Interview With Writer Of Cockneys Vs Zombies James Moran
Posted on Saturday 29th October 2016
James Moran on set of Cockneys Vs Zombies-2Horror Channel is a big fan of James Moran. This multi-talented chap has been behind a number of stand out titles of recent years not just on the big screen but on TV too. Next week his superb shocker Cockneys Vs Zombies comes to Horror so we decided to chat too him about this and his other projects. ...

Interview With Adam Rifkin Director Of Director's Cut
Posted on Monday 29th August 2016
Adam-RIfkin-Photo-Credit-Jim-Newberry-300x208One of the best from this year's FrightFest is Adam Rifkin's meta-movie chiller Director's Cut. This smart, funny, dark and very satisfying movie was written and stars Penn Jillette proving that this guy knows what horror movie lovers enjoy and in the hands of Adam Rifkin it pure gold. Here Adam...

Interview With Jaron Henrie-McCrea Writer And Director Of Curtain
Posted on Monday 29th August 2016
Jaron-Henrie-McCreaHorror Channel's FrightFest Season continues tonight with the UK TV premiere of Curtain. This original and surreal piece of cinema is very unpredictable but huge fun. Here director Jaron Henrie-McCrea chats about this movie. HC: Curtain isn't a straight forward movie in fact it's very original, where did the idea come from? JM: In the shower. Most if my ideas come wh...

Interview With Chris Scheuerman Writer And Director Of Lost Solace
Posted on Monday 29th August 2016
Chris-Scheuerman-writer-and-director-of-Lost-Solace-281x300One of the more surreal and deep films of FrightFest 2016 has been the rather stunning picture from Chris Scheuerman, Lost Solace. Here he chats about this very original movie. HC: Did you know from a young age that you wanted to work in the film indust...

Interview With Simon Rumley Director Of Johnny Frank Garrett's Last Word
Posted on Sunday 28th August 2016
Simon-Rumley-300x189Today sees the European premier of Simon Rumley's latest movie Johnny Frank Garrett's Last Word. Simon is a regular at FrightFest and his work is always very creative and guaranteed to have the audiences debating their content. This makes him one of the most exciting directors working at the moment. Here he chats about this latest project. HC: Is this the first movie...

Interview With Carson D. Mell Writer And Director Of Another Evil
Posted on Saturday 27th August 2016
Another-Evil-2-300x168As usual the Discovery Screens are packed with some of the freshest talent around and one movie has really stuck out for me this year. Another Evil is a sharp, smart and thoughtful movie that is not what it seems at first so I decided to chat with the writer and director of this movie, Carson D. Mell. HC: Where did the idea for Another Evil come from? CM: I ...

Interview With Stewart Sparke Director Of The Creature Below
Posted on Saturday 27th August 2016
The-Ceature-Below-300x135I'm a sucker for creature features and any that did into the genre are brave souls. The Creature Below is coming to FrightFest today so we chatted to its director, Stewart Sparke. HC: How did you get started in the movie industry? SS: Straight after studying directing at film school I got a few jobs in the UK TV industry, working as an intern with the B...

Interview With Abner Pastoll Director Of Road Games
Posted on Friday 26th August 2016
Director Abner Pastoll photoA hit with the FrightFest 2015 audience, Abner Pastol's Road Games is a nerve shredding thriller that keep you on edge. Pastol is delivering a live commentary on the movie at FrightFest today so we had a quick chat beforehand about this killer of a thriller. HC: It's been a year since Road Games played at FrightFest, what can you recall of that ...

Interview With Andy Edwards Writer And Director Of Ibiza Undead
Posted on Friday 26th August 2016
Ibiza Undead-1Many are heading towards Discovery Screen 1 today for the world premiere of Ibizi Undead, the first feature from Andy Edwards. We chatted to Andy about this much talked about gut-muncher and what plans he has for the future. HC: Are you a zombie movie fan? AE: Totally! I think the first zombie movie I saw was the original Dawn of the Dead late night on TV as a kid and I've be...

Interview With Doug Jones Star Of Pan's Labyrinth
Posted on Tuesday 23rd August 2016
s LabyrinthThe first FrightFest I ever worked on for Horror Channel was back in 2006 when the event was still in the Odeon on Leicester Square. The film crew and I were housed in the top floor trying to conduct our interviews away from the hustle and bustle of the bar area below. It was in this small room we had the pleasure of chatting to Guillermo del Toro before he introduced what would be soon hailed as...

Interview With Dan Pringle Director Of K-Shop.
Posted on Wednesday 20th July 2016
Dan Pringle directing Reece Noi in K-ShopHorror is often best when it’s used as a mirror to reflect on society, no matter how exaggerated some of the sequences can be. K-Shop from Dan Pringle is one such movie which takes a look at the world around us and injects a large amount of brutal shocks into it. The movie is released this Friday...

Interview With Dan Palmer, Writer And Star Of Stalled!
Posted on Wednesday 8th June 2016
Dan PalmerCool Brit-horror Stalled will be getting its UK TV premiere on Horror this Friday at 10.50pm. This gut-munching comedy horror stars Dan Palmer, who also write the script. We chatted to Dan about this unmissable movie and what movie plans he has HC: Did you know from a young age you wanted to work in show business? DP: Seeing the original Ghostbusters in the cinema when I was tiny had a profound e...

Interview With Robert Eggers, Director Of The Witch
Posted on Monday 7th March 2016
The Witch PosterReleased into UK cinemas on March 11th, The Witch promises to be an unnerving piece of cinema which is already creeping under the skin of audiences across America. Its director, Robert Eggers took some time out of his busy schedule to chat to Horror about this much anticipated movie. HC: Did you know from a young age that you wanted to work in the movie industry? RE: Yeah, I mean...

Interview With Paul Hyett Director Of The Seasoning House
Posted on Sunday 21st February 2016
Paul HyettOn the eve of The Seasoning House receiving its Network Premiere on the Horror Channel (Saturday 27th February), director Paul Hyett talks about the difficulty of casting the lead role, the virtues of listening and the proudest moment of his career (so far!) HC: Did you know from a young age that you wanted to work in movies? PH: Yeah, when I was in my teens. I loved movies, they were such an ente...

Interview With Anthony DiBlasi Director Of Cassadaga And Last Shift
Posted on Sunday 7th February 2016
Anthony DiBlasi SmallAnthony DiBlasi is a truly talented director whose work is appreciated all over the globe and is really making a name for his himself. One of his best, Cassadaga is showing tonight on Horror and his latest, Last Shift has just been released onto DVD. We decided to chat with this fine fellow about his work and how he created what is being billed as one of the best hor...

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