Sexy Killers Season - Exclusive Interview With Victoria Hopkins, Star Of Zombie Women Of Satan
By James Whittington, Thursday 26th May 2011

Zombie Women OF Satan Victoria HopkinsFans of our Sexy Killers season can’t have failed to have noticed that Emily Booth has been joined by two actresses to help introduce each movie, Victoria Broom and Victoria Hopkins who both star in Zombie Women Of Satan. We’ve already had a chat Victoria Broom see we decided to catch up with Victoria Hopkins and chat about her varied career and what she can recall about making the movie.

HC: Are you a big fan of the horror genre?

VH: Yes absolutely love Horror the heightened emotions sensory stimulation the psychological thrillers of Hitchcock’s Psycho through to Ridley Scott’s Alien and the tour-de force performance of Sigourney Weaver.

HC: Did you know from a young age that you wanted to be an actress?

VH: I have known since I was 9 when I had my first taste of applause and the attention addiction at that young age of wanting more, to the dramatic discovery of the art and the artist inside me. From a young age I have developed the artistry the physical connection and the emotional capacity channelling through, that’s maybe why Horror and Shakespeare are two genres which saturate my acting style.

HC: Where and how did you get your first big break?

VH: I had a few nice successes on my journey scholarships, lead roles, magic moments on stage and screen, but I would have to say I’m still galloping strong, hitting hard to when all collide together and I break through that glass ceiling, "when the heart doesn’t stop pulsating" like every actor wants when your not acting anymore and focus-honesty and heart is all that drives the scene…Yes I am a romantic to the craft and the success that brings…

HC: How did you become involved with Zombie Women Of Satan?

VH: I applied through audition with Warren Speed and Steve O’Brien, it all fit and I have gone on to work with Steve again and 24:25 films alongside Richard Johnston as Writer/ Director with Bloodless.

HC: The film is pretty original, do you like zombie movies?

VH: I do like Zombie films this film goes beyond originality , the mind of Warren Speed needs to be highlighted here he has captured a unique blend of English Eccentricity with a Subterranean lifestyle of Freaks being a disturbed ‘nuclear family’ and a bunch of misfits. I had the pleasure of playing a Zombie in the classic Jake West zomedy Doghouse as The Bride simply the ‘play’ you get as an actor to perform a role like this when action and intention is paramount, your body becomes an instrument of destruction and seduction!

HC: Do you have any memorable moments you can share with us about the shooting of Zombie Women Of Satan?

VH: Nothing beats doing a Horror movie on location eating drinking ‘Camping’ with your co-stars…Laughing continuously even when you are beating the s*#t out of a Zombie...between takes singing the theme song ‘Rock me like a Zombie’ by music maestro Dan Bewick just to get the adrenalin going on set …through to the most memorable and gory moment was Warren and his Chainsaw the blood and gore shooting all over set like a volcano erupting was epic.

HC: The film has gained quite a cult following, does this surprise you at all?

VH: The realisation of where now the film has reached nearly every corner of the globe including my home country Australia is phenomenal, but the formula that Warren used is the key as one critic said, “Girls –Gore and Gross out Gags”. When you have the boys at Revolver and Helen Grace of Left Films in your corner for marketing and distribution you are onto a winner.

HC: You were at FrightFest when the movie was given its World Premiere, how nervous were you?

VH: I was very nervous and excited the adrenalin was high and the crowd reception like at Cannes was unbelievable one I will never forget and very very proud to be apart of. You become family with FrightFest the Fans, Filmmakers fuels you to have that reunion each year.

HC: Would you like to break out into more mainstream features?

VH: Of course, I know I have a certain style and artistry to offer the mainstream cinema, Yet I know I will always balance it with independent/art house Cinema, Theatre. I see myself as continously evolving as an actor absorbing, observing and creating, taking those risks in roles, pushing boundaries, as I said before its when this all collides for any actor the ‘play’ begins.

HC: So what projects are you working on at the moment?

VH: I have just recently wrapped on the first Pilot episode for a new series Acting Raw creators Frank Rehder and Tanya Francis. Acting Raw: The Documentary takes you deep into the secret world of acting, following 24 actors’ transformational journey and private interviews. Acting Raw reveals the inner workings of the craft and the level of ability and discipline required to be successful. Audiences know if a performance is good or bad but do they know why? Acting Raw answers the why giving audiences insight into the multi-faceted components that when brought together make for an unforgettable performance. Come the season finale, the top two male and two female scoring actors compete to be signed with a Hollywood casting director and agent”

As I said earlier wrapped on another 24:25 Films, Bloodless due for release this year. From writer/director Richard Johnstone, where five couples enter a medical trail that its not only there blood that is taken who will survive the ultimate trial for life! Another highlight to this year is the long awaited series Chronicles Of Syntax by creator Susan E. Clarke and iDare Productions 12 episodes have been written with an explosive trailer being shot this august already an international fan base "Chronicles of Syntax is a cyberpunk/fantasy series with a dash of sci-fi thrown in. It's a post apocalyptic, kick-ass adventure story following the lives of two warring factions as they live and fight their way through life in the 31st century". I Play Kira the Dark Side Empress the ultimate Villain.

And Horror fans keep up to date with me at my site.

HC: Victoria Hopkins, thank you very much.

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SS: Oh, I've never been asked that actually. When I started to get into watching films, I'd always wanted to be an actor for as long as I can ...

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HC: Where did Fried Barry come from?

RK: Fried Barry was born out of total frustration where I was in my career. I am known in South Africa as a music video director for doing narrative story telling within music vids and sharp visuals. Although I al...

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HC: Did you know from a young age that you wanted to be an actor?

DT: I've definitely known my whole life I've wanted to be an actor. One of my favourite movies of all time is the original Men In Black. When I was little (about 3 or 4 years old), I would re-watch my VHS copy of that movie over and over and over again. I would re-enact every scene. Since then, my love for acting and film has just grown. I have such a love for the...

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HC: Was there one person you saw at a young age who inspired you to want to become an actress?

FM: Funny fact, I grew up without a TV! So, at a young age, I never had an actor that inspired me and to this day I still don't. Acting did not become a dream of mine until 2016 and for inspiration, I like to dig deep into my own soul to find truth to bring into each character.

HC: Are you a big fan of horror movies and were you aware of grindhouse and e...

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HC: What inspired you to write Death Ranch?

CS: I'd always wanted to try making a movie with a 70s Grindhouse/Exploitation style and was watching old Grindhouse trailers for inspiration. I came across the movie Brotherhood of Death, where black characters fight back against the KKK for some of the film (the tagline is 'Watch these brothers stick it to the Klan!') and that conce...

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NS: I've been a big horror fan since I was a little kid. Some of my favourite childhood memories are seeing Event Horizon with my dad when I was in second grade, being absolutely terrified by Chucky from Child's Play at every waking moment and watching Psycho for the first time on VHS when I was 7 years old.

HC: Where did the idea for It Cuts Deep come from and did it take long to write?

NS: It Cuts Deep is a hor...

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HC: What did you think of the script when you first read it and what made you decide that this would be your first project as a director?

RW: Tyler and I had been writing theatre together for a decade, but movies are our first love and we wanted to give it a crack as well. Tyler came up with the initial idea but we worked on the story together and it evolved a great deal from the initial pitch. As it was my first time directing, I think we were j...

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