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Sunday 18th June
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Tales From The Darkside

Series 3, Episode 1

Horror anthology series produced by George A. Romero. A sceptical journalist attends a sideshow promising a parade of obviously fake creatures only to discover a startling secret.

Star-studded psychological horror with Liam Neeson and Christina Ricci. After waking from a car crash, a young woman finds herself trapped in a morgue with a mortician with a sinister mind.
Bad Milo!

Horror comedy starring Gillian Jacobs (Community). When a man starts to get stomach pains he finds there may be something extraordinary living in his guts.
Truth Or Dare

Brutal British scares. A group of friends head out to a remote cabin for a night of partying, but their evening turns sour when they encounter a killer set on reaping his revenge.
Dark Circles

Creepy horror. When a couple move to the country to raise their newborn child they don't expect to encounter a malevolent presence that rips their lives apart.
Tonight At Prime Time On The Horror Channel
Star-Studded adventure directed by Robert Zemeckis. Following four stories including a dodgy Santa, haunted jewellery and a mysterious doll.