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Doctor Who: The Best Place To Start Is At The Beginning

Doctor Who is an iconic series and we are proud and excited to welcome this giant of British television to our channel. The line-up includes some of the most loved and well known programmes from seven classic Doctors – stories that terrified, thrilled and captured the imagination of children and adults through the decades!

Launching on Friday 18th April (Good Friday) with the very first story 'An Unearthly Child', starring William Hartnell as the Doctor, horror channel will broadcast 30 stories featuring the first seven Doctors, from the First Doctor (Hartnell) to the Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy), in daytime and evening slots.

Doctor Who Next Episode

Please note: This show is not currently airing on the Horror Channel

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Interview With Doug Jones Star Of Pan's Labyrinth
Posted in: Frightfest, Interviews, Tuesday 23rd Aug 2016

s LabyrinthThe first FrightFest I ever worked on for Horror Channel was back in 2006 when the event was still in the Odeon on Leicester Square. The film crew and I were housed in the top floor trying to conduct our interviews away from the hustle and bustle of the bar area below. It was in this small room we had the pleasure of chatting to Guillermo del Toro before he introduced what would be soon hailed as a masterpiece, Pan's Labyrinth. Myself and the whole crew sat open mouthed as the film played to an audience, in awe of what we were seeing on screen. Scary, dark, fantastical and moving, the film cemented Guillermo del Toro's reputation as a true visionary. The film stars Doug Jones in the pivotal roles of El Fauno and the Pale Man, two incredibly different characters that bring the ... »


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Inbred (18)
Tonight on the Horror Channel @ 23:55

Demented horror. When a group of young offenders embark on community service weekend, a minor incident with some local inbred youths escalates into a blood-soaked nightmare for all involved.
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The Inside
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Before Dawn
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