will make you, well, gag! Taking it’s cue from classic clown tricks the death scenes are some of the most inventive I’ve ever seen, including someone’s head being blown up like a balloon, scoops of brain ice cream and a rabbit pulled out of a very different kind of hole!

Ta Daaaaa!

Do not miss the non stop fun that is Stitches in the network premiere Saturday the 7th 10.50pm.

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This is the directorial debut of accomplished actor and long time horror-fanatic, Peele as well as being the debut score from Abels.

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But is there something else there?

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Team FrightFest has finally revealed Graham Humphreys' anticipated poster for this year's event.

The stunning artwork for this year's annual Bank Holiday event, the UK's largest celebration of genre cinema, taking place at Cineworld Leicester Square and The Prince Charles Cinema between Thursday August 23rd and Monday August 27th.

For Graham, celebrating the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein' seemed too important to ignore: "In the same way that Frankenstein gave life to his monster, horror films stimulate our imagination and give form to ideas that otherwise dare not leave the shadows", he commented. "The painting shows our familiar host enjoying ...

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The End of the F***ing World star Jessica Barden hides out in brand new picture from HABIT

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This shocking, visceral and, very often, twisted tale also stars Elliot James Langridge (Northern Soul), William Ash (The Tunnel), Sally Carman (Shameless), Joanne Mitchell (Attack of the Adult Babies) and Roxanne Pallett (Wrong Turn 6).

Habit centres around Michael (Lang...

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5: Devil's Due (2014)
A recently married couple on honeymoon experience a bizarre warning, a long journey, come across some strange symbols, then are drugged, left in a room and a couple of weeks later the wife discovers she's pregnant! Her pregnancy is a time of torture for her and convinced she's being watched. Could...

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Attack of the Adult Babies

Nucleus Films

Certificate 18

Dom Brunt's bizarre and genre breaking Attack of the Adult Babies delivered one of the most inventive and gross-out pieces at Horror Channel FrightFest 2017. No one could have guessed what this movie was going to be about and let's just say it split the audience right down the middle. It's a stomach punch of satire, horror and surreal comedy that takes time to sink in so this Blu-ray edition is the perfect opportunity to watch the film several times, so you can "get" what the message is and that all the weird stuff going on means something in the end!


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One bad night - one bad decision- can haunt you forever.

Misfits and Mute star Robert Sheehan goes up against Jessica Jones and Doctor Who's David Tennant, here on sensationally nasty form, Bad Samaritan is a white-knuckle home invasion thriller from the producers of Independence Day.

Directed by Dean Devlin, the producer of the Independence Day films, and written by Brandon Boyce (who scripted the gripping Stephen King adaptation Apt Pupil), the movie promises to show Tennant in a totally different light.

Struggling photographer Sean Falco (Sheehan), who funds his lifestyle with a sideline in burglary, thinks he has hit the jackpot when he breaks into the luxurious house of the wealthy Cale...

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