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Horror Channel is the UK's original channel dedicated to the dark side of cinema and television. With an eclectic mix of ground-breaking and genre-defining content including niche, cult and box office smash movies along with fantasy, sci-fi and supernatural series, you'll be entertained and terrified.
Pick Of The Week
The Hunt
Airing Sunday 26 April 2015 @ 00:50
Airing Wednesday 29 April 2015 @ 00:45
Hazard Jack
Airing Tuesday 28 April 2015 @ 22:50
The Thaw
Airing Monday 27 April 2015 @ 22:55
Editor's Highlight
Tense Thriller: The Sin Eater
Sunday 26th April @ 21:00

Heath Ledger, Mark Addy, Shannyn Sossamon and Peter Weller star in the horror mystery The Sin Eater at 9pm. A young and disillusioned priest is sent to Rome to investigate the suspicious death of the former head of his secret order.

Latest Competition
Stonehearst Asylum Smart TV Competition

Win a 40" Smart TV!

Featuring a stellar British cast including Kate Beckinsale, Jim Sturgess, David Thewlis, Brendan Gleeson, Jason Flemyng, Academy Award® Winner Sir Ben Kingsley and two‐time Academy Award® Winner Sir Michael Caine and directed by Brad Anderson (The Machinist, Transsiberian), Stonehearst Asylum is a gothic, psychological thriller based on a short story by Edgar Allen Poe. This atmospheric chiller is in cinemas from April 24th and also available for download from the Sky Store and to celebrate this we’ve teamed up with Lionsgate to bring you an amazing competition. One lucky person will win a Toshiba LED HD 1080p Smart TV/DVD Combi, 40" with Freeview HD and Built-In Wi-Fi, and a Samsung Bluetooth Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer.

Upcoming Movies On Horror
The Reptile

Airing Sunday 26 April 2015 @ 15:45
The Sin Eater

Airing Sunday 26 April 2015 @ 21:00

Airing Sunday 26 April 2015 @ 23:00
Christmas Evil

Airing Sunday 26 April 2015 @ 00:50
Latest Article
Booth's Blog: Home Is Where The Horror Is...
Posted in: After, Sunday 26th Apr 2015

EB May 2015 2So April 16th was a big day for Star Wars fans as the trailer for the hellishly hot Star Wars VII was released a mere 8 months prior to it’s actual film release (December 18th) It’s almost like the good old days when you had to wait 6 months for a film to come out on video after missing it on the big screen.

It’s rare in our 3 second culture for such a big and lengthy build up to a cinema release – perhaps cinema needs the hype these days; that way excitement and anticipation builds and guarantees those much needed bottoms on seats. But its not just the mega busters getting the big build up; April 23rd saw the release of the trailer for M. Night Shyamalan’s The Visit and I have to say, it’s got me a tad excited, even though we will have to wait til ... »

Tonight At Prime Time On The Horror Channel
Christmas Evil (18)
Tonight on the Horror Channel @ 00:50

Comical festive frights. A toy-maker who revels in the Christmas spirit suffers a mental break when his work is met with hypocrisy and cynicism and goes on a yuletide killing spree. (1980)
Latest Review
Posted in: Reviews, Sunday 26th Apr 2015

Clown DVDClown - DVD Review


Certificate 18

Extras: None

From producer and splatter-maestro Eli Roth comes the creepy shocker Clown. Billed as a nightmarish tale of a doting father who undergoes a gruesome, bloodthirsty transformation, the film has a dark centre beating away inside its blood-splattered heart, and a baddie that is anything but fun, this clown eats children!

It’s Jack's 10th birthday, but the clown has cancelled. His dad, Kent (Andy Powers), finds an old clown suit in the attic and saves the party. But after the party is over, Kent has a problem… the suit won't come off. What starts as a joke quickly turns into a hellish nightmare. Kent can feel himself changing, and his desperate attempts to free himself just leave him in agonis ... »

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