Booth's Blog: Make Iggy Pops Dream Come True. Working With Dario Argento
Posted on Saturday 29th November 2014
For most horror fans Dario Argento is cited as one of their favourite directors for creating some of the most unique ‘dreamscape’ films of all time. His career has spanned an epic 5 decades, his style is incomparable, and he is one of the few directors attributed to the Italian Giallo. There won’t be anyone like him after he’s gone but at the age of 74 he’s about to make another movie. But he needs our help! The Sandman is the first project for Argento whereby the script has been written for him as an ode to all of his films. Argento is obviously on board as the director and the st...

Booth's Blog: The Most Famous “Folk Horror” Returns For Another Sacrifice!
Posted on Thursday 20th November 2014
BB 2Never mind 28 Days Later we’ve been waiting a mere 38 years for the bonny British follow up to one of the most anticipated sequels in horror history! Yes The Wicker Man directed by Robin Hardy back in 1973 has become a huge cult classic acquiring sing-a-long cinema status a la Rocky Horror Picture Show and finally in 2013 Hardy gave us the ‘sequel’ The Wicker Tree, and you can see it in all it’s fleshy glory ...

Hatchet 3 To Get UK Television Premiere This December On Horror
Posted on Wednesday 19th November 2014
Hatchet 3 Image 2Adam Green said today: “I am thrilled to see the Horror Channel broadcasting the UK television premiere of Hatchet 3 on December 20th. For those of us behind the gory scenes, this trilogy was a decade long journey that never would have happened without the extremely passionate fans that cheered us on while we slashed, laughed, and blew up everything in our path” He went on ...

Booth's Blog: Behind The Scenes On A Horror Channel Shoot
Posted on Saturday 15th November 2014
BB 1I’ve been presenting the continuity links for Horror Channel for years now and is a duty I take seriously and thoroughly enjoy, so for this weeks blog, as we have a whole new sexy and exciting new look, I thought I’d share some behind the scenes snaps of the brand new studio as well as divulge exactly what’s involved on my Horror Channel shoots. So each month I get all the schedules for what’s on the channel...

Booth's Blog: Horror Up North!
Posted on Wednesday 5th November 2014
For my friends north of London, or anyone who can get their fangs up there I highly recommend the 28th Leeds International Film Festival running from 5th to the 20th November. The festival has its own “Horror” strand; Fanomenon for which I was a guest some years back and had a real scream! From old school graphic novelist Alan Moore live on stage to a more 21st century approach to interviews via Skype you can expect Indie poster boy Kevin Smith to be on live link up discussing his quirky body horror Tusk. This is about a writer who calls upon an old man for some interesting stories unawa...

Booth's Blog: Ghouls on Film!
Posted on Thursday 30th October 2014
The horror industry is witnessing an exciting albeit overdue shift, not just in the kinds of films and characters on screen, but the kinds of people behind the scenes too. I’m talking about the refreshing insurgence of female film makers. I’m not saying we’ve never seen good female directors before; Kathryrn Bigelow, Jane Campion, Sofia Coppola etc but it was this year’s FrightFest that saw the highest number of female directed horror with 25% of the short films (including my own!) being directed by women. And the films themselves? Well let’s just say they’re making front page news...

Booth's Blog: Are Controversial Halloween Costumes Your Thing?
Posted on Wednesday 22nd October 2014
We’re hotting up to Halloween and over the next two weeks many of us will be digging around online for an edgy Halloween costume to wear. Gone are the days of turning up as a sexy witch unless you’ve just scooted down to the local supermarket for a last minute costume (I always loved that scene in Mean Girls where Lohan discovers to her horror the Valley girls use Halloween to look like whores, not freaks!) No these days, like anything it seems Halloween has been turned in to a clever mass marketing scheme to make a quick buck creating cheap and now controversial costumes! Have you he...

The Wicker Tree To Get Its UK TV Premiere In November On Horror
Posted on Monday 20th October 2014
TheWickerTreeThe Wicker Tree, which reunites director Robin Hardy with legendary actor Christopher Lee for a horror fantasy in the style of the 1973 landmark cult classic The Wicker Man, gets its UK TV premiere on Horror Channel and will screen on Saturday 22 November at 9pm. Based on director Robin Hardy's own novel Cowboys For Christ, a Texas gospel singer Beth (Brittania Nichols) and her boyfriend ...

Booth's Blog: SCTH2 Winner Announced!
Posted on Thursday 9th October 2014
Lloyd Stas - Winner of SCTH2 competition-1So last night, in a dark underground members club, my latest Horror Channel duty as ambassador for the channel was to host the Shortcuts To Hell 2 party where the winner of this prestigious film competition was to be announced. Bleary eyed and tired after an exciting albeit tense evening I’m slowly reco...

Shortcuts To Hell Horror Feature Film Competition Announces Winner‏
Posted on Thursday 9th October 2014
Lloyd Stas - Winner of SCTH2 competition-1Horror Channel, FrightFest, Movie Mogul and Wildseed Studios today announced the winner of their nationwide search for a talented filmmaker, primed and ready to make their first horror feature film. Chosen by a public vote from a professional jury-selected shortlist of three finalists, the winner is Joe and...

Short Cuts To Hell 2 Finalist Interview: Joe And Lloyd Staszkiewicz - Hubert's Ghost
Posted on Saturday 4th October 2014
s GhostThis year’s ShortCuts To Hell competition saw some incredibly inventive entries. Here we speak to finalists Joe and Lloyd Staszkiewicz who are behind the paranormal short Hubert’s Ghost. To vote for Hubert’s Ghost click here. HC: Where did the idea for Hubert’s Ghost come from? JLS: Despite it being a new idea we’d often talked about a way to expand the core concept behind Hubert’s Ghost fo...

Short Cuts To Hell 2 Finalist Interview: Michael Down - All Inclusive
Posted on Saturday 4th October 2014
All InclusiveThis year’s Short Cuts To Hell competition saw some incredibly inventive entries. Here we speak to one of the finalists, Michael Down who is behind the surreal and disturbing short All Inclusive. To vote for All Inclusive click here. HC: Where did the idea for All Inclusive come from? MD: The idea is based on a true story. My brother and I went to Tenerife on a last minute all inclus...

Short Cuts To Hell 2 Finalist Interview: Stanislava Buevich - Geoffrey's Heart
Posted on Saturday 4th October 2014
s HeartThis year’s Short Cuts To Hell competition saw some incredibly inventive entries. Here we speak to one of the finalists, Stanislava Buevich who is behind the atmospheric tale Geoffrey’s Heart. To vote for Geoffrey’s Heart click here. HC: Where did the idea for Geoffrey’s Heart come from? SB: You know I always come up with ideas in my dreams. Always. I have a dream and then I try to interpret i...

Horror Channel Goes Under The Bed For October Premieres
Posted on Friday 19th September 2014
Lovely MollyHorror Channel’s film highlights for October include the UK TV premieres of three outstanding supernatural thrillers: Under The Bed, Steven C. Millar’s nightmare of all nightmares, The Gathering, starring Christina Ricci, and the haunting Lovely Molly (pictured), from Blair Witch co-director Eduardo Sánchez. We also have news of three cult TV movies that are receiving their Network Prem...

First Time On UK TV: Re-Mastered Episodes Of Doctor Who On Horror Channel This Autumn
Posted on Monday 8th September 2014
Doctor Who Image 1Following the success of the Who On Horror season, that saw 30 classic Doctor Who stories broadcast on Horror Channel, BBC Worldwide and Horror Channel have agreed to an additional set of 17 re-mastered episodes, starting on Monday 13th October. For the first time on UK television, Horror Channel viewers will be able to watch re-mastered episodes that were only released on D...

The Dead To Receive UK TV Premiere On Horror Channel
Posted on Monday 1st September 2014
The DeadHorror Channel’s film highlights for September include the UK TV premiere of the acclaimed The Dead, the smash-hit African-set zombie film by The Ford Brothers. The Ford Brothers burst onto the scare scene as a fresh force in the horror fantasy arena with this original take on the zombie holocaust genre. The Dead features stunningly shot landscapes, brilliant visual effects and terrific dust devil zom...

This Winter, It's Going To Get Really Dark - New Horror Channel Sizzle Reel
Posted on Friday 29th August 2014
HC Poster Those lucky enough to attend FrightFest this year were treated to Horror Channel's latest Sizzle Reel highlighting the amazing and very varied selection of movies we’ve got lined up over the coming months. Got to say it’s pretty awesome with classic movies mixing with some of the strongest pictures from the finest in new talent. F, The Dead, 2001 Maniacs: Field Of Screams and The Wicker Tree le...

Do You Know The 6 Stages Of Exorcism? Deliver Us From Evil Exclusive Infographic
Posted on Wednesday 20th August 2014
dufe_posterIn cinemas today is the much anticipated shocker Deliver Us From Evil. This supernatural thriller brings together the dynamic talents of director Scott Derrickson, whose most recent film was the smash hit Sinister, and producer Jerry Bruckheimer, responsible for some of the biggest blockbusters in motion picture history. The screenplay is by Scott Derrickson and Paul Harris Boardman, based upon t...

Nearly Time!
Posted on Wednesday 20th August 2014
FrightFest2014-poster-LR-Final MediumWell, FrightFest 2014 is almost upon and as usual Horror Channel will be blogging live from the event delivering all the gossip and happenings at this, the biggest and best horror entertainment event in the world. As there’s over 60 movies to choose from as well as some stunning shorts it’s a tough choice but here...

Shortcuts to Hell 2 Film Competition Announces Finalists to Face Public Vote
Posted on Tuesday 19th August 2014
ShortCutsToHell-BANNERShortcuts To Hell 2, launched by Horror Channel, FrightFest, Movie Mogul and Wildseed Studios has revealed the three filmmakers who will face the public vote to decide who has their short film financed, produced and shot as a full-length feature. The winner’s film will be produced by Horror Channel, Movie Mogul and Wildseed Studios, entering production early 201...

Shortcuts To Hell - Top 26 Announced
Posted on Wednesday 30th July 2014
ShortCutsToHell-BANNEROn July 28th the judges of Shortcuts To Hell 2014 announced their final 26. This nationwide search for new filmmaking talent produced some incredible pieces. The winning filmmaker will have their film produced by Movie Mogul and Wildseed Studios, entering production early 2015, with a minimum cash production fund of £20,000. The completed feature film will recei...

UK TV Premieres This August On Horror
Posted on Sunday 20th July 2014
CyrusHorror Channel has some incredible UK TV premieres this August: Dear My Gacy, based on Jason Moss's memoir about prolific serial killer John Wayne Gacy, giallo-inspired thriller Amer and Mark Vadik’s reality-based Cyrus: Mind Of A Serial Killer (pictured). Here’s all the info you need: August 9th - Dear Mr Gacy The movie Dear Mr. Gacy, a true story based on the book The Last Victim, explores the experience...

Horror Channel to celebrate FrightFest in August
Posted on Saturday 19th July 2014
Midnight Son-WEB-4Horror Channel’s film highlights for August are to include a celebration of the annual FrightFest event, the UK’s leading horror and fantasy film festival. In the week that FrightFest celebrates its 15th year, Horror Channel presenter Emily Booth chooses her favourite movies from festivals past, which she’ll also introduce during August. Among them are Guillermo Ee...

50 Things Every Doctor Who Fan Should Know
Posted on Tuesday 8th July 2014
Doctor Who is a TV legend and been on our screens for over 50 years. Horror Channel is proudly showing classic adventures featuring the first Seven Doctors so here's a handy guide for those who are new to this classic Sci-Fi drama. 50-things-every-doctor-who-fan-should-know-V9.0

Horror Blog: Catching Zombie Fever
Posted on Monday 7th July 2014
DIARYOFTHEDEADAccording to Haitian folklore, zombies were first believed to be soulless beings who did the evil biddings of Voodoo sorcerers. But boy, have times changed! Today, they are just fictional beings with a never-ending appetite for human flesh. And lately, these nasty creatures have been taking over the big screen and even television, from Marc Foster’s World War Z to the hit series, The Wa...

Horror Blog: The Blurred Lines Between Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy
Posted on Sunday 29th June 2014
TOM BAKER ATTENDS LAUNCH FOR THE HORROR CHANNEL SEASON OF DOCTOR“The 3 types of terror: The Gross-out: the sight of a severed head tumbling down a flight of stairs, it's when the lights go out and something green and slimy splatters against your arm. The Horror: the unnatural, spiders the size of bears, the dead waking up and walking ...

Horror Blog: Transgressing From the Classic Damsel of Distress
Posted on Sunday 22nd June 2014
Sexy Killer_edited-3Hello, fellow horror fans! The days are longer, the nights are hotter and we all know what that means…SUMMER. And who would ever say, “no” to turning off the lights and catching up on some thrillers on the telly? This July, Horror Channel is featuring a long series of films, from Miguel Marti’s Spanish dark comedy, Sexy Killer to John Fawcett’s famous cult fil...

Horror Channel To Show Network TV Premiere Of Hard Candy As Part Of ‘Xtreme Teens’ Season
Posted on Monday 16th June 2014
Xtreme Teens SeasonHorror Channel plans to screen a selection of provocative revenge and hormonal horror movies in its ‘Xtreme Teens’ season, will play Saturdays at 10.50pm from 5th July and end on 26th July with the Network TV premiere of David Slade’s award-winning, controversial vigilante thriller Hard Candy. The other titles are: All The Boys Love Mandy Lane, The Loved Ones and Ging...

Booth's Blog: It’s all about the ‘Scared Selfie’ on Horror!
Posted on Friday 13th June 2014
emily-selfieTwo questions: Do you like Doctor Who? Do you want your face on TV? And can you shoot a Selfie? Ok that’s three – but there are probably some luddites out there who are not sure about the what’s, how’s and possibly why’s behind the Selfie movement! Basically to celebrate the brilliant booming fandom of the unstoppable Classic Doctor Who now showing on Horror we thought we’d invit...

Simon Rumley Joins Judging Panel For National Film Competition Shortcuts To Hell 2
Posted on Monday 9th June 2014
Simon RumleySimon Rumley, who has just completed post production on his first ‘Hollywood’ movie The Last Word, will be one of the judges for the film competition, Shortcuts To Hell 2, which is run by FrightFest, Horror Channel, Movie Mogul and Wildseed Studios. He said today: “'As an arena to experiment, innovate and, ultimately, learn a craft, short film making always will be the lifeblood of film-...

#WHOonHorror Scared Selfies On TV!
Posted on Thursday 5th June 2014
Scare_Your_Selfie_V4Did you post us one of your Scared Selfies? If so you’ll want to tune in for Doctor Who starting 16th June where we’ll be showing the very best ones during the breaks! Don’t miss an episode and make sure you keep sending us your Scared Selfies. Click here for the link to the Facebook page! Good luck. #WHOonHorror

Livid And Deadheads Get UK TV Premieres On Horror Channel
Posted on Monday 26th May 2014
Livid-1-MRHorror Channel gets some gaellic-flavoured supernatural chills this June with the UK TV premiere of Livid, the highly-rated and unusually twisted gothic nightmare from Inside directors Julien Mauray and Alexandre Bustillo. It will be aired on Saturday June 14, 10.50pm. This really is one to watch. Lucie (Chloe Coulloud) is facing her first day as a trainee in-house caregiver. She visits Mrs Jessel ...

Booth's Blog: The UK’s Biggest Horror Comp ‘Shortcuts To Hell’ Is Back
Posted on Thursday 22nd May 2014
Emily Booth BladesI am genuinely excited to announce the news that our Shortcuts To Hell film competition is back and on the manhunt for some seriously hot new horror talent. And this time the competition is a lot more focused and driven on YOUR BIG DEBUT HORROR FILM. For those of you who don’t know we launched the competition last year in association with FrightFFest and Movie Mogul which sa...

Booth's Blog: How To Go From FrightFest To Hollywood In 1 Movie!
Posted on Wednesday 14th May 2014
The man of the moment is definitely Gareth Edwards. He is living proof that dreams really can come true and sometimes all it can take is one fat cat to see your movie at a film festival, love it, and make that one life changing phone call that takes you to Hollywood stardom. Gareth has been very busy since 2010 which saw the unassuming UK director shaking with nerves at the world premiere of Monsters at horror festival FrightFest. I don’t know exactly when or where but roughly one week before the official UK release of the superb Monsters (check it out if you’ve not seen it) he got a cal...

Booth's Blog: Game of Thrones meets Clive Barker!
Posted on Thursday 8th May 2014
Hello horror hounds, news recently in that might just have you drooling, frothing, salivating and generally quivering in unadulterated pleasure. Fantasy favourite Game of Thrones which seems to have eclipsed everything else on our screens right now is about to join forces with one of the most genius minds in horror history: Clive Barker. Ok I have built this up rather, but beautiful Thrones actress Lena Headey has just been cast in the brand new Clive Barker horror movie Jacqueline Ess: Her Will and Testament, production on the film starts later this year and the news comes fresh in from Varie...

Booth's Blog: Horror Channel Gets Trapped And Tortured!
Posted on Wednesday 30th April 2014
Torture porn is a phrase or sub-genre of Horror that was coined after the release of Eli Roth’s Hostel, and it has since been used to reference films that revel in set pieces involving human torture, like Horror’s version of a money shot, but instead of – well you know, you get a squishy visceral close up of an eye plucked out while the victim screams in pain, and you can kind of get off on it! In my opinion the term Torture porn is no longer really used in a flattering light! Only a defamatory one since this more gruesome end of the horror spectrum has come under fire in various moral...

Mother's Day Heads Up The Trapped And Tortured Season On Horror
Posted on Sunday 27th April 2014
Mothers DayHorror Channel’s film highlights for May include the UK TV premiere of Darren Lynn Bousman’s 2010 hostage horror Mother’s Day starring Rebecca De Mornay. This heads up a Trapped And Tortured Season – a collection of hostage horror films, which also include the network premieres of Roland Joffe’s Captivity, and Sean Bryne’s The Loved Ones. Other titles in the season are Wolf Creek and I...

Booth's Blog: SCI-FI-LONDON 2014 - A truly impressive film fest.
Posted on Tuesday 22nd April 2014
Horror Channel may well be devoted to the one and only horror festival FrightFest (August bank holiday weekend) as one of their key sponsors and contributors – but we like to celebrate other brilliant genre festivals out there too, so this week I would like to illuminate you with the spectacular Sci-Fi-London 2014. This annual event may not be strictly Horror but there has always been a crossover between the two genres – the Alien movies being perfect examples, and with Horror Channel pre 9pm favourites such as Doctor Who and Star Trek – we definitely bat for the other side from time to...

Booth's Blog: When Booth Met Baker
Posted on Tuesday 15th April 2014
TOM BAKER ATTENDS LAUNCH FOR THE HORROR CHANNEL SEASON OF DOCTORIn case you didn’t already know Social Media and online press have been buzzing with the news that Doctor Who is coming to Horror! This titan of British TV crashed through the cosmos on the BBC back in 1963 and after a slight hiatus is still wowing audiences young and o...

Doctor Who: The Best Place To Start Is At The Beginning
Posted on Sunday 13th April 2014
DW Trailer ImageDoctor Who is an iconic series and we are proud and excited to welcome this giant of British television to our channel. The line-up includes some of the most loved and well known programmes from seven classic Doctors – stories that terrified, thrilled and captured the imagination of children and adults through the decades! Launching on Friday 18th April (Good Friday) with the ver...

Booth's Blog - The Hideously Beautiful Pan's Labyrinth
Posted on Saturday 12th April 2014
As you may already be aware Horror Channel is proud to announce its network premiere of Pan’s Labyrinth on Saturday 19th April at 9pm and while most horror fans and film fans in general will have already seen this (if not what the devil have you been doing?!) I wanted to take this opportunity to give you my take on this hideously beautiful film and bring del Torro fans up to speed with the director’s exciting movie news for 2015. Read on! Pan’s Labyrinth is one of those rare films that not only tops the ‘Best Horrors of all Time’ lists but also the 'Best Films of all Time’ lists! ...

Top 10 WHO Horror Moments
Posted on Friday 11th April 2014
top10 10. The Daleks: Episode 1 - The Dead Planet. During the final moments Barbara is trapped and confronted by an off-screen menace. All viewers see is a sucker arm. What could she have been screaming at? The next episode it’s revealed to be the arm of a Dalek. 9. The Brain Of Morbius: Episode 1 – Sarah Jane discovers the headless body of the creature. A pure Frankenstein-esque moment and one Hammer would ha...

Companion Biographies
Posted on Friday 11th April 2014
CompBio Sarah Jane Smith sarah Name: Sarah Jane Smith Played By: Elisabeth Sladen Planet: Earth Job: Investigative Journalist Doctor(s): Third and Fourth Quote: “We’re talking about the Daleks. The most evil ...

Doctor Biographies
Posted on Friday 11th April 2014
DoctorBio First Doctor Played By: William Hartnell Era: 1963-1966 1 Characteristics: An irascible, unpredictable traveller who likes adventure and dislikes fuss. Memorable Moments: His heartfelt talk with Susan wh...

Doctor Who: Monster Biographies
Posted on Friday 11th April 2014
MonsterBio Doctor Who is responsible for some of the most iconic monsters and villains, after all: “You can judge a man by the quality of his enemies” –The Doctor Daleks dalek Name: Daleks Planet: Skaro ...

Booth's Blog: Wonder Woman: A World War 2 Feminist Icon!
Posted on Monday 7th April 2014
As our most faithful horror hounds already know, its not all psychos and slashing on the channel. Although we do love our blood and gore dearly, the pre 9pm slots see big name cult TV shows take the reigns such as Star Trek, but the one which we are LOVING at the moment (as are you so it seems!) is Wonder Woman. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to explore this powerhouse of fanciful female flesh and was surprised to learn of her origins, as well as her future with a huge movie project recently announced! Were you aware she was created during the throws of World War 2 making her first...

A Masterpiece, A Cult Favourite And A Time Lord - April On Horror
Posted on Monday 31st March 2014
s LabyrinthHorror Channel’s highlights for April include the Network Premier of Guillermo del Toro’s superlative companion piece to The Devil’s Backbone, Pan’s Labyrinth, the UK TV premiere for Michael J. Gallagher’s Smiley and Network premieres for George Bowen’s The Hearse and Tommy Lee Wallace’s Halloween III: Season Of The Witch. Plus we have a special season of classic adventures from a ce...

Booth's Blog: The Slasher’s Back With Hatchet 2!
Posted on Monday 24th March 2014
The Slasher film is arguably the most popular, resistant and reinventive horror genre out there. We just keep on coming back to it, whether it’s to relish in the clichés, stereotypes and cheap thrills that gave birth to the whole ‘Rules of horror’ in the first place, or to explore and play with it in the post modern Slashers as defined by Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer and even the comedy horror franchise Scary Movie. The reason the Slasher will always work (if done well!) is because it is a formula that taps into very basic core and primal fears. If you want to, you can get d...

Tom Baker Welcomes Doctor Who on Horror Channel
Posted on Thursday 20th March 2014
Tom BakerTom Baker says he’s thrilled that the classic Doctor Who series is to be screened on the Horror Channel. “Horror is my very favourite genre,” he said today, “so I am thrilled the classic Doctor Who series have been picked up by the Horror Channel. There was clearly a darker edge to my storylines, which I think brought a new dimension to the series. I remember hearing of the series scaring c...

Time To Get Back Behind The Sofa! Doctor Who Materialises On Horror Channel
Posted on Thursday 13th March 2014
Three Doctors Fans of Doctor Who are set to find the TARDIS materialising at a new location this Easter as a selection of the Time Lord’s classic adventures in space and time start screening on Horror Channel. The UK’s prime home for fans of horror, fantasy and sci-fi has completed a deal with BBC Worldwide to broadcast 30 adventures from the Classic series which ran 1963 to 1989 featuring the fi...

Why's Night Terror currently only available for iPhone?
Posted on Tuesday 11th March 2014
applemonster-android With our award winning Night Terror App (watch the Video) receiving a whole heap of downloads, a 4.5/5 rating on iTunes, not to mentioned a MoTD (Mobile of the Day) award from the FWA, it’s understandable that ‘non-Apple’ users are annoyed that they are currently unable to download our nightmare inducing app. But Android has more users! Andr...

Night Terror: An App That’ll Literally Give You Nightmares
Posted on Monday 10th March 2014
NightTerror-iphone Horror Channels first mobile app Night Terror is a twist on traditional sleep applications.  The app harnesses mobile sleep monitoring technology to induce a real nightmare when users are most susceptible to suggestion in their dreams. How does it work? You place the phone next to your pillow and listen to a short horror story as you fall asleep. As soon a...

Night Terror Night With Emily Booth This Friday From 9pm.
Posted on Wednesday 5th March 2014
NT Emily PicJoin Emily Booth this Friday for Night Terror Night, an evening of terrifying movies designed to give you nightmares along with our Night Terrors iPhone App. A visionary new horror experience: Night Terror is a fantastic free App that breaks new boundaries for entertainment pleasure. This App means to give you dreams. Bad dreams. Nightmares. To download click here but be warned you must be 17 ...

Booth's Blog: Abandoned hotels, houses and hospitals! Why do we love them so much..?
Posted on Tuesday 4th March 2014
As a child I was (without my knowing it) an avid urban explorer. I got the biggest thrill from breaking into huge Victorian derelict houses, of which there were tons in Hastings back in the 80s. I’d even spend the night in them for a cheap thrill with my mates. Luckily nothing remotely nasty ever happened like in the movies. Damn! But now it’s become a huge scene with ‘urban explorers’ effectively breaking the law as they break into fascinating places that have fallen into disrepair and facing demolition, then posting amazingly creepy photos online of the echoes of life once seen ther...

Horror Channel's Night Terror App
Posted on Monday 24th February 2014
NT Emily PicHello my readers. This week I want to talk to you about Nightmares… Why? Because this week I am taking part in a Horror Channel experiment of sorts by testing out their brand new App, Night Terror! Horror Channel has released as app designed to actually give you nightmares.  I couldn’t wait to have a go at this! Like all journalists with an ounce of integrity I got my pen and paper...

Booth’s 1st Bloody Oscars!
Posted on Tuesday 18th February 2014
eboothHorror Channel has asked me to blog for them and I’m feeling the creative twitches coming thick and fast now I have this outlet to express myself! People who know me, know that I am incredibly honest, love to get a bit deep and meaningful, and love my horror (obviously) and the culture that surrounds it. You can expect this horror blog to be a bit like a peek into Emily Booth’s diary splattered with horror ...

More Hammer Double-Bills In March
Posted on Friday 14th February 2014
Dr Jekyll and Sister HydeHorror Channel’s Hammer Double-Feature Season continues throughout March bringing you more classic shockers from the studio that dripped blood running from Saturday 1st till 29th at 9.00pm. Here's the full line-up: March 1st - The Plague Of The Zombies/Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter Directed by John Gilling, The Plague Of The Zombies was Hammer’s...

Brand New Freesat App Has Launched
Posted on Friday 17th January 2014
Freesat ImageThe new Freesat App has launched and is available for download from the App Store so you’ll never miss another episode of your favourite CBS Drama soap or CBS Action movie or CBS Reality expose or Horror Channel must-see-shocker! The App is a free TV guide for anyone watching TV for free. It allows users to plan ahead and get great recommendations of what to watch on TV and On Demand w...

Horror Channel Revives Hammer Double-Bills For Saturday Nights
Posted on Wednesday 15th January 2014
Dracula Prince Of DarknessVampire vixens, creepy castles, mouldy mummies, satanic sadists and Lee and Cushing on top show. Yes, its Hammer heaven as the UK’s number one TV destination for all things Horror presents a Hammer Double-Feature Season, which broadcasts from Saturday February 1st till February 22nd from 9.00pm. Here's the full line-up: February 1st – Dracula: Pri...

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