Horror Highlights
May Highlights
On Horror
Dead Snow 2
Thursday 4th May @ 22:45
Saturday 6th May @ 22:50
Nothing Left To Fear
Sunday 7th May @ 21:00
Urban Legend
Friday 12th May @ 21:00
Monday 15th May @ 21:00
Thursday 18th May @ 21:00
No One Lives
Saturday 20th May @ 22:55
Secret Window
Sunday 21st May @ 18:40
Seed Of Chucky
Friday 26th May @ 21:00
The Ninth Gate
Sunday 28th May @ 21:00
Tonight At Prime Time On The Horror Channel
The original Star Trek series, digitally remastered to look and sound better than ever. Kirk sets out to find out the secret of the god-like Vaal, the ruler of a primitive race.