Horror Channel Goes ‘Xtreme’ In January With Controversial Season
Posted on Tuesday 15th December 2015
Xtreme SeasonHorror Channel ushers in 2016 with the Xtreme Season, a series of hard-hitting, controversial premieres on Saturday nights from 2nd to 30th of January. Included will be the UK TV premiere of The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence), as well as the Network premiere of The Human Centipede (First Sequence). The notorious Dutch director Tom Six, who made his name with the controversial...

There Won't Be Any Silent Nights This December On Horror!
Posted on Tuesday 24th November 2015
Silent Night SmallFriday nights on Horror Channel are getting darker as the UK’s only dedicated TV destination for horror fans, ushers in four UK TV premieres for December, including a Christmas Day offering of Steven C. Miller’s demented Santa slasher Silent Night, which stars Malcolm McDowell and Jaime King. The other knuckle-whitening premieres are Kaare Andrew’s Cabin Fever 3: Pati...

Horror Channel Unleashes UK TV Premieres For I Spit On Your Grave Remakes
Posted on Wednesday 4th November 2015
I Spit On Your GraveThe films the other TV channels didn’t dare to show… Horror Channel will be presenting the UK TV premieres of two highly controversial films: the 2010 remake of I Spit On Your Grave and its sequel I Spit On Your Grave 2, both directed by Steven R. Monroe. Stewart Bridle, Channel Manager for Horror Channel, said today: "We welcome the opportunity to bring our view...

Horror Channel Revives Hammer Double-Bills In November
Posted on Tuesday 27th October 2015
Curse of The WerewolfNovember on Horror Channel sees a premiere edition of a Hammer Double-Bill Season where eight unmissable film classics will be screened on Saturday nights from November 7th to November 28th at 9pm. Five have been directed by Terence Fisher, one of the most productive horror directors of the 20th Century and the first to bring gothic horror alive in full c...

Have A Haunted Halloween With Horror Channel This October
Posted on Tuesday 22nd September 2015
The PossessionAll treats and no tricks… Horror Channel celebrates Halloween with a special Haunted Halloween Season, a spectral selection of movies which will take possession of the nation’s TVs every night for two weeks in October - from Saturday 17th to Saturday 31st all starting at 9pm. Here is the full line-up: In the Network Premiere of An American Haunting on October 17th the wind whisper...

Saws, Psychos And Nasty Spirits Invade The Horror Channel In September
Posted on Thursday 20th August 2015
Saw VAutumn just got a lot darker as Horror Channel unleashes three UK TV premieres and eight network premieres across the weekends during September – including network premieres for fear-franchise hits SAW V, SAW VI, a 15th year anniversary broadcast for Mary Arron’s sickly slick adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ American Psycho and the menacing thriller After.Life, starring Christina Ricci and Liam Nee...

Horror Channel Ushers In Four UK Premieres And More During August
Posted on Monday 20th July 2015
CassadagaSaturday nights in August just got scarier as Horror Channel ushers in four unmissable UK premieres plus there’s a network premiere for Anthony DiBlasi’s celebrated shocker Cassadaga (pictured). There are first TV showings for Josh C. Waller’s all-female fight-to-the death thriller Raze, Paul Soter’s house-haunted Dark Circles, Jason Cuadrado’s shock-ridden Devil May Call and the...

FrightFest 2015 Serves Up A Fearsome Feast With A Record 76 Films, Embracing 20 World And 42 UK And European Premieres
Posted on Thursday 2nd July 2015
FF 2015 - poster artwork - WEB-1 SmallBigger, bolder, bloodier…FrightFest 2015 marks its 16th year with its largest  line-up ever. From Thursday 27th August to Monday 31st August, the UK’s leading event for genre fans will return to the Vue West End, Leicester Square to present seventy-six films across five screens, plus a host of special events. There ...

Crawl Or Die UK TV Premiere This July On Horror
Posted on Tuesday 30th June 2015
Crawl or Die SmallHorror Channel is planning to chill you to the bone in July with a month packed with UK TV Premieres and also a night dedicated to a true legend. The big news is that Oklahoma Ward’s much-praised Crawl Or Die is to receive its UK TV premiere on Horror on the 17th. This indie alien-monster shocker, starring Nicole Alonso as the unstoppable ‘Tank’, takes claustrophobia...

Horror Channel Wins Gold And Silver At PromaxBDA Awards
Posted on Friday 12th June 2015
PromaxHorror Channel came away big winners from the prestigious PromaxBDA Awards which were held in Los Angeles last night. Horror won Gold for the Doctor Who campaign in the Art Direction and Design category and Silver for Old Boy in the Promos At The Movies category. Congratulations to the talented teams behind these campaigns. If you missed our celebrated and multi-award winning Doctor Who promos here’s...

Horror Channel To Broadcast ‘Christopher Lee Night’ On Thursday 2nd July
Posted on Friday 12th June 2015
ToTheDevilADaughter-WEB1Horror Channel is to dedicate a whole night’s programming to the cinematic legacy of Christopher Lee who died yesterday aged 93. On July 2nd from 9pm we’ll bring you four of Lee’s finest pieces; The Devil Rides Out, Dracula: Prince Of Darkness, Scars Of Dracula and To The Devil A Daughter which are now considered to contain some of his finest moment...

Sir Christopher Lee: 1922-2015
Posted on Thursday 11th June 2015
CL Image 1“I don’t play villains, I play people” Today the world lost a true screen icon, Sir Christopher Lee. Born in 1922, Lee appeared in almost 300 movies, originally contracted to the Rank Organisation he started off playing small supporting roles but as his career progressed he went on to bring to life countless iconic characters such as Scaramanga in Man With The Golden Gun (1974), Saruman ...

Horror Channel Brings You A Twisted Killers Season In June
Posted on Friday 29th May 2015
HorsemenHorror Channel is to screen a season of films focusing on game-playing murderers and predatory psychopaths. So there’s no point hiding behind the sofa as that’s where they’ll be… The Twisted Killer Season, which will broadcast on Saturday nights at 10.50pm from 6–27 June, features Michael Powell’s chilling masterpiece Peeping Tom, the network premiere of the darkly psychological thriller Ho...

Network Premieres This May On Horror
Posted on Thursday 30th April 2015
The TattoistThe Horror Channel in May is packed with the bloodiest UK TV premieres and scariest Network premieres which are guaranteed to send you to bed with the landing light left on! Here's what Network premieres we have for you! If you like your horror set in the great outdooors you love the rural shocker Mine Games at 9pm on the 8th. A group of friends travel up to a cabin located deep within t...

UK TV Premieres This May On Horror
Posted on Tuesday 28th April 2015
Messengers 2 ScarecrowThe Horror Channel in May is packed with the bloodiest UK TV premieres and scariest Network premieres which are guaranteed to send you to bed with the landing light left on! Here's what UK TV premieres we have for you! First up is Messengers 2: Scarecrow on May 1st at 9pm. In this prequel to the Pang Brothers' terrifying debut, the eerie backstory of farmer Joh...

Free Digital Edition Of Scream!
Posted on Wednesday 22nd April 2015
27Would you like a FREE digital iSCREAM edition of SCREAM, the international print and digital horror magazine? Well now you can! SCREAM are so confident that if you love horror and gore (whether it be films, books, comics, games and more) you will be overwhelmed with all the gory delights within their magazine that they are offering everyone in the world their own FREE edition for their Mac, PC, iPad, Tablet or Android d...

Booth's Blog: Experience Farmyard Fear This May On Horror!
Posted on Tuesday 21st April 2015
EBMay 2015Last week my latest Horror Channel assignment take me to trendy Dalston in East London to shoot my presenter links for all the film premieres coming up in May. As ever our Art Director delved deep into the human psyche to come up with an original set to reflect (in various obscure and abstract ways!) the themes pervading the films themselves and as you can see from my behind the scenes photos it’s...

Booth's Blog: It’s not too late to catch The End of the World!
Posted on Friday 10th April 2015
Behind scenes 3 SmallApocalypse Season is upon us people and there’s three more doom laden horrors coming your way Saturday nights in April so this week I thought I’d delve a little deeper into these bad boys. Taking to twitter I asked my various fiends which was their favourite title out of The Day, Planet Terror and Damnation Alley and the general response seemed to suggest that wh...

The Apocalypse Is Coming To Horror
Posted on Tuesday 31st March 2015
Behind scenes 3 SmallHorror Channel’s highlights for April contains an Apocalypse Season, which focuses on a world-ending selection of catastrophic classics, featuring the UK TV premiere of the Canadian seat-edged shocker The Day, Stephen King’s mini-series The Stand, starring Gary Sinise and Molly Ringwald, the Network premieres of Robert Rodriguez’s zombie exploitation epic Plane...

Booth's Blog: Tarantino's Grindhouse On Horror!
Posted on Thursday 26th March 2015
Behind the scenes 2 SmallIf there’s one thing Quentin Tarantino does well its cult movie referencing, making what was once underground and loved by nerds only totally cool and contemporary. He regenerates fading films stars and degenerate genres and before he decided to bring Grindhouse back to celluloid fashion, half of us hadn’t even heard of it! He forged a link between m...

Booth's Blog: Behind The Scenes Of The “Apocalypse Season” Shoot!
Posted on Wednesday 18th March 2015
BehindtheScenes-1 SmallIt is crazy days here at Horror Channel HQ. First we hit Freeview and gained thousands upon thousands of new, undying supporters overnight. Then I was informed my next duty was to hide out on an ex RAF army base and former home to the UK’s nuclear weapons to film links for our world ending Apocalypse Season! As ever, you - my faithful fiends will get the firs...

Booth's Blog - Get Your Horror For Free!
Posted on Friday 13th March 2015
BB 1The biggest news this week, and it’s quite a whopper, is that Horror Channel has found a new and additional lair with which to scare the pants off the public; Freeview. Yes, today, Friday the 13th (well when else?) you can watch our superb channel for free on Channel 70, meaning we are now sinking our fangs potentially into 17 million UK homes and I’m so excited about this. (Mwah ha ha my plan for eternal dar...

Horror Channel Coming To Freeview Friday March 13th!
Posted on Monday 9th March 2015
HCHorror Channel, which is owned and operated by the CBS AMC Networks UK Channels Partnership, announced today that it is launching on the UK’s most-watched digital TV service, Freeview on Friday, 13th March. It will be available on Freeview channel number 70 and is currently carried on Sky channel 319, Freesat channel 138, and Virgin channel 149. The launch will result in a 90% DTT coverage in the UK, making Horror Cha...

Booth's Blog: The Origins Of Tonight’s Network Premiere Of Re-Animator
Posted on Friday 27th February 2015
EB Reanimator 1 SmallIn 1985 Fantastic Factory team Brian Yuzna (producer) and Stuart Gordon (Director) gave us one of the best, most talked about, cult horror movies of the decade; Re-Animator. As all good horror folk know the film is based on the H P Lovecraft episodic novella “Herbert West – Reanimator” which was published in the American magazine Home Brew way back in 1922! Th...

Booth's Blog: STD Horror! A New Sub Genre Is Born
Posted on Friday 20th February 2015
EB Reanimator 1 SmallThe codes of horror are what make good horror work. The rules, the conventions and the stereotypes are critical to good storytelling, although decades of churning out the same codes and conventions means such films now fall into the category of cliché. This is why the ‘rules’ of horror can only be used now if they are to make a postmodern comment on the so ca...

Death Proof And Devil’s Playground This March On Horror
Posted on Friday 20th February 2015
Death Proof SmallHorror Channel is to broadcast the Network premieres of Quentin Tarrantino’s Death Proof, starring Kirk Russell as a speed-obsessed serial killer and Mark McQueen’s apocalyptic body-counter Devil’s Playground, starring Danny Dyer, Craig Fairbrass and MyAnna Buring. Death Proof (2007), originally released in cinemas as a double bill with Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror, w...

Booth's Blog: Emily Celebrates Women In Horror Month
Posted on Tuesday 17th February 2015
EB Mad Science image 2 SmallWomen and blood go hand in hand. We have learnt through our biology to embrace it. We have learnt through culture, history and the films that surround us, we have to be badass to survive. This spirit, this edge, this determination not only makes us passionate, it makes us emphatic. That is why Women In Horror Month is such a driving force in the...

UK TV Premiere - Harpoon: Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre
Posted on Saturday 7th February 2015
RekjjavikWhaleMassace-WEB1You have a date with the open sea on Febraury 28th at 10.50pm as Horror Channel presents the UK TV premier of the acclaimed shocker Harpoon: Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre. A group of tourists embark on a sightseeing trip aboard a whaling vessel with none other than Gunnar Hansen, yes, Leatherface himself playing Captain Pétur! When the ship break...

Booth's Blog: Mad Science Season Kicks Off February 6th
Posted on Thursday 5th February 2015
EB Mad Science image 2 SmallI am truly excited about February’s film season Mad Science (no slushy chick flicks for this ghoul on Valentines Day!) and Horror Channel have gone beyond the grave to make this a fun nostalgic season bringing you TV entertainment and movies “Just how is used to be!” So this week I took to Twitter to gauge your opinions and memories on the...

Promoted Post: Horror Channel's Top Possession Movies
Posted on Tuesday 3rd February 2015
GraceThere have been countless “possession” movies released over the years and the genre seemed to peak with the unleashing of the box-office bursting films The Exorcist (1973) and The Omen (1976). Since then, the genre has come and gone with little fanfare or originality. Grace: The Possession which has just been released onto DVD and Digital HD changes that as it’s a novel take on the genre with a devilishly...

Booth's Blog: Emily rocks the Re-Animator look for Horror Channel’s Mad Science season!
Posted on Saturday 31st January 2015
EB Reanimator 1 SmallThis week I take you on an exclusive Behind the Scenes glimpse into a Horror Channel TV shoot, this time for our upcoming and absolutely unmissable film season of scientific shockers, Mad Science which kicks off on Friday February 6th at 10.50pm. The Horror Channel gang were drooling like rabid Romero zombies when we learned of the theme with images of green Re-Ani...

Booth's Blog: FrightFest Announces Amazing Line Up For Glasgow!
Posted on Wednesday 21st January 2015
BB 1Discerning horror fans wait with baited breathe for the FrightFest film announcements. This is the festival that brings you Horror across the globe before anyone else has caught wind of it, hell they practically rip the celluloid still spinning from the camera of the latest must see horror before the director can even shout “cut!” Basically, go to any FrightFest and you will be way ahead of the horror game. Fo...

FrightFest Celebrates 10th Year At Glasgow Film Festival - Full Line Up Announced
Posted on Wednesday 21st January 2015
REC 4 APOCALYPSEFrightFest celebrates 10th year at Glasgow Film Festival with three World, two European and six UK premiere attractions! The shocktacular line-up starts on 26th February in sumptuous Hammer-style with the UK premiere of the Edgar Allan Poe based Eliza Graves featuring an all-star Hollywood cast, including Kate Beckinsale, Ben Kingsley, Jim Sturgess and Michael Caine. Friday’s...

Horror Channel To Screen Mad Science Season
Posted on Tuesday 20th January 2015
ScannersHead exploders, deadly serums, deviant doctors, radioactive dope… Horror Channel presents a Mad Science Season, an 80’s tinged collection of cult scientific shockers featuring the Network premieres of David Cronenberg’s Scanners (pictured) and Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator. Also guaranteed to get the horror sparks flying are Basket Case and Class Of Nuke ‘Em High. The season jolts into action fr...

Booth's Blog: Is The Original Always The Best?
Posted on Friday 16th January 2015
BB 1One of the most controversial, opinion - dividing issues amongst us horror fans, (second to the dreaded remake!) is the horror franchise. Those films that just keep on reinventing themselves with sequel after sequel, new spins, new directors, prequels, going into space, going 3D - you name it, if a cash cow can be milked, the milk will flow. Tonight and tomorrow on Horror sees the screening of two movies from a popu...

Booth's Blog: BAFTA - Horror Movies No Show
Posted on Sunday 11th January 2015
Any horror movies at this years BAFTAs? You guessed it… Nope. OK granted there are a lot of horror movies that don’t exactly exercise the grey stuff, they just spew out the red stuff, but I cannot for the life of me understand why the horror genre as a whole continues to be downright ignored in any mainstream awards ceremonies. Granted, now and then a horror movie is acknowledged (notably Black Swan, Best Actress 2010) but this is rare. The 2015 BAFTA nominees have just been announced, celebrating celluloid of 2014 and as usual there is a very small handful of films that are up for ...

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