Pick Of The Week
Sundown: The Vampire In Retreat
Friday 1 July @ 2:25
Attack of the 50 Foot Woman
Friday 1 July @ 13:00
The Vatican Tapes
Thursday 30 June @ 21:00
Horror Channel: Let The Nightmare Begin
Horror Channel is the UK's original channel dedicated to the dark side of cinema and television. With an eclectic mix of ground-breaking and genre-defining content including niche, cult and box office movies along with fantasy, sci-fi and supernatural series, you'll be entertained and terrified.
Editor's Highlight
Funny man Ross Noble​ swaps his sharp stand-up for something far sharper in the bloody shocker Stitches at 11pm. A clown returns from the dead to take revenge on those that killed him during a party.


Latest Article
Revealed! Graham Humphrey’s Stunning Artwork For Horror Channel Frightfest 2016
Posted in: Frightfest, News, Friday 24th Jun 2016

FF Poster 2016 SmallHorror Channel FrightFest is delighted to present Graham Humphrey’s stunning artwork for this year’s annual Bank Holiday event, the UK’s largest celebration of genre cinema, taking place at the Vue Shepherd’s Bush, between Thursday August 25th till Monday August 29th.

The relocation to Shepherd’s Bush was the inspiration behind the concept.

As Graham explains: "This year’s relocation suggested the idea of a floating cinema that can move through the city. Going west, I took it all the way to Louisiana, as portrayed in the film ‘Southern Comfort’. reimagining London as a swampland.

I took my cues from a variety of sources; the ‘feu follet’ (will-o’-the-wisp) are mentioned in George Washington Cable’s short story ... »


Upcoming Movies On Horror
Tornado Warning

Monday 27 June @ 16:00
Nothing Left To Fear

Monday 27 June @ 21:00

Monday 27 June @ 23:00
Emily Booth's Blog
Booth's Blog: The Beauty Of The Abandoned
By Emily Booth, Wednesday 22nd Jun 2016

Emily with chopperThere seems to be an almost primal-gut need and attraction for our forgotten past, abandoned places once the site of life and activity, now left, lost and derelict, mere echoes of their former glory. I personally am incredibly attracted to the idea of urban exploring and when I was a nipper regularly indulged in breaking into old dilapidated houses, flats, schools and churches before the term ‘urban exploring’ was even coined. But why? What is this fascination all about? Are these buildings a ‘bricks and mortar’ version of ghosts? Is it tapping into our primal need for discovery? This sense of urban decay, especially buildings or places that once housed laughter, entertainment, beauty and opulence, now empty, destroyed and silent. Does it make us feel connected to the people of the past? Are we j... »


Tonight At Prime Time On The Horror Channel
Haunting horror starring Clancy Brown (Highlander). A pastor and his family encounter malevolent forces when they move to a small Kansas town filled with oddball residents. (2013)

Latest Review
The Ninth Configuration – Blu-ray review
Posted in: Reviews, Friday 24th Jun 2016

The Ninth ConfigurationThe Ninth Configuration – Blu-ray review

Second Sight

Certificate 15

Extras: Audio Commentary by Writer/Director William Peter Blatty and Mark Kermode, Killer Kane featurette - brand new interviews with writer/director/producer William Peter Blatty, actors Stacy Keach, Tom Atkins and Stephen Powers, composer Barry De Vorzon, production designer William Malley and art director J. Dennis, Archive featurette with Mark Kermode, Deleted Scenes and Outtakes.

William Peter Blatty’s The Ninth Configuration was originally released in 1980 to an incredibly mixed response. Its mixture of biting satire, brutal horrors of war and of life itself as well as surreal drama and confusing moments of comedy has earn ... »


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