Booth's Blog: 2016 Is Going To Be A Scream
Posted on Sunday 27th December 2015
Emily with knifeNobody looks forward to January. Its cold, boring, presents and partying are over and for some reason people choose this already depressing time to cut back on indulgence?! Madness! Well, everyone who tunes in to Horror in January can kiss goodbye to the blues as we bring you our brand new Xtreme Season; a collection of insane, boundary - pushing shocking celluloid guaran...

Booth's Blog: Slashing Through The Snow!
Posted on Tuesday 15th December 2015
Emily with chopperYes, it’s that time of year again when us horror fiends swap Santa for Satan, dashing for slashing and singing for screaming in a bid to escape the myriad of Xmas clichés enforced upon us every single year! Horror Channel of course is always there to provide an antidote film wise and so this week I’ve decided to take a look at some of Horror Channel’s best Xm...

Booth's Blog: A Serious Look At A Controversial Movie Series
Posted on Friday 13th November 2015
BB 1Let the spitting begin! OK, not the renowned video nasty from 1978 but the 2010 remake of I Spit On Your Grave which surprisingly has been touted by genre fans as one of the best ever horror remakes some even citing it as better than the original (or did I just say something blasphemous there?!) I remember when news of this bold remake came out helmed by director Steven Monroe; everyone, including me were up in ar...

Booth's Blog: More Haunted Halloween This Week!
Posted on Tuesday 27th October 2015
The PossessionWith only days till Halloween grips us by her claws there’s still 5 spooky movies in our Haunted Halloween Season to get you in the mood for all things dark ‘n’ nasty! Yes, every night at 9pm this week we celebrate ghosts, hauntings, and possessions – hell even tattoos that come to life – so expect a lot of tricks and treats this week on Horror. The following night ...

Booth's Blog: On Set Report From Shed Of The Dead!
Posted on Sunday 25th October 2015
Shed Of The DeadI’m currently sitting on my hotel bed trying to type my blog wearing these ferocious fake pink nails and they’re driving me nuts! How girls do even the most basic of things in these stupid long nails is beyond me. Of course shocking pink is not my usual palate of choice this is for my character Harriet whom I play in the new zombie comedy film from Drew Cullingham; Shed Of The ...

Booth' Blog: Horror's Haunted Halloween Season Is Coming...
Posted on Saturday 10th October 2015
EB Image 1I know us Horror fiends need no reminding, Halloween will be upon us by the end of the month, a festival that gets bigger every year, with the costumes getting more political and the parties even more inventive! Horror Channel is no different with a special two week long film season showing spooky celluloid of the spectral kind every night at 9pm in the run up to Samhain. There’s so much...

Booth's Blog: Update On My New Horror Movie!
Posted on Sunday 27th September 2015
I’m in a new Horror film! Yes, now and then I need to stretch my vocal cords to earn my ‘British Scream Queen’ stripes and was recently cast in a new comedy horror called Shed Of The Dead which has just been green lit! Clearly a comedy horror (given the title) this is of course is a zombie flick in the vein of Shaun the replacement Shed referring to the man cave a particular RPG nerd occupies when he needs ‘alone man time’ – or rather indulging his alter ego the battle mage Casimir The Destroyer. I read the script and instantly thought it was really funny, it’s not often a scri...

Booth's Blog: FrightFest, Jigsaw And Hollywood Royalty!
Posted on Monday 14th September 2015
It’s a big month for us here at Horror Channel we had the network premiere of American Psycho last Saturday and I was charmed by the response on Twitter with a certain fan saying they watched it in their pants whilst Genesis played in the background, and others remembering the first time they watched it in the cinema laughing out loud while the rest of the audience tutted in disgust (not understanding the black comedy element of course!) It doesn’t stop there with three more superb stylish and sexy premieres this weekend and of course I present all the news, reviews and interviews from th...

Booth's Blog - FrightFest's Best Bits!
Posted on Saturday 5th September 2015
I am still recovering from an insane few days at this year’s FrightFest but wanted to give you an insight into my personal experience at the fest without divulging too much as I get the feeling ‘what happens at FrightFest stays at FrightFest!’ Thursday kicked off with a bang as we went straight into filming the links for our big half hour special FrightFest 2015 which you can see in all its glory on Wednesday 16th September at 9pm. Then it was on to our first interview with the director of the opening night premiere Cherry Tree David Keating plus two of his incredibly glamorous Irish a...

Booth's Blog: "Hello. I Want To Play A Game"
Posted on Saturday 15th August 2015
EB in CageI just got back from a hectic 2 day shoot for Horror Channel; it’s all go as we had to film our new and improved introductions to the film premieres coming in September as well some pre-FrightFest 2015 filming where Horror Channel has an even bigger presence with our own sponsored screen and some cheeky little surprises that the marketing team have come up with! So you may have noticed ...

Booth's Blog: “You know you’re a horror fan when….”
Posted on Monday 10th August 2015
With FrightFest only weeks away you’ll need to start making plans for this epic journey into “The Dark Heart of Cinema” with a record 6 different screens showing a record 76 films, this 5 days extravaganza is one hot horror ticket many a fan would probably kill to get. But we at Horror are offering a far less scary method of getting your claws on a coveted 5 day VIP pass! Oh yes with our new Horror Channel sponsored screen we are running a devilishly good competition, here’s what you get: • Said 5 day VIP pass to all the films on the Horror Channel sponsored Main Screen (that’s...

Booth's Blog - Horror Channel UK TV Premieres And More!
Posted on Sunday 12th July 2015
Behind the scenes 2 SmallAugust is looking like a big month for Horror with one of Europe’s largest horror festivals (need I even say it) FrightFest hitting the silver screen for it’s 16th year over the August bank holiday weekend, but I want to leave that carrot dangling just another week before I reveal all and tell you instead about Horror Channel’s insanely good line up...

Booth's Blog - What’s Your Horror Host Name?!
Posted on Monday 29th June 2015
Behind the scenes 2 SmallSo I was fishing around on Twitter when I see a link to a podcast mentioning my name and was pleasantly surprised the podcast was all about the grand tradition of the ‘Horror host’ and I was among them alongside Queen of Horror Hosting; Elvira. I must admit – I did feel proud for she is, along with her ‘Haunted Hills’ movie and theme park rides ...

Booth's Blog: Christopher Lee – The Last Of The True Horror Icons Dies At 93.
Posted on Friday 12th June 2015
They just don’t make them like Christopher Lee anymore. On Sunday 7th June at 8.30am the great Christopher Lee passed away in hospital after a career odyssey spanning nearly 70 epic years. A career which finally saw him knighted for services to drama and charity in 2009. I must confess I never met him and it is with a heavy heart I say that, though if I had I know I would have been shaking in my boots after all the stories Caroline Munro, fellow Hammer Horror legend told me about him! I have literally just got off the phone from the wonderful Hammer actress and she had this to say about her ...

Booth's Blog: Twisted Killers Season Kicks Off!
Posted on Friday 5th June 2015
EB TK SmallSo last week I took you on an exclusive tour behind the scenes of our Twisted Killers promo shoot to give you a more personal look at my work for the channel and this week I thought I’d delve a little deeper into the films themselves in this superb season. Tomorrow night (Saturday 6th June) sees the network premiere of the moody stylish crime thriller Horsemen starring Dennis Quaid. I’m su...

Booth's Blog: Behind The Scenes On Our Twisted Killers TV Shoot!
Posted on Thursday 28th May 2015
EB TK Pic 1 SmallIt’s going to be a summer of psychos on Horror Channel as we bring you our superb Twisted Killers season! When I first heard this I couldn’t help but smile as I thought “Aren’t all killers kind of twisted…?!” But we’re not just talking about your basic hack ‘n slash here, oh no. We’re delving into the meticulous murderer; the gadget - loving killer; the psycho...

Booth's Blog: Could this be the perfect horror weekend…?
Posted on Saturday 23rd May 2015
Behind scenes 3 SmallSo, I was having my usual butchers online, getting my claws into a juicy story for you and hey presto, have I got the PERFECT line up of horror entertainment for you. I can literally tick all the boxes from A for Adrenalin, to Z for Zombies. We’ve now all heard of interactive zombie experiences right? Live Horror attractions are the biggest thing shaking up the ...

Booths Blog: A Big Weekend For Tattoos On The 23rd!
Posted on Thursday 14th May 2015
Behind scenes 3 SmallThe Tattoo. It seems nearly everyone has succumbed to the ink with roughly a third of UK men and woman going under the needle. Previously the domain of bad bikers, gangs and sailors it has since become uber glamorous and sexy with David Beckham doing it for us girls, and Angelina Jolie for the boys. Tattoos and the symbolism that surrounds them is steeped in cultu...

Booth's Blog: Adventures In Space And Time
Posted on Monday 4th May 2015
OK, so a brief butchers online and I found a staggering 11 Horror and Sci-Fi festivals throughout the month of May in America – 11 in one month!!! They certainly love to get their geek on, but while most of us can’t zoom over the pond for a Sci-Fi love-in there is one big fantasy fest right here in the UK that’s worth a pop if you like your Doctor Who’s (and you know we do!) your Red Dwarf’s and your Thunderbirds. It’s called BritSciFi and they are holding the festival in the very fitting National Space Centre up in Leicester, groovy. So if you don’t want to just watch classic D...

Booth's Blog: Home Is Where The Horror Is...
Posted on Sunday 26th April 2015
EB May 2015 2So April 16th was a big day for Star Wars fans as the trailer for the hellishly hot Star Wars VII was released a mere 8 months prior to it’s actual film release (December 18th) It’s almost like the good old days when you had to wait 6 months for a film to come out on video after missing it on the big screen. It’s rare in our 3 second culture for such a big and lengthy build up to a...

Booth's Blog: Experience Farmyard Fear This May On Horror!
Posted on Tuesday 21st April 2015
EBMay 2015Last week my latest Horror Channel assignment take me to trendy Dalston in East London to shoot my presenter links for all the film premieres coming up in May. As ever our Art Director delved deep into the human psyche to come up with an original set to reflect (in various obscure and abstract ways!) the themes pervading the films themselves and as you can see from my behind the scenes photos it’s...

Booth's Blog: It’s not too late to catch The End of the World!
Posted on Friday 10th April 2015
Behind scenes 3 SmallApocalypse Season is upon us people and there’s three more doom laden horrors coming your way Saturday nights in April so this week I thought I’d delve a little deeper into these bad boys. Taking to twitter I asked my various fiends which was their favourite title out of The Day, Planet Terror and Damnation Alley and the general response seemed to suggest that wh...

Booth's Blog: Tarantino's Grindhouse On Horror!
Posted on Thursday 26th March 2015
Behind the scenes 2 SmallIf there’s one thing Quentin Tarantino does well its cult movie referencing, making what was once underground and loved by nerds only totally cool and contemporary. He regenerates fading films stars and degenerate genres and before he decided to bring Grindhouse back to celluloid fashion, half of us hadn’t even heard of it! He forged a link between m...

Booth's Blog: Behind The Scenes Of The “Apocalypse Season” Shoot!
Posted on Wednesday 18th March 2015
BehindtheScenes-1 SmallIt is crazy days here at Horror Channel HQ. First we hit Freeview and gained thousands upon thousands of new, undying supporters overnight. Then I was informed my next duty was to hide out on an ex RAF army base and former home to the UK’s nuclear weapons to film links for our world ending Apocalypse Season! As ever, you - my faithful fiends will get the firs...

Booth's Blog - Get Your Horror For Free!
Posted on Friday 13th March 2015
BB 1The biggest news this week, and it’s quite a whopper, is that Horror Channel has found a new and additional lair with which to scare the pants off the public; Freeview. Yes, today, Friday the 13th (well when else?) you can watch our superb channel for free on Channel 70, meaning we are now sinking our fangs potentially into 17 million UK homes and I’m so excited about this. (Mwah ha ha my plan for eternal dar...

Booth's Blog: The Origins Of Tonight’s Network Premiere Of Re-Animator
Posted on Friday 27th February 2015
EB Reanimator 1 SmallIn 1985 Fantastic Factory team Brian Yuzna (producer) and Stuart Gordon (Director) gave us one of the best, most talked about, cult horror movies of the decade; Re-Animator. As all good horror folk know the film is based on the H P Lovecraft episodic novella “Herbert West – Reanimator” which was published in the American magazine Home Brew way back in 1922! Th...

Booth's Blog: STD Horror! A New Sub Genre Is Born
Posted on Friday 20th February 2015
EB Reanimator 1 SmallThe codes of horror are what make good horror work. The rules, the conventions and the stereotypes are critical to good storytelling, although decades of churning out the same codes and conventions means such films now fall into the category of cliché. This is why the ‘rules’ of horror can only be used now if they are to make a postmodern comment on the so ca...

Booth's Blog: Emily Celebrates Women In Horror Month
Posted on Tuesday 17th February 2015
EB Mad Science image 2 SmallWomen and blood go hand in hand. We have learnt through our biology to embrace it. We have learnt through culture, history and the films that surround us, we have to be badass to survive. This spirit, this edge, this determination not only makes us passionate, it makes us emphatic. That is why Women In Horror Month is such a driving force in the...

Booth's Blog: Mad Science Season Kicks Off February 6th
Posted on Thursday 5th February 2015
EB Mad Science image 2 SmallI am truly excited about February’s film season Mad Science (no slushy chick flicks for this ghoul on Valentines Day!) and Horror Channel have gone beyond the grave to make this a fun nostalgic season bringing you TV entertainment and movies “Just how is used to be!” So this week I took to Twitter to gauge your opinions and memories on the...

Booth's Blog: Emily rocks the Re-Animator look for Horror Channel’s Mad Science season!
Posted on Saturday 31st January 2015
EB Reanimator 1 SmallThis week I take you on an exclusive Behind the Scenes glimpse into a Horror Channel TV shoot, this time for our upcoming and absolutely unmissable film season of scientific shockers, Mad Science which kicks off on Friday February 6th at 10.50pm. The Horror Channel gang were drooling like rabid Romero zombies when we learned of the theme with images of green Re-Ani...

Booth's Blog: FrightFest Announces Amazing Line Up For Glasgow!
Posted on Wednesday 21st January 2015
BB 1Discerning horror fans wait with baited breathe for the FrightFest film announcements. This is the festival that brings you Horror across the globe before anyone else has caught wind of it, hell they practically rip the celluloid still spinning from the camera of the latest must see horror before the director can even shout “cut!” Basically, go to any FrightFest and you will be way ahead of the horror game. Fo...

Booth's Blog: Is The Original Always The Best?
Posted on Friday 16th January 2015
BB 1One of the most controversial, opinion - dividing issues amongst us horror fans, (second to the dreaded remake!) is the horror franchise. Those films that just keep on reinventing themselves with sequel after sequel, new spins, new directors, prequels, going into space, going 3D - you name it, if a cash cow can be milked, the milk will flow. Tonight and tomorrow on Horror sees the screening of two movies from a popu...

Booth's Blog: BAFTA - Horror Movies No Show
Posted on Sunday 11th January 2015
Any horror movies at this years BAFTAs? You guessed it… Nope. OK granted there are a lot of horror movies that don’t exactly exercise the grey stuff, they just spew out the red stuff, but I cannot for the life of me understand why the horror genre as a whole continues to be downright ignored in any mainstream awards ceremonies. Granted, now and then a horror movie is acknowledged (notably Black Swan, Best Actress 2010) but this is rare. The 2015 BAFTA nominees have just been announced, celebrating celluloid of 2014 and as usual there is a very small handful of films that are up for ...

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