Free Digital Edition Of Scream!
By James Whittington, Wednesday 22nd April 2015

27Would you like a FREE digital iSCREAM edition of SCREAM, the international print and digital horror magazine? Well now you can!

SCREAM are so confident that if you love horror and gore (whether it be films, books, comics, games and more) you will be overwhelmed with all the gory delights within their magazine that they are offering everyone in the world their own FREE edition for their Mac, PC, iPad, Tablet or Android devices.

There is ONLY one edition available (and you can see some screen grabs from that issue below) and this incredible offer is only available for the next 72 hours so be quick to claim yours!

Please note that this is the only time they are going to do this free offer so if you want your own digital edition of iSCREAM edition of SCREAM MAGAZINE send them an email to (make the subject heading iSCREAM).

If you like what you see in the digital edition you can then head on over to their rather cool website where you can purchase copies of the magazine in full colour glossy print and digital for as little as just £1.33.

Please allow them 3 working days to email your one-off iSCREAM.





Top 5 horror movie remakes
Posted on Sunday 25th February 2018

Hollywood: a place of constant invention. Well, sometimes as it seems it always likes to look to the past for inspiration. Sometimes though, a remake (or re-imagining as they to call it!) hits the spot so here's our Top 5 remakes! Do you agree?

5: Evil Dead (2013)
Fans of the original movie, The Evil Dead had been waiting years for a cinematic sequel. Rumour after rumour followed but no one expected a remake of the story especially when rookie director Fede Alvarez was given the job to bring it back to life. It was backed by Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Robert Tapert and given a decent budget, but few fans expected it to be so good. Bloody, ultra-violent and incredibly fast paced, it's a movie begging for its own follow up. Groovy!