Booth's Blog: We’ll Have You In Stitches This Saturday
By Emily Booth, Wednesday 4th May 2016

Emily Booth Red JacketClowns. We’re not altogether sure why they freak us out - they just do. Who’d have thought something designed to make us laugh and entertain our children would become such a potent symbol in horror films, sometimes even taking the starring role? With our network premiere of the brilliantly demented Stitches this Saturday I thought I’d delve in to the psyche behind these psychos!

The official term for ‘fear of clowns’ is an odd one; coulrophobia and is incredibly common! In fact music festival Bestival had to cancel their ‘clown themed’ event due to the huge response from ticket holders expressing their hatred of the red nosed buffoons! So what is it that we find disturbing? The exaggerated features, the giant feet, the crazy unpredictable behaviour, the eerie silence they maintain while supposedly entertaining you with wide-eyed demented laughter? Yup, I can see why they’re a nightmare! Which is why they’ve been a staple character in horror movies over the decades. Who can forget that nightmare scene in Poltergeist (1982) when Robbie discovers to his horror the toy clown has moved from his regular spot on the chair and is hiding under his bed! Stephen King also dedicated a whole novel to the creepy killer clown theme with It which became a popular TV serial that, as most of you know was a Horror Channel favourite!

The wise cracking clown has the ability to tap into and represent childhood fears and phobias, especially I think, trust issues! As a child you’re supposed to be able to trust an adult, but in the case of these red nosed hysterical madmen, this is totally not the case!

Such is the case with Stitches. Taking the comedy horror route, the clown in this brilliant movie from Conor McMahon is initially just a messed up bloke with a drink problem; the very last person who should be hosting a children’s birthday party as he slurs and burps his way through bad jokes and bad tricks throwing insults to anyone who raises objection. But one party goes from bad to worse when a childish prank played on Stitches does not end well for this children’s “entertainer”. It wouldn’t be a spoiler to say that Stitches winds up 6 feet under but returns from the grave a few years later with some new tricks up his sleeve to wreak revenge on the kids who took him down!

This movie is pure popcorn – it’s Saturday night heaven! With stand-up legend Ross Noble taking the lead role of, this is horrifically hilarious from start to finish with superbly bad taste humour and gags that really will make you, well, gag! Taking it’s cue from classic clown tricks the death scenes are some of the most inventive I’ve ever seen, including someone’s head being blown up like a balloon, scoops of brain ice cream and a rabbit pulled out of a very different kind of hole!

Ta Daaaaa!

Do not miss the non stop fun that is Stitches in the network premiere Saturday the 7th 10.50pm.

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"Have you checked the children?" When a Stranger Calls is now on Blu-ray!
Posted in News, Wednesday 19th December 2018
When a Stranger Calls

With the pivotal line "Have you checked the children?" seminal slasher When A Stranger Calls, that sees a babysitter terrorised by a psychopathic killer, struck fear into the hearts of a generation of filmgoers.

Now this terrifying movie, directed by Fred Walton (The Rosary Murders) and starring Carol Kane (The Princess Bride) and Charles Durning (Dog Day Afternoon), is available now for the first ever UK Blu-ray and on download and on-demand courtesy of Second Sight.

This hugely influential horror opens with the babysitter receiving the chilling phone call from a killer, which has often been copied, but rarely bettered and provided the inspiration for the first sce...

Hoggs and Kisses from FrightFest Presents latest, Boar
Posted in News, Wednesday 19th December 2018
Boar DVD Cover

FrightFest Presents has announced its latest title and its a blood-splattered creature feature from the director of Charlie's Farm, Boar.

In the harsh, yet beautiful Australian outback lives a beast, an animal of staggering size, with a ruthless, driving need for blood and destruction. It cares for none, defends its territory with brutal force, and kills with a raw, animalistic savagery unlike any have seen before.

Believed nothing more than a myth, a legend brought to life by a drunken hunter, the beast ventures closer to civilization. When the bodies of two of its most recent victims are discovered, it is up to a locals, and an out-of-town family caught in the carnage, to halt t...

Get ready for Alan Moore's, The Show
Posted in News, Tuesday 18th December 2018
The Show

Alan Moore's first original screenplay, The Show, is currently shooting up in Northampton and we have the first official image to share with you.

Moore is the famed author of seminal graphic novels and comics, including Watchmen, V for Vendetta, From Hell and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Despite much of his work being adapted for the screen, this is his first original feature film screenplay to be realised.

Directed by Mitch Jenkins, who has worked with Moore on a cult series of short films, Show Pieces, The Show is a mysterious, luminous detective story set in the heart of the Midlands.

The film stars Tom Burke (War and Peace, The Souvenir, Only God Forgives), Siobhan H...

Now you can own your own TARDIS console!
Posted in News, Tuesday 18th December 2018
TARDIS ConsoleAvailable for the first time in the Doctor Who Figurine Collection, Eaglemoss Hero Collector proudly presents the TARDIS console.

The Fourth Doctor's console has been faithfully recreated, and hand-painted, capturing every button, from the speaker grills to the door control in this unmissable title from Eaglemoss Collections.

The model comes complete with a magazine detailing this console's place in history and looks at the making of the ever-changing TARDIS console that appeared in the series from 1977 to 1983.

Full details at the Eaglemoss site.

Horror Channel goes nuts in January with a Bloody Crazy Season!
Posted in Features, Monday 17th December 2018

Madness, mayhem and adult babies! Horror Channel goes nuts on Saturday nights in January with a Bloody Crazy Season, a celebration of out-there modern horror, headlined by the UK TV premiere of Attack Of The Adult Babies, directed by Emmerdale star Dominic Brunt. This outrageous and hilarious satire stars a whole host of TV favourites including Andrew Dunn, Kate Coogan, Joanne Mitchell, Charlie Chuck and 'Sally Dexter.

The season also includes the UK TV premiere of Lowell Dean's blood-soaked werewolf caper Another Wolfcop and the channel premiere of wacky zombie rom-com Ibiza Undead, starring Cara Theobold and Emily Atack. Topping off the season with copious amounts ...

Interview with Leprechaun Returns director Steven Kostanski
Posted in Interviews, Monday 17th December 2018
LR Image 3

Horror's smallest terror is back to reclaim the treasure that's been lost for 25 years in Leprechaun Returns which has just been released across all streaming platforms. We spoke to its director, Steven Kostanski about this movie the challenges of carrying on a much loved franchise.

HC: How were you approached to direct Leprechaun Returns?

SK: The producers contacted my manager and he sent me the script. I had a few conversations with them over the phone discussing the direction they wanted go, and once I saw that they were looking to get away from the seriousness of Leprechaun Origins I knew I wanted to do the project.

HC: What did you think of Suzanne Keilly's script when y...

Peace, unity, harmony... Everything is a lie in Captive State
Posted in News, Friday 14th December 2018

Entertainment One UK has made available the final pay-off trailer for Rupert Wyatt's must-see sci-fi thriller, Captive State.

Starring John Goodman, Vera Farmiga, Ashton Sanders and Machine Gun Kelly, the movie will be released in UK and Irish cinemas in 2019.

From the director of Rise of the Planet of the Apes the movie is set in a Chicago neighbourhood nearly a decade after an occupation by an extra-terrestrial force, Captive State explores the lives on both sides of the conflict - the collaborators and dissidents.

Captive State stars John Goodman and Academy Award-nominee Vera Farmiga.

Slender Man, the urban legend is coming to DVD, Blu-ray and VOD
Posted in News, Friday 14th December 2018
Slender Man DVD cover

Available on Digital on 17 December and on DVD and Blu-ray on 26 December, Slender Man will be unleashed.

In a small town in Massachusetts, a group of friends perform a ritual in an attempt to debunk the lore of Slender Man. When one of them goes mysteriously missing, they begin to suspect that she is, in fact, HIS latest victim.

Seems like the perfect chiller for these dark nights!.

A new nightmare from Jordan Peele, Us.
Posted in News, Friday 14th December 2018
Us poster

Visionary filmmaker and Academy Award winner Jordan Peele, who created the blockbuster Get Out, follows that success with another original and provocative thriller: Us.

Peele produces for his Monkeypaw Productions alongside Sean McKittrick and Jason Blum. Also producing is Monkeypaw's Ian Cooper.

Written and directed by Peele, Us will be released by Universal Pictures on March 15th.

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