Interview with Freya Tingley star of The Sonata
By James Whittington, Saturday 24th August 2019

Gothic horror is making a bit of a comeback and one of the best around at the moment is The Sonata. We chatted to lead actress Freya Tingley about this effective chiller.

HC: In such a short time you've cultivated an incredibly impressive CV, do you suffer from nerves when you walk onto asset for the first time?

FT: Fortunately, I've never been nervous on a set. From the very beginning you feel the sense of comradely and everyone is there to work towards the same goal.

HC: Are you a horror movie fan?

FT: I'm a HUGE horror movie fan! I suppose it's a rather strange thing, but I LOVE the feeling of fear, anxiety, anticipation and suspense that a horror movie can make you feel! For that reason, it's probably my favourite genre! I don't love horror for horrors' sake though and my favourite horror movies have a great story at the core when you take the horror elements away! Some of my favourites are Rosemary's Baby, Alien and The Others and more recently Ari Aster's Hereditary and Midsommar, and Robert Egers' The Witch. I'm excitedly anticipating his movie The Lighthouse!! I would love to Direct movies in the future and would love to dive into directing a horror movie!

HC: How did you come to be cast as Rose in The Sonata?

FT: My agent sent me the script and I loved it. It's really hard to find characters that are fully realized and not just words on a page, let alone in an interesting story. Rose immediately felt dynamic to me and the story clearly had a lot of thought put into it and intrigued me. I told my agent I loved the script and she set up a Skype meeting with Andrew. From there we spoke, and I said I'd love to do the movie. A few weeks later we Skyped again, and Andrew told me he'd love me for the part of Rose.

HC: What did you think of the script when you first read it and how did you prepare for such a complex role?

FT: My preparation involves taking what's on the page and having that inspire my own ideas about who the character is beyond that. I sit and think and create character notes on a notepad. I create any backstory that informs my character at that point in their journey. I improvise alone in my apartment as the character and play out different situations, whether it's simply being my character while making breakfast for herself or having a conversation with someone in her life even if that character doesn't exist in the script. I find simply 'being' my character outside of the script creates an ease when it comes to living in the world of the script. With regards to the violin playing I had a fantastic violin husband and wife team (Yuki and Min Mori) who coached me prior to going on set. I only had three months to prepare which was a challenge - particularly with the violin - but it's a fun part of any acting job to be learning something new and outside of your comfort zone.

HC: What are your memories working with the legendary Rutger Hauer?

FT: I don't actually have any scenes with Rutger, however, we did grab lunch together one day out in the countryside in Latvia. I learned he was a huge advocate of championing up and coming filmmakers which was in part why he came on board The Sonata. It was really nice to see someone of his pedigree doing his part to give strength to those that have the potential to elevate the art form.

HC: The film is gothic, dark and subtle but what was the atmosphere like on set?

FT: We shot in October in a small town called Madona which is outside the Capital city Riga. Madona, which has a population of less than 10,000 people, is where the Mansion was that we shot in, so we definitely felt that sense of isolation which mixed with the gloomy weather and filming day in, day out in an old mansion all added to those dark feelings. Not to mention Latvia was under Soviet Rule up until 30 years ago and so there's still the remnant feelings of oppression lingering in the air.

HC: Do you believe in ghosts and the paranormal?

FT: I'm definitely a spiritual person. Perhaps a ghost is just a spirit without a body?

HC: So, what are you up to at the moment?

FT: I'm currently doing the voice over for a show, but I can't mention any details as of yet.

HC: Freya Tingley, thank you very much.

FT: Thanks for asking me to interview!! I appreciate it!

Arrow Video FrightFest announces August 2020 Short Film Programme
Posted on Saturday 8th August 2020
FrightFest August Short Film -logo2

The films may be short, but there is no shortage of scares as Arrow Video FrightFest 2020 showcases the best new short films from the UK and around the world, with six countries representing three continents. From under-the-bed monsters to monsters in front of your eyes, from the sinister and the creepy to the wickedly human and the not-so-human, this year's selection shines a spotlight on upcoming filmmakers.

The UK is represented with a record eleven entries. There are world premiere screenings for Werewolf, where game night just got dangerous, A Bit Of Fun, where a girls' night in brings out the dead and The Beholder, in which you'd be wise to ...

Interview with Airell Hayles writer and co-director of They're Outside
Posted on Saturday 1st August 2020
Airell Hayles

FrightFest is once again on the horizon but this time, due to global events the event has become a virtual experience with all films being accessed online. Horror is once again sponsoring the First Blood strand of the event. Here we chat to Airell Hayles whose movie They're Outside mixes found footage and pagan horror genres to great effect.

HC: Where did the idea for They're Outside come from?

AH: This idea for They're Outside came from a couple of things. I remember as a kid hearing that my uncle suffered mild agoraphobia, and when I learned what it was, I was fascinated by this idea of some people being kind of scared to leave their homes. Of course, the recent Covid-19 events h...

Interview with Fionn and Toby Watts, directors of Playhouse
Posted on Saturday 1st August 2020
Toby and Fionn Clapper 1

FrightFest is once again on the horizon but this time, due to global events the event has become a virtual experience with all films being accessed online. Horror is once again sponsoring the First Blood strand of the event. Here we chat to talented brothers Fionn and Toby Watts who have delivered a gothic, creepy piece named Playhouse.

HC: Was there one film or person who influenced or inspired you to become film makers?

FW: As a young boy I remember being absolutely blown away by the image of The Terminator's exo-skeleton rising from the flames. Around the same time I saw Candyman at a sleepover (rented by my friend's 'older' brother...) and it was such an i...

Arrow Video FrightFest announces August Digital Edition line-up and Horror Channel sponsors talent-seeking First Blood strand
Posted on Tuesday 28th July 2020
FrightFest Online-Logo-3_NEW

The UK's most popular horror and fantasy film festival celebrates its 21st bloody year with a special Digital edition, showcasing twenty-five films, from Thursday 27th August to Monday 31st August, including seven world premieres and sixteen UK premieres. Ten countries are represented from four continents in a deadly, daring and diverse programme exclusively presented to UK audiences.

Passes and tickets will go on sale Saturday 1 August and details on how to access the event and choose which films to watch are on the FrightFest website. All film screenings will be geo-locked to UK audiences and only accessible from within the United Kingdom.

The men...

Horror Channel highlights six summer weekend shockers in its August premiere line-up
Posted on Thursday 16th July 2020
Horror Chanel - Aug banner

August is a wicked month on Horror Channel, as the UK's most popular small-screen destination for genre fans presents six summer weekend shockers, five FrightFest hits including the UK TV premieres of Julian Richards, Reborn, a Carrie for the Z Generation, starring horror icon Barbara Crampton, Jordan Barker's Witches In The Woods, an unrelenting assault of pure terror, Alistair Legrand's highly unusual genre-blending chiller, The Diabolical and Milan Todorovic's sharp-teethed, seductive Killer Mermaids. All these films received FrightFest premiere screenings.

There is also a channel premiere for another FrightFest title, The Windmill Massacre, where Friday The 13th...

Interview with Tony and Ryan Smith co-writers of Volition.
Posted on Tuesday 7th July 2020

FrightFest 2019 delivered some amazing movies and one of the best was Volition from the talented brothers Tony and Ryan Smith. Now that the movie has been unleashed onto Apple TV, Prime Video and other Digital Platforms we chatted to them about this acclaimed movie and their plans for the future.

HC: You both hail from South Africa, what's the movie industry like in that country at the moment?

TDS: I believe the South African film industry is very healthy and it's a place Ryan and I would love to revisit and make a movie about. I have a number of filmmaker friends who film there and absolutely love the people, the scenery and the incredible crews.

HC: Did you know from an...

Arrow Video FrightFest to present August digital edition
Posted on Wednesday 24th June 2020
FrightFest 2020 Banner

Arrow Video FrightFest will go virtual over the August Bank Holiday, presenting up to twenty-five films from Friday 28th August to Monday 31st August inclusive.

There will also be additional online content including special guest intros, Q and As, and a short film showcase. Plus, some free Live events are at the planning stage. Passes and individual tickets will be available and go on sale early August. The films will be geo-blocked for viewers in the UK.

More details will be announced in the coming weeks, alongside the line-up of films.

Ian Rattray, FrightFest co-director said today: "Although we can't recreate the special atmosphere of our public gat...

Important news from team FrightFest
Posted on Tuesday 2nd June 2020
FrightFest Halloween 2020

Due to the continuing Covid-19 restrictions on social distancing, Arrow FrightFest's traditional five day event in August has been regretfully put on hold. Instead, the organisers are planning to expand their traditional all-day Halloween event at the end of October.

Alan Jones, co-director, said today: "Sadly, we won't be able to come together and celebrate our 21st year in the summer but rest assured, we will make our London Halloween event one to remember. FrightFest has always been about the genre community joining together, not just to embrace films but to demonstrate our unique spirit of supportive closeness".

Details on dates, venues, films and tick...

Interview with Julien Seri, director of Anderson Falls
Posted on Tuesday 18th February 2020

Ahead of the UK premiere of serial killer thriller Anderson Falls at Arrow Video FrightFest Glasgow 2020, director Julien Seri reflects on this, his first 'American' experience, challenging fight scenes and the importance of personal vision.

It has been five years since we premiered Night Fare at FrightFest London, what have you been up to since then?

JS: I worked on two, very singular, projects as a producer and/or director. I signed for both with Wild Bunch, but we've failed to produce them yet. So I keep fighting. And I did a lot of commercials, TV series and music videos.

When did you first hear about the Anderson Falls script and why did you think it was perfect for yo...

Interview with Adam Stovall, director of A Ghost Waits
Posted on Sunday 9th February 2020

Ahead of the World premiere of A Ghost Waits at Arrow Video FrightFest Glasgow 2020, director Adam Stovall reflects on getting through depression, creating paranormal romance and the influence of Tom Waits...

You have an interesting CV - from comedy theatre and film journalism to writing for The Hollywood Reporter and second assistant directing. Was all this a game plan to becoming a fully-fledged director?

AS: I've known since I was a little kid sitting in the basement watching the network TV premiere of Back To The Future while holding my Back To The Future storybook and waiting for them to premiere the first footage from Back To The Future 2 during a commercial br...

Arrow Video FrightFest announces Glasgow Film Festival 2020 line-up
Posted on Thursday 16th January 2020

Welcome the transgressive, the traumatic and the terrifying as Arrow Video FrightFest, the UK's favourite horror fantasy event, returns to Glasgow Film Festival for a 15th fantastic year, from Thursday 5 March to Saturday 7 March, 2020.

Thirteen is lucky for some as that's the number of new films being presented at the iconic Glasgow Film Theatre, embracing the latest genre discoveries from around the globe, spanning four continents, including one world, two European and seven UK premieres.

Alan Jones, FrightFest co-director, commented: "Welcome to another banner FrightFest and another invitation to explore the horror fantasy genre's fertile harvest bursting with creativity, ...

Interview with Cameron Macgowan, director of Red Letter Day
Posted on Friday 1st November 2019

FrightFest 2019 exposed a lot of new talent in the movie industry and one of the stand-out pieces was Red Letter Day from Cameron Macgowan.

HC: Where did the idea for Red Letter Day come from and did it take long to write?

CM: I have long been a fan of the 'Humans Hunting Humans' subgenre of film (Battle Royale, The Running Man, Hard Target, etc.) and was inspired to set one of these films in what many people consider the 'safe' location of the suburbs. Suburban communities feel like the perfect setting for a horror film as you can walk for miles without seeing a single soul all while knowing that you are surrounded by many people. This mixed with a desire to satirise the current socio-political climate ...

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