An American Werewolf In London - See Before You Die! January 1st 22:55
Posted on Thursday 30th December 2010
An American Werewolf In London PairReleased at a time when horror cinema was awash with hack n' slash shockers, An American Werewolf In London was a refreshing change from all those faceless killers that were lurking around. For the first time in ages we had a creative and creepy creature feature, the most memorable since Jaws scared us out of the water during ...

Must See Movies This Christmas On Horror
Posted on Friday 24th December 2010
Silent Night Deadly Night What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a selection of some of the best seasonal slashers rounded off with a contemporary shocker and a cult classic. Horror Channel has it all for you this Yuletide. Merry Christmas for all of us here at the Horror Channel. Santa's Slay/Silent Night Deadly Night – Friday 24th December This double bill o...

The Last Exorcism - DVD Review
Posted on Thursday 23rd December 2010
The Last Exorcism DVD Pack ShotThere have been plenty of possession movies over the last few decades, the most notable being The Exorcist which shocked audiences around the world in the early 1970s. Though time may have withered its impact, the subject matter is still incredibly strong. Not many films of this sub-genre have come close in capturing the raw horror that T...

Angel - A Walk On The Dark Side
Posted on Thursday 9th December 2010
AngelSpin-off shows rarely last longer than a few episodes. To back up my argument why not reflect on such television fare a The Lone Gunmen (The X-Files), K9 And Company (Doctor Who) and probably the most famous of the then all Joey (Friends). So when it was announced Buffy The Vampire Slayer, one of the most successful fantasy TV shows of all time would have its own offspring many fans feared this would be a pale imit...

Ingrid Pitt - A Tribute
Posted on Tuesday 7th December 2010
Countess Dracula DVD CoverIngrid Pitt was one of the great horror movie legends and when she passed away just a few weeks ago the movie industry lost an irreplaceable icon. We had the pleasure of interviewing this wonderful lady in 2006 and that piece is reproduced here as a small tribute to her and the cinematic legacy she left behind. Ingrid talked about her early life, how sh...

December On The Horror Channel - Part 2
Posted on Sunday 5th December 2010
Santas SlayWinter continues to hold the UK in an unceasing icy grasp but luckily the Horror Channel has some truly awesome features to warm you up. We have a cult shocker, the premier of a movie directed by a horror icon and a double bill starring a psycho snowman. All start at 22:55 unless otherwise stated and please check the online guide for any last minute changes. Street Trash – Friday 17th December ...

An American Werewolf In London, The Evil Dead, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and more - The See Before You Die Season Soon On Horror.
Posted on Tuesday 30th November 2010
An American Werewolf In LondonNext year, Horror Channel presents its crucial list of the top five horror movies you must see before you die. This special season kicks off on January 1st with a movie that is a favourite with horror fans around the world, An American Werewolf In London (pictured). Directed by John Landis this celebrated film contains one of the f...

Happy Birthday To Me - An Appreciation
Posted on Monday 29th November 2010
Happy Birthday To MeReleased during the slasher phenomenon witnessed during the early 1980s, Happy Birthday To Me (1981) was an inventive and controversial piece of celluloid blood-letting that dared to push the genre’s themes and what was considered acceptable on screen at the time. Helmed by the British director J. Lee Thompson, he of Ice-Cold In Alex (1958) and Cape Fear (1962) fame, ...

December On The Horror Channel - Part 1
Posted on Friday 19th November 2010
DemonsWinter is finally here and the Horror Channel has some real terror-filled treats that will chill your blood far quicker than any British December can. The big news is that Joss Whedon's stunning series Angel premieres this month. Co-created with David Greenwalt this acclaimed sequel to the hit series Buffy The Vampire Slayer is a dark feast for the eyes. Look out for a separate feature on this with broadcast det...

November On The Horror Channel
Posted on Thursday 28th October 2010
EraserheadWell the nights have drawn in and the frost is a permanent fixture outside. So there's never been a better time to chill yourself even more with the Horror Channel which has more premieres and exclusives this month than you could shake a bloodied ice-pick at. The main news is that David Lynch comes to the Horror Channel this month and we're showing some of his most memorable and celebrated work. We'r...

Halloween Night on the Horror Channel
Posted on Saturday 16th October 2010
Deep RedIt's the biggest horror night of the year and the Horror Channel wants you to share it with the master of the macabre, the maestro of the Giallo, the main man in horror, Dario Argento. Starting at 21:00 we present Argento's very first directorial effort, the stunning but brutal masterpiece, The Bird With The Crystal Plumage. In this chilling murder mystery from 1970, a writer is stalked by a ruthless seri...

A Thank You To Our Facebook Fans - Night Of The Demons
Posted on Tuesday 5th October 2010
Night OfThe Demons CoverThe 1988 cult classic Night Of The Demons has been remade by Autopsy director Adam Geirasch and it stars Shannon Elizabeth, Edward Furlong and Monica Keena. It comes to DVD and Blu-ray on October 11th and we have 5 copies of this new version on DVD to giveaway to our Facebook Fans. All fans over 18 will be eligible, so join our Horror Channel Facebook Army an...

Splatter - Episode 2 Now Online
Posted on Monday 4th October 2010
SplatterJoe Dante's blood-drenched series Splatter has hit the Horror Channel and it's a killer of an interactive event. Episode 2 is now online and here viewers get to see Fiona, the first person to be voted out of the series, being bumped off! The series continues each Friday and Saturday with voting finishing on the following Wednesday. You are in charge of the murderous mayhem. Log on to www.horrorchannel...

Splatter - Who Has Been Chosen To Die First?
Posted on Friday 1st October 2010
Splatter FionaWell the votes have been counted and the results are in. The first person to meet a grisly demise in our brand new interactive series Splatter is Fiona! Now who do you want to see come to a sticky end next, Spencer or Mortis? It's totally up to you so tune in on Friday or Saturday at 22:55 and watch Episode 2, then cast your vote by clicking here. You can also use the link above to watc...

You Decide Who Dies - Splatter on The Horror Channel
Posted on Sunday 26th September 2010
SplatterJoe Dante's blood-drenched series Splatter has hit the Horror Channel and its a killer of an interactive event. Each episode has multiple endings giving the audience the chance to vote via the Horror Channel website on who they want to see killed next. You are in charge of the murderous mayhem. Starring cult favourite Corey Feldman alongside Tony Todd and produced by the legendary Roger Corman, Splatter i...

Dario Argento On The Horror Channel This October
Posted on Monday 20th September 2010
The Bird With The Crystal PlumageIt's nearly October, the time of pumpkins, ghosts and Dario Argento! Yes folks, the Horror Channel is celebrating this Halloween in blood-splattered style with a season of Dario Argento's finest work. All start at 22:55 but do keep checking the online guide for any last minute changes. October 1st - The Bird With The Crystal Plumag...

Army Of The Dead - Facebook Giveaway
Posted on Saturday 18th September 2010
Army Of The DeadDescribed as a fantastic mix of Indiana Jones movies, Mars Attacks and Jason And The Argonauts, Army Of The Dead has just arrived on DVD and in it you'll discover that you should never trust a skeleton with a machine gun! In 1590, a powerful Conquistador, Coronado, ordered a thousand of his most fearsome soldiers to find the legendary El Dorado - the lost city of gold. These men we...

Horror Channel FrightFest 2010 Video Reports
Posted on Saturday 11th September 2010
FrightFest 2010 Brochure Cover As you know Horror Channel was at FrightFest 2010 and each day we brought you exclusive Blogs and Video Reports which captured the buzz and excitement of this suprb event. Below are the five Video Reports that Emily Booth and the team produced. So look out for Tobe Hooper, the cast of 13HRS, Monsters director Gareth Edwards, Twilight's Xa...

Buried Alive - The Horror Booth Intro!
Posted on Sunday 22nd August 2010
Horror Booth LogoIf you missed any of Emily's wonderful movie premiere intros from The Horror Booth over the last few months then here's your chance to catch up with some of the best. Over the next few weeks we'll be putting these wonderfully naughty and funny pieces up a day or two before the featured movie is shown, this week its the turn of the Tobin Bell chiller, Buried Alive which can b...

September on the Horror Channel
Posted on Monday 16th August 2010
City of the Living Dead Bleeding EyesIt's another busy month on the Horror Channel with highlights that include a double bill from a Grandmaster of Gore, the premiere of a critically applauded shocker and a couple of contemporary chillers. Here's my top titles for this month and all start at 22:55 but do keep checking the online guide for any last minute ch...

Horror Channel - Where To Find Us
Posted on Monday 9th August 2010
Horror Channel LogoYou can view the award winning Horror Channel on Sky 319, Virgin 149 and Freesat 138 every day from noon until 6am. Horror fans have a second chance to watch Horror Channel programmes one hour after their initial transmission with our '+1' channels on Sky channel 320 or Freesat channel 139 from 1pm till 7am. Horror Channel is the UK's number one destination for horror mo...

First Look - 2001 Maniacs: Field Of Screams
Posted on Tuesday 20th July 2010
2001 Maniacs Field Of Screams DVD CoverMore Blood! More Laughs! More Nakedness! So screams the PR for one of the most talked about sequels in recent years, Tim Sullivan's 2001 Maniacs: Field Of Screams. Now sequels are a strange breed, some simply regurgitate what has gone before whilst others drift so far from the original premise they are only sequel...

Have You Been To The Horror Booth?
Posted on Thursday 8th July 2010
Most Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays you can catch our Diva of the Dark Side, Emily Booth introducing move premieres from her very own Horror Booth. These small introductions really get you in the mood for the move that's to follow as they are fun, informative and star everyone's favourite presenter. Below is a taster of what you can expect, it's from the first showing of The Terminators so tune in on each of those nights at 22:55 to see what terrifying treats Emily has in store for you in The Horror Booth.

I See What The Killer Sees - Millennium On The Horror Channel
Posted on Friday 18th June 2010
millennium In 1996 some of the population was preparing for the world to end. Turn of the century tensions were slowly increasing and a panic about a world holocaust was creeping into people’s conscience. Chris Carter, creator of the global hit The X-Files, picked up on this and society’s ever-increasing fear of the evil that lurked in the shadows on every street. He created Millennium, a series...

Horror Channel Salutes The Asylum
Posted on Tuesday 8th June 2010
100_million_years_bc Formed in 1997, motion picture company The Asylum was the brainchild of David Michael Latt, David Rimawi and Sherri Strain. Over a short space of time their low budget films (soon to labelled "mockbusters" by some critics as their movie titles were similar to major studio releases) grabbed the attention of film lovers who liked their fantasy and horror movies...

Who Needs Jason? Friday The 13th - The Series On Horror
Posted on Monday 10th May 2010
friday_the_13thDuring the original run of the hit slasher series Friday The 13th, a television show bearing its name was unleashed onto an unsuspecting public. Cleverly entitled Friday The 13th - The Series, it was designed to be an anthology show that would be able to stand by itself and not be connected or confused with the movies that shared its name. A mad idea you might think, but when...

Who's There? Stephen King's The Tommyknockers Comes To Horror Channel
Posted on Saturday 1st May 2010
The TommyknockersOriginally written in 1987, The Tommyknockers was Stephen King’s first real mixing of the horror and science fiction genres. Considering this followed the gritty realism of Misery, The Tommyknockers is a bit of a romp with an easy to digest premise that encroaches on a primal fear, that of not knowing who to trust. The book is set in Maine (where else?) where a long buried UFO ...

This Psychic Life - Stephen King's The Dead Zone On Horror Channel
Posted on Sunday 25th April 2010
Stephen Kings The Dead ZoneMovies and TV shows based on the work of Stephen King rarely work, there are a few exceptions such as It and The Stand but on the whole few capture the true feeling of the source text. One of the very best though is The Dead Zone which is based on the King novel from 1979. David Cronenebrg directed a movie in 1983 which was also based on th...

A Show With Bite - Blade: The Series
Posted on Wednesday 7th April 2010
blade_the_seriesVery few comic book creations transfer to the small screen effectively with maybe only the 1970s versions of The Hulk and Spider-Man being worthy of a mention. But these were the usual super-human/fantasy style characters that we were used to, not really a break from the norm and ultimately very predictable. But one show based on a comic strip creation hit TV s...

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