Death Proof
Saturday 28 March @ 22:35
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Savages Crossing
Airing Monday 30 March 2015 @ 20:00
The Devil's Rock
Airing Sunday 29 March 2015 @ 21:55
Airing Tuesday 31 March 2015 @ 23:40
Doctor Who: The Android Invasion
Airing Sunday 29 March 2015 @ 09:00
Editor's Highlight
Quentin Tarantino's: Death Proof
Saturday 28th March @ 22:35

Two women are stalked by a killer who uses his 'death proof' cars to execute his murderous plans in Quentin Tarantino's gritty and grim Grindhouse feature Death Proof at 10.35pm.

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Clown DVD competition

Win a Clown DVD!

From producer and splatter-maestro Eli Roth comes Clown. Continuing in the tradition of films such as It and House Of 1000 Corpses, here’s further proof there’s nothing more terrifying than a killer clown! We have 5 copies of Clown on DVD up for grabs and to be in with a chance all you have to do is answer a simple question.

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Airing Saturday 28 March 2015 @ 21:00
Death Proof

Airing Saturday 28 March 2015 @ 22:35
Lust For A Vampire

Airing Sunday 29 March 2015 @ 00:45
Masque of the Red Death

Airing Sunday 29 March 2015 @ 14:40
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Booth's Blog: Tarantino's Grindhouse On Horror!
Posted in: Features, Thursday 26th Mar 2015

Behind the scenes 2 SmallIf there’s one thing Quentin Tarantino does well its cult movie referencing, making what was once underground and loved by nerds only totally cool and contemporary. He regenerates fading films stars and degenerate genres and before he decided to bring Grindhouse back to celluloid fashion, half of us hadn’t even heard of it! He forged a link between mainstream American cinema and the shadowy world of the independents by bringing 70’s schlock cinema to the masses. I was lucky enough to be involved in the Grindhouse ‘scene’ in two ways; once in Edgar Wright’s fake trailer, Don’t which played between Tarantino’s Planet Terror and Death Proof double bill and then again in Jake West’s brilliant documentary Bump ‘N G ... »

Tonight At Prime Time On The Horror Channel
Lust For A Vampire (18)
Tonight on the Horror Channel @ 00:45

Blood-drenched Hammer horror. When a seductive vampiress returns from the grave, she casts her alluring spell over all who encounter her, including the nubile young girls of a finishing school. (1971)
Latest Review
Posted in: Reviews, Thursday 26th Mar 2015

Clown DVDClown - DVD Review


Certificate 18

Extras: None

From producer and splatter-maestro Eli Roth comes the creepy shocker Clown. Billed as a nightmarish tale of a doting father who undergoes a gruesome, bloodthirsty transformation, the film has a dark centre beating away inside its blood-splattered heart, and a baddie that is anything but fun, this clown eats children!

It’s Jack's 10th birthday, but the clown has cancelled. His dad, Kent (Andy Powers), finds an old clown suit in the attic and saves the party. But after the party is over, Kent has a problem… the suit won't come off. What starts as a joke quickly turns into a hellish nightmare. Kent can feel himself changing, and his desperate attempts to free himself just leave him in agonis ... »

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