Booth's Blog: 'Tis the Season to be Scary...
Posted on Thursday 22nd December 2016
Emily Booth Christmas 2016 Image 1Christmas time; whether it fills you with a warm fuzzy festive glow, or fills you with nothing but family-fuelled dread, there is one thing that everyone loves (and needs after nativity plays, family catch-ups, and endless washing up), and that's the Christmas movie. I'm already looking forward to crashing on the sofa ...

Booth's Blog: 50 Shades of Blade!
Posted on Wednesday 14th December 2016
Emily Booth Seat SmallNo stranger to sci-fi and superheroes, Wesley Snipes has certainly been around the Hollywood block, what with his iconic characterisation of Blade in the immensely popular Marvel series, playing a tormented half-human half-vampire out to avenge his mother's death. It was a role that clearly put him in pole position for the lead in Gallowwalkers, in which a cur...

Booth's Blog: The female of the species is more deadlier than the male!
Posted on Thursday 1st December 2016
Emily Booth Red JacketThe role of women in horror is a hot topic and potentially riddled with controversy - but think about it, folks; horror would be nothing without we scream queens. From slasher victims to monstrous mothers or sexy demons, our roles are prolific and ever evolving. Thankfully, with the horror genre creating strong three-dimensional female roles such as Ripley in Alie...

Booth's Blog: Nazi Zombies rock with Dead Snow 2: Red Vs. Dead UK TV premiere TONIGHT!
Posted on Friday 25th November 2016
Emily Booth Green Top Image 1Zombies are pretty darn fine villains on their own considering their insanely popular ubiquitous nature, but mash them up with one of the greatest evils in the history of humanity, the Nazi, and you've got some truly nasty muthas on your hands... The Nazi Zombie resonates deeply within our consciousness, and has enjoyed several incarnations...

Booth's Blog: Ding Dong you're Dead! '80s VHS classic comes to Horror!
Posted on Thursday 17th November 2016
Emily with chopperYou have no idea how much of a fan-girl I became when Horror HQ told me they were giving House its network premiere this weekend. Released in 1986, I was ripe pickings for this kind of lurid VHS as an incredibly underage, wide-eyed nipper in the back of my local video store, drooling over the salacious, sensational, and indeed saucy video sleeves. This one hooked me...

Booth's Blog: The hills are alive!
Posted on Thursday 10th November 2016
Emily Booth Seat SmallThank heavens for the '70s, eh? Flower power, feminism and flares were in abundance, while the film industry cracked off some of the most memorable albeit nasty slices of celluloid in movie-making history. Everything was about being bold, gritty, and pushing those boundaries. One such chap at the helm of American indie horror was of course Wes Craven (who sadly pa...

Booth's Blog - Antiviral
Posted on Saturday 5th November 2016
Emily with meat cleaverIt seems Andy Warhol hit the nail on the head with his prophetic quote 'everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes'. Craving fame has long been a growing concern, but now seems to have reached fever pitch. What with reality TV and social media, dreams of fame are becoming totally achievable. From celebrity-obsessed magazines, to people posting their ...

Booth's Blog: Unmissable premieres this Halloween Weekend!
Posted on Friday 28th October 2016
Emily with chopperThat unholy union between Horror Channel and FrightFest opens its jaws once again for an epic Halloween FrightFest Weekend Special featuring a whopping sixteen movies including four eye-popping, jaw-dropping premieres. Read all about it! We're all busy chaps so I'm just going to jump right in there with the big ones. This Friday we have the network premiere of Fr...

Booth's Blog: We are living a lie...! (According to John Carpenter)
Posted on Thursday 20th October 2016
Emily-Booth-Green-Top-Image-1This week my blog gets controversial and political as I discuss the amazing eye-opening depths of our network film premiere on Saturday; John Carpenter's They Live. Like The Matrix, this film will have you thinking outside the box, and totally questioning the reality you are living right now. You will see that we are living in an artificially-...

Booth's Blog: Fear That Will Chill You To The Bone!
Posted on Tuesday 11th October 2016
Emily Booth April PremieresOur darkest phobias come to life this weekend on Horror with two film premieres that delve into our childhood fears and test the boundaries of both our sanity and our will to survive... Enter the stage both vertigo and claudrophobia! So lie down on Booth's couch, take a deep breath, and just let it all out - we'll get to the bottom of this together....

Booth's Blog: Things Are Getting Wild This Weekend On Horror
Posted on Thursday 6th October 2016
Emily with knifeOur two film premieres on Friday and Saturday both revel in testosterone-driven feral violence where alpha males (and the odd female!) dig deep into their primal 'fight or flight' instincts in order to survive... I think there's an increasing fascination with man's primal spirit as it sits within an increasingly inhuman, technological world where we are no longer ident...

The 'Godfather of Gore' says goodbye...
Posted on Saturday 1st October 2016
hglHerschell Gordon Lewis known as the 'Godfather of Gore' died aged 87 on Sept 26th and many of us took to social media to acknowledge the loss and remember the man, his maniacal movies and actually, his sweet gentlemanly nature. He is recognised as practically inventing the 'splatter' film as early as 1963 with his film Blood Feast which this year enjoyed a remake featuring a wonderful cameo from the legend himse...

Booth's Blog - Stakes And Shapes This Weekend!
Posted on Thursday 15th September 2016
Emily-Booth-Green-Top-Image-1We have two total must see film premieres for you on Friday and Saturday night, and what I love about this kind of programming is the huge contrast in viewing experience you get from watching both premieres. Both films are British, though vastly different; one is pure comedy gold, and the other is a total high concept mind-bender. Enter Lesbia...

Booth's Blog: Celebrate FrightFest From Your Sofa!
Posted on Wednesday 17th August 2016
Emily Booth April PremieresOK, so not everyone can get down to the UK's biggest bloodiest horror festival of the year, FrightFest over the Bank Holiday weekend this month but are still gagging for the festival experience. Well fear not fiends because Horror Channel will not only be bringing you live broadcasts on 'Facebook Live' every evening direct from the fest, but we've c...

Booth's Blog: Its Almost FrightFest Time!
Posted on Friday 12th August 2016
FF Poster 2016 SmallRoll on Thursday 25th, for this is the dawn of Horror Channel FrightFest 2016 as the festival enjoys its 17th year this time located at Vue Shepherds Bush. The line up of incredible films, events and guests has now been announced, tickets are on sale, (but selling out!) and here's my own dissection of the must see's and must do's. To kick the opening night off comes ...

Booth's Blog: HORRORCON-TASTIC!!!!
Posted on Thursday 21st July 2016
Emily with meat cleaverI’ve had a very busy few days in the Horror industry, and when I say industry I mean it! Last weekend I was hanging out with stars and fans alike at Sheffield’s brilliant HorrorCon. Although only in it’s second year the two sisters who run it have clearly got the winning formula of fun, entertainment and passion wrapped up perfectly as I joine...

Booth's Blog: Wolf Creek 2 Gets UK TV Premiere On Horror!
Posted on Friday 15th July 2016
Emily Booth April PremieresYes, you heard me, Saturday 16th July sees Australia’s archetypal psycho back on the hunt for more tourists to trap, torment and torture in the UK TV premiere of Wolf Creek 2! Back in 2005 came a terrifying film from Australia (based on real life murders) following three backpackers as they travel the outback, but after a trip to the renowned Wolf...

Booth's Blog: Ditch The Passport With Tropical Terror!
Posted on Thursday 7th July 2016
Emily Booth Red JacketSummer is here, apparently, but before you give up on Britain and desperately search for your passport before booking a bucket holiday to Marbs, stop think and listen to Booth. Going on holiday is rarely a real holiday (especially with kids!) Invariably there’s delays, queues, dodgy food, dodgy stomach, sun burn, bad tans, walks of shame, shall I go on? But I do...

Booth's Blog: When Animals Attack!
Posted on Wednesday 29th June 2016
Emily Booth Green Top Image 1No I’m not referring to the reality series (although the fact it exists at all is testament to our enduring morbid fascination with real animal attacks) but rather our heart pounding UK TV premiere Burning Bright this Saturday (July 2nd). Now hear me out here because on paper this is not an easy sell. A man decides to turn his home into a ...

Booth's Blog: The Beauty Of The Abandoned
Posted on Wednesday 22nd June 2016
Emily with chopperThere seems to be an almost primal-gut need and attraction for our forgotten past, abandoned places once the site of life and activity, now left, lost and derelict, mere echoes of their former glory. I personally am incredibly attracted to the idea of urban exploring and when I was a nipper regularly indulged in breaking into old dilapidated houses, flats, schools a...

Booth's Blog: The Sound Of The Siren…..
Posted on Tuesday 14th June 2016
Emily Booth April PremieresMyths and monsters have always formed an integral part of Horror, our fascination ingrained by the rich history of Greek Myth. These ancient stories still hold incredible power today and are, in my opinion, the best, most magical and memorable stories ever told. It’s no wonder we return to them time and time again, perhaps with modern twists, and ...

Booth's Blog: I'm At HorrorCon!
Posted on Wednesday 8th June 2016
Emily Booth Seat SmallSo, you’ve all the heard the exciting news already that Horror Channel is now the official headline sponsor for the one and only FrightFest 2016?! That means you’ll be seeing a lot more of Horror Channel and of me! I cannot wait for this little shake up, especially as it coincides with the festival moving to the epic 10 screener VUE in Shepherds Bush. Change i...

Booth's Blog: The Demon Child...!
Posted on Thursday 26th May 2016
Emily Booth Red JacketThe Village of the Damned, Children of the Corn, Damien Thorn, Orphan, Regan, The Shining twins – you know where I’m going with this. There is a long history of the evil child in horror films and a very primal fear being explored, addressed and exorcised; could our own darling offspring turn against us? Does our unconditional protective love really mean anythi...

Booth's Blog: The Last Film Of Boris Karloff…?
Posted on Friday 20th May 2016
Emily Booth Green Top Image 12016 has certainly been an odd year so far, in terms of the uncanny amount of music and screen legends popping off this mortal coil. From David Bowie to Alan Rickman to Prince and a few more in between it seems true legends are now hard to come by and indeed may never be cultivated again in the saturated culture we now live in. With this in mi...

Booth's Blog: The Dark Heart Of Cinema Hits Cannes
Posted on Wednesday 11th May 2016
Emily Booth Seat SmallThe Cannes Film festival opens it’s doors today for the 69th time to celebrities, film makers and pretty much anyone who can bag a ticket and a room. It is THE place to be right now and the coveted Palme D’Or remains the highest accolade in film that any director could dream of. Being a celebration of cinematographic art this is an all encompassing global fe...

Booth's Blog: We’ll Have You In Stitches This Saturday
Posted on Wednesday 4th May 2016
Emily Booth Red JacketClowns. We’re not altogether sure why they freak us out - they just do. Who’d have thought something designed to make us laugh and entertain our children would become such a potent symbol in horror films, sometimes even taking the starring role? With our network premiere of the brilliantly demented Stitches this Saturday I thought I’d delve in to the psyche ...

Booth's Blog: Hammer Revival Movie Wake Wood Comes To Horror
Posted on Thursday 28th April 2016
Emily Booth April PremieresAs our regulars know we love a bit of classic Hammer Horror here on the UK’s only dedicated genre channel with our regular Hammer Thursdays, the recent Easter Hammer-thon and regular showings of fan favourites To The Devil A Daughter, The Devil Rides Out and Twins Of Evil to name but a few. Founded way back in 1934, film studio Hammer held the sc...

Booth's Blog: WΔZ Premieres FRIDAY on Horror!
Posted on Thursday 21st April 2016
Emily with chopperEvery now and then a Horror comes out that raises the bar and redefines the genre. I remember when SE7EN came out in 1995 (cannot believe it was 21 years ago - that’s actually frightening!) and it was THE film everyone was talking about. Nine years later SAW did the same thing but both painted the celluloid with grim urbanisation, stark lonely characters and explo...

Booth's Blog: The Hoodie Horror!
Posted on Thursday 14th April 2016
Emily with meat cleaverOne of the things I love about my beloved horror genre is it’s ability to spawn! Like the music industry there are now so many off shoots and sub genres and even sub-sub genres it’s sometimes hard to keep up! It’s no longer just a case of a slasher movie or a creature feature…. There’s Zom-Edy, Zom-Com, Rom-Zom-Com, Hip-Hop Horror, Satanica,...

Booth's Blog: It’s A Boothy Double Bill!
Posted on Wednesday 6th April 2016
Emily with chopperI often get asked about my career; how it all began and how I seem to straddle presenting with acting. Well this Friday comes two of my earlier horror movies that helped cement my role in the industry, as well as earn my ‘Scream Queen’ stripes and consequently my job at Horror Channel! I am also asked how one breaks into Horror hosting – but really it’s a v...

Booth's Blog - I’m In A Horror Channel Premiere!
Posted on Friday 25th March 2016
Emily with chopperYes, this coming Saturday (26th March) Horror Channel’s superb Laugh Or Die season is back with splat-stick king Jake West’s Doghouse getting its network premiere and I couldn’t be more proud for I take on the role of ‘The Snipper…’ But I’m not going to just give you the low down on what the movie’s about – you can get that anywhere online, I’m ...

Booth's Blog: Putting The Fear Of God In You….
Posted on Thursday 17th March 2016
Emily with meat cleaverSatan, as we all know, is the embodiment of pure evil. He does bad things and he enjoys doing them, so it goes without saying religion and horror go hand in hand. Horror movies usually slide into their own sub genres and ever since The Exorcist in 1973 raised the bar exceptionally high (winning two Oscars, being cited as the ultimate horror and hi...

Booth's Blog: Ghost Stories - The Movie! Whoop Whoop!
Posted on Tuesday 8th March 2016
Emily with knifeMost of you already know the powerhouse talent of Andy Nyman and his love for, and contribution to the horror industry. Self confessed geek and fan this man directs and produces Derren Brown’s live shows, hosts the annual FrightFest quiz, stars in Severance, Black Death and Dead Set to name a few of his projects and also brought us the incomparable theatre production Gh...

Booth's Blog: Laugh Or Die - The Perfect Genre Mash Up
Posted on Sunday 28th February 2016
Emily Booth Laugh Or Die SeasonWe love our seasons here on Horror, it gives us the chance to revel in the huge ‘dynamic’ horror has to offer, and have some creative fun at the same time. With that in mind March sees our first Laugh Or Die Season as two seemingly opposing genres come crashing together in imperfect harmony! So why does fear and humour ble...

My Pick Of The Month On Horror: The Seasoning House
Posted on Sunday 21st February 2016
Emily with chopperArguably the strongest yet nastiest film we will have on the channel, The Seasoning House receives it’s Network premiere on the 27th of this month and for me this is one of those films (like Martyrs) that has me torn down the middle, my gut instinct ripped in two, my brains blown all over the wall as I try to put my finger on exactly how I feel about this kind of ...

Booth's Blog: Why We Love Depp!
Posted on Tuesday 16th February 2016
Johnny Depp Secret Window Image 1As Horror Channel proudly announces the first appearance of the one and only Johnny Depp in the network premiere of Secret Window, I recall the first time I first fell in love with Mr Depp. A high cheek boned, smouldering man sporting a leather jacket, motorbike and one lonely tear drop, channeling his best Elvis Presley ...

Booth's Blog: The (Shock Horror) Remake
Posted on Friday 12th February 2016
Emily with knifeThis Saturday (February 13th) Horror Channel will show the Network Premiere of When A Stranger Calls, not the 1979 version but rather the 2006 remake, and before you groan like a disgruntled zombie, let’s just have a brief look at the history of the horror remake - perhaps it’s time to put our knee jerk reaction to rest?. I do totally understand and comply with many...

Booth's Blog: It’s All About Girls, Ghouls And Gore In February!
Posted on Friday 29th January 2016
Emily with meat cleaverAs some of you may know February marks the annual Women In Horror Month celebration spawned by Hannah Neurotica and her blog Ax Wound. For those who don’t know this is largely an American / Canadian affair but of course now the world is an online one anyone can get involved either directly by submitting their own female-inspired event or by simply h...

Booth's Blog: Heroes
Posted on Sunday 17th January 2016
Emily with chopperMy last blog entry honoured the late great (I’m still so sad about this) David Bowie, and only 4 days after the news of his death was announced (Monday 10th January) we all woke up to discover Alan Rickman had also passed away, the same age from the same disease. Add to that the very recent losses of Motörhead front man Lemmy (December 28th) and Phantasm actor An...

Booth's Blog: David Bowie - The Man Who’s Fallen From Earth….
Posted on Monday 11th January 2016
TMWFTE Image 2I was shocked and incredibly saddened to read from fellow horror fan and friend Duncan Jones’ twitter feed that his father, the one and definitely only David Bowie had lost his battle with cancer aged only 69. Bloggers and journalists, in fact the world’s media will now be recollecting this iconic figure, desperately trying to ‘sum up’ this unique man. Words that come to mind are...

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