Bloody British Season comes to a climax with The Descent!
Posted on Thursday 23rd November 2017
There's a lot we've got to be proud of here in Blighty. James Bond, Monty Python, David Bowie, and of course a healthy appetite for all things Horror, so over the past few Saturdays in November we've been enjoying our Bloody British Season which comes to its nerve-wracking climax this weekend! The early noughties saw a resurgence in all areas of pop culture in the UK, and Horror was no different, with a slew of e...

Booth's Blog: Enter the world of Silent Hill
Posted on Friday 17th November 2017
I am genuinely so excited about the network premiere I'm about to talk about. It's a film that the critics enjoyed panning, but the fans loved. My recent Twitter-bate confirmed there's a lot of underground love for this strange, dark film. It started out as a grimy, pixelated survival horror game by Konami on the PS1 back in 1999, and it was revolutionary for being the first computer game experience that was genuinely psychol...

Booth's Blog: A movie event with bite...!
Posted on Tuesday 7th November 2017
There is something incredibly primal about our fear of sharks. Just one look at the Great White Shark's gargantuan mouth peppered with oversized teeth designed to tear you in half and you can feel the fear pervade your entire body. We have always known about this supreme killer of the seas, but it was not until 1975 when Jaws was released unto an unsuspecting audience that the 'hysteria' surrounding the Great White Shark was born. J...

Booth's Blog: Keira Knightley digs deep in Bloody British Season
Posted on Friday 3rd November 2017
Britain has been put through the ringer over the past couple of years. However, we at Horror Channel are here to remind you all of our proud horror heritage this November, so Keep Calm and Carry On with November's Bloody British Season! The early 2000s marked an exciting change in Britain within politics, fashion, music and indeed film. Everyone wanted a slice of Cool Britannia, the hub of all things fresh, edgy and zeit...

Booth's Blog: Horror heads south this weekend
Posted on Tuesday 24th October 2017
This week I talk about an unusual UK TV premiere on Horror Channel; a film that plays more like a nightmarish experience than a traditional horror movie. The anthology horror as most of us know has a solid history in the genre popularised back in the '60s and '70s by Amicus Productions with such titles as Dr. Terror's House of Horrors (1965), Tales from the Crypt (1972), Asylum (1972), and The Vault of Horror (1973). Creepsh...

Booth's Blog: Celebrate Valentine's Day this weekend!
Posted on Tuesday 17th October 2017
Back in the '70s and early '80s, 'holiday slashers' were all the rage and creaming it big at the box office. Black Christmas in 1974, Halloween in '78, Christmas Evil in 1980 and Silent Night, Deadly Night in '84. The producers of this week's infamous slasher wanted to pop a celebratory balloon and needed a public holiday not yet seen in a horror. As the Easter Bunny isn't usually considered terrifying, they instead se...

Booth's Blog: We dare you to take another Wrong Turn
Posted on Wednesday 11th October 2017
You only need to be in one place on Friday the 13th, and that's here on Horror, where all things unlucky come to life in the most horrifying of ways! This week we're upping the fun quota with the last installment of one of the most popular cannibal franchises of recent years. It started in 2003 with Wrong Turn and the creation of those three memorable brothers; One Eye, Three Finger and Saw Tooth. What a gene pool that fami...

Booth's Blog: Horror celebrates the King in October
Posted on Wednesday 4th October 2017
Stephen King fever is everywhere right now, and with the icon turning 70 last month, it doesn't look like he's slowing down anytime soon. This summer's IT reboot caused cinematic shock waves on a global scale, and the recent Gerald's Game is being touted as one of the must-see horrors of the year by the critics. Let's be honest; the King movie adaptation has always been fraught with controversy, from both fans, critics, a...

Booth's Blog: A pre-Matrix Keanu comes to Horror...
Posted on Friday 22nd September 2017
Back in 1995, the year 2021 seemed thankfully such a long way off. As the millennium dawned ever closer and prophecies of doom and demise were thrown around we reacted the only way we know how. With movies! The 90's saw a slew of paranoia fueled films exploring the increasing interfacing of humans with information technology, as for the first time in history the internet came to define and control our lives....

Booth's Blog: Big Ass Spiders and James Wan this weekend on Horror!
Posted on Tuesday 12th September 2017
Sometimes a good title is all you need to know exactly what you're in for; Nude Nuns with Big Guns, Lesbian Vampire Killers and now Big Ass Spider! Doing exactly what is says on the tin, our network premiere on Friday rides the current Mega Shark wave of 'bigger is better', but before you roll your eyes at this one (as I did) this is one seriously fun romp from start to finish with a fast pace, great script and bril...

Booth's Blog: It's Violence of the Lambs this Friday!
Posted on Tuesday 5th September 2017
Phew! I am now fully recovered from five days of (on-screen) bloodshed at Horror Channel FrightFest 2017 which finished last week. It was my 11th year at the festival presenting for Horror Channel since first cutting my teeth as the Horror Channel host way back in 2007. During this memorable year there was a film that really stood out from the crowd - Black Sheep - which incidentally gets its network premiere on Horro...

Booth's Blog: Folk Horror gets an urban makeover...
Posted on Wednesday 16th August 2017
The term 'Folk Horror' has become widely used in Horror academia to describe usually British films that dabble in all things pagan and witchy. With a strong connection to our pagan routes, 'Folk Horror' was popularised by countless Hammer Horror and Tigon films in the '60s and '70s with The Witches (1966), Witchfinder General (1968), and The Blood on Satan's Claw (1971), although arguably the most iconic of the sub-gen...

Booth's Blog: FrightFest season is here!
Posted on Monday 14th August 2017
It's that time again! I cannot believe it is nearly a year since I was presenting at FrightFest which moved to Shepherds Bush temporarily, but is now back at its true 'Dark Heart' the Cineworld and Prince Charles in Leicester Square and I am so excited to read about this years line up and returning FrightFest favourite guests Joe Lynch and Adam Green (cheeky boys those two!). For start...

Booth's Blog: Open House
Posted on Friday 28th July 2017
Don't open your door to Tricia Helfer...! Oh yes, any "Battlestar Galactica" fans out there will be seeing our Tricia in a very different light this Saturday night on Horror when she swaps her sexy Cylon 'Number Six' look for that of a psychosexual killer in the network premiere of Open House. Seen as one of the sexiest women in sci-fi, she definitely indulges her darker side in this home invasion horror where quite a few...

Booth's Blog: Get obsessed and possessed on Horror!
Posted on Thursday 20th July 2017
As many of you are no doubt aware, one of Europe's biggest horror film festivals, Horror Channel FrightFest, descends upon London's Leicester Square over the August Bank Holiday weekend. For 5 days, every fear, phobia and nightmare is dissected in new and horrifying ways in a festival that handpicks the very best in global horror, both big and low budget - high and low brow! It's a...

Booth's Blog: Get ready to meet The Tall Man...
Posted on Thursday 13th July 2017
Most horror fans will already know this elusive yet enigmatic man; villain of one of the strangest, most surreal and nightmarish horror movies in the stratosphere. If not, you've missed out (and, ummm, where were you in the '80s?) Not to fear though, because Horror Channel proudly has the network premiere of the one and only Phantasm this coming Saturday. Throw logic and plot out of the window for this one and just get swept up...

Booth's Blog: Will you see The Apparition?
Posted on Thursday 6th July 2017
The network premiere of The Apparition this Saturday 8th July contains and eclectic cast including including Harry Potter's Tom Felton (no, he will never shake that mantle) Twilight's Ashely Greene (she won't either) and Sebastian Stan (Captain America) this is a supernatural thriller that aims to do something a little different. It all begins in 1973 when a group of parapsychology students tried to contact a ...

Booth's Blog: Atomic Fear this weekend on Horror!
Posted on Friday 30th June 2017
This weekend's film premiere explores the terrifying yet grotesquely tantalising circumstances of one of the world's greatest tragedies of all time. The fear of nuclear fallout is etched into the consciousness of pretty much anyone who grew up in the 1980s, which is largely due to the catastrophic Chernobyl Disaster on April 26th, 1986. When reactor no. 4 exploded, it emitted 400 times more radioactive material th...

Booth's Blog: A movie with real bite(s)
Posted on Thursday 22nd June 2017
Summer is definitely here, and with it comes hordes of desperate, pale Brits bee-lining to the seaside where they can tentatively dip their toes in the big blue. Sheer bliss. But if, like me, you get 'the fear' as soon as you sense the enormity of the ocean (along with everything lurking in it!) and swim back to the shore as fast as you can, chances are you too were scarred (pleasurably!) by a screening of the one and o...

Booth's Blog: There's something in the water in this toxic town!
Posted on Tuesday 13th June 2017
Political and military unrest have always concerned a certain George A. Romero. Now famous for pretty much inventing the zombie film and lacing it with compelling social commentary, Romero single-handedly gave the zombie its metaphorical quality, one that can change depending on how you interpret the dribbling dead. But opposing the doomed zombie army is a more ominous force, one that is entirely human: the milita...

Booth's Blog: Enter a whole new domain of pain!
Posted on Wednesday 7th June 2017
From Demon Seed in 1977 to Videodrome in 1983, to Ringu in 1998, with every passing decade comes another step in technological evolution and with it a new wave of anxiety as the human race contends with a society run not by themselves but by computers, machines, and the elusive nature of A.I. It's interesting to witness and live through these changes. I remember the 'dawning' of the internet! It only came in...

Booth's Blog: "Burn her!!! There be Witches!"
Posted on Thursday 1st June 2017
One of the most brutal and corrupt periods in English history forms the backdrop to our network premiere this weekend as the true story of the infamous witch hunter Matthew Hopkins is laid bare. Made in 1968 by British company Tigon, Witchfinder General was directed by the up-and-coming 25-year-old Michael Reeves and stars the one and only Vincent Price in an incredibly chilling performance; one that the actor sa...

Booth's Blog: The pint-sized, potty-mouthed killer doll is back!
Posted on Wednesday 24th May 2017
But did you know he was based on a true story? Yes the lore surrounding Chucky is actually pretty extensive. He burst on to the scene back in 1988 in the first Child's Play movie gaining notoriety and success for its unusual blend of shocking horror and tongue in cheek entertainment. Well it's not often you see a child-like doll shouting strings of colourful obscenities. Touching on various taboos such as the cont...

Booth's Blog: No One Lives this weekend on Horror!
Posted on Wednesday 17th May 2017
With such a great film title I don't need to call my blog anything else, for this says it all. This is a bold punch-in-the-face thriller that delivers twist upon twist and doesn't let up till the final scene. A typical thriller or horror usually involves one psycho killer and a bunch of victims, but in this film you're never quite sure who you should be gunning for as roles are reversed and slick surprises are served to the ...

Booth's Blog: Hell hath no fury....
Posted on Tuesday 9th May 2017
Yup, we all know the saying but in our UK TV premiere on Saturday this is not just a woman who's been merely scorned but abducted, imprisoned, chained up and abused. She's got a lot to be angry about. The female revenge thriller is arguably a very contentious genre, one that's riddled with issues concerning the definition of feminism, voyeurism, and what is and isn't acceptable to be considered 'entertainment'. It all s...

Booth's Blog: Beware the Daybreakers!
Posted on Thursday 4th May 2017
The vampire film. Since its dawning way back in 1922 with the German expressionist film Nosferatu, this transgressive creature has enjoyed various mutations and metaphors, from Hammer Horror romanticism to gritty realism in films such as Abel Ferrara's The Addiction (1995) and Midnight Son (2011) where the vampire formed a metaphor for drug addiction. The vampire found new (very sparkly) light in the guise of the Twilight fra...

Booth's Blog: Make a beeline for your wasp spray!
Posted on Monday 24th April 2017
Ah, the 1950's creature features, from atomic bugs to swamp monsters, it pretty much all began in the '50s as fears of nuclear bomb testing and the notion of outer space began to pervade the public consciousness, giving rise to a slew of creepy crawly horror movies. There are so many, but notably Them (1954), Tarantula (1955) and Wasp Woman (1959) with their exciting special effects were no doubt part of the inspirat...

Booth's Blog: If only The Apprentice was this brutal!
Posted on Wednesday 19th April 2017
The job market is fierce, brutal and unfair to say the least in these uncertain socioeconomic times, which is a feeling that's been picked up in various horror films echoing a certain social commentary. The Hong Kong flick Dream Home tells of a girl who'll kill just to get on the property ladder and become 'mobile! Things are so competitive people bare all on national TV to land that lucrative business opportunity, though i...

Booth's Blog - Deadly girls
Posted on Thursday 13th April 2017
Girlworld is a frightening place at the best of times, even for a seasoned gal like me, so a concentrated microcosm of 'girlworld hell' where you need popularity, princess good looks and sexual voracity just to become a member is even more eye-poppingly terrifying! This week's slasher season premiere sees an exclusive sisterhood of bitchy back-stabbing babes caught up in a tragedy that refuses to stay dead and buri...

Booth's Blog: Slasher Season rips onto your screens on Friday!
Posted on Thursday 6th April 2017
You better start running and earning those scream queen (or king) stripes because Slasher Season is upon us starting this Friday and continuing every Friday in April, featuring a cutting edge collection of contemporary slashers. While there is some debate here, it all began with Alfred Hitchcock's incomparable and ground breaking thriller Psycho back in 1960. It was that shower scene that firmly cemented the 'slasher' in the pu...

Booth's Blog: Learn to love the demon within...!
Posted on Thursday 30th March 2017
We all must learn to love our little monsters, but for one man, birth, bonding and blood get a little too close for comfort in our very black comedy this Friday night. In this very 21st century horror, Bad Milo! (2013) toys with the stresses of modern life and a male identity crisis. The film opens with a young couple attending an ultrasound with their faces looking hopefully on, until the camera pulls out and reveals it ain...

Booth's Blog: Wrong Turn is the Right Way on Horror!
Posted on Wednesday 22nd March 2017
One of the most talked about films to enter the 2017 horror radar is and will be Raw; the French/Belgian cannibal film directed by first timer Julia Ducournau, scooping out more awards than her leading lady scoops out eyeballs. Raw is currently getting the critics' tongues wagging and the audiences' stomachs reeling. Reports are coming in that people have been vomiting during screenings; not something you hear much in ...

Booth's Blog: A real stench is coming to Horror...!
Posted on Friday 17th March 2017
Horror is one of the most ubiquitous, hell if not THE most ubiquitous genre out there, it has countless sub genres, parodies, sequels, franchises, horror icons, rules and lore - making it incredibly hard to create an original movie these days. The Slasher film either goes for the supernatural angle, the more believable 'serial killer' angle, or following Wes Craven's 1996 Scream, will have a more 'meta' element to it. But on...

Booth's Blog: Murder, madness and mushrooms!
Posted on Thursday 9th March 2017
Well if that hasn't poked your curiosity cat, I don't know what will. This week my inspiration comes from Friday night's network premiere Shrooms (great name, great poster); a film that takes us deep down the rabbit hole courtesy of the humble magic mushroom, only there's no wonderland to be found here... In this Irish horror, director Paddy Breathnach delivers genuine shocks amongst the (sometimes) hilarious hallucinatio...

Booth's Blog: "You're not welcome round these parts!"
Posted on Wednesday 1st March 2017
All is not well down on the farm in a spooky, eccentric, and very British horror this Friday night... One thing's for certain; if you ever hear anyone saying 'Strangers don't fare well in these parts..." it's time to start running if you know anything about how these scenarios tend to work out. So why is it that as soon as we go off grid and embark on any kind of rural adventure, things go disastrously wrong? Why are rural f...

Booth's Blog: Welcome to the jungle
Posted on Thursday 23rd February 2017
It may be a tenuous one, but what is the link between Amber Heard and Chicago's Natural History museum? Come on, I know there must be some uber brainy quiz-loving horror nerds out there! Okay, so Amber Heard starred in the remake of And Soon the Darkness (2010), set in the depths of South America, and Chicago's Natural History Museum plays host to a mythological monster of Brazilian origin in the superb creature feature The...

Genre legend Jamie Lee Curtis rocks in Horror's Sci-Fear season!
Posted on Thursday 16th February 2017
Ever since Jamie Lee Curtis invented and cemented the now familiar trope 'final girl' in her feature film debut Halloween in 1978, fans have literally fallen over themselves to get a load of this original scream queen. Surely deserving of a 'lifelong contribution to horror award', this legend has not stopped, from Halloween, The Fog (1980) and Prom Night (1980) to action girl roles in Blue Steel (1990), True Lies (1994), and...

Booth's Blog: Deep space terror of Pandorum
Posted on Thursday 9th February 2017
Emily Booth Red JacketIt is not very often a film like Pandorum comes along. You can pretty much count them on your fingers; 2001: A Space Odyssey, Alien, Event Horizon, Prometheus, Solaris, Moon... Deep space sci-fi horrors that work on a cerebral level engaging the audience in grand themes of identity, origin and creation. Sci-Fear Season every Saturday night in February brings toget...

Booth's Blog: "If you can hear it, you have been chosen..."
Posted on Wednesday 1st February 2017
Emily Booth April PremieresThis month on Horror the ground-breaking Sci-Fear Season takes over your screens every Saturday night with boundary pushing, thought provoking films that really get your grey matter buzzing. Personally, I love this particular branch of the genre where Horror meets Science Fiction; deep space merges with inner space, identity and origin thrown into q...

Booth's Blog: Possession never looked so convincing...
Posted on Friday 27th January 2017
Emily-Booth-Green-Top-Image-1Type in The Exorcist and you'll find it topping many a 'best horrors of all time' list. Cited as one of the most daring, controversial, and memorable films ever made, there are arguably no other possession films that have been able to top it. The Exorcist is the definitive possession film, having already marked its territory with every trick o...

Booth's Blog: The rise of the 'One Room Horror'
Posted on Tuesday 17th January 2017
Emily Booth Seat SmallWe all know location, location, location is of paramount importance in Horror. The location of a film often dictates the story and the atmosphere, sometimes even becoming a character in itself (Overlook Hotel, anyone?!) But where do directors look to when every single location from house to windmill to lighthouse has already been done to death? They give themselve...

Why Friday the 13th ain't so bad after all...!
Posted on Wednesday 11th January 2017
Emily Booth Red JacketIs anyone truly superstitious these days? I do still catch myself walking around ladders rather than under them, and feel a bit twitchy when my child opens up an umbrella indoors (gasp!) As for the number 13, I've always rather liked it; 13 being the house number me and various family members often seem to move into, and my daughter being born (of course) on the 1...

Booth's Blog: Opening The Ninth Gate
Posted on Thursday 5th January 2017
Emily Booth Seat SmallRoman Polanski is one of those rare auteurs, with his seminal films countlessly making the critics' 'must-see' lists, including ChinaTown, Rosemary's Baby, Repulsion, The Pianist, and his slightly more adventurous The Ninth Gate - which receives its network premiere on Horror this Saturday at 9pm. While I could just write about the film itself, I think the really ...

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