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The Eyes Of Laura Mars
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Supernatural scares starring Abigail Breslin (Zombieland). The ghost of a teenager strives to protect a young girl and her family from a dead serial killer who possesses the living.

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Interview with 'Life' star Rebecca Ferguson
Posted in: Interviews, Wednesday 22nd Mar 2017

Rebecca Ferguson  Life Interview
Previously starring opposite Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation and Emily Blunt in Girl on the Train, Ferguson steps out as the lead, standing firmly in front of her co-stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds in the Horror/Sci-Fi spectacle Life, which opens in cinemas across the UK this Friday.

Starring as Dr. Miranda North, Ferguson plays the last astronaut on-board an International Space Station which has recently caught a space probe containing the first sign of extra-terrestrial life. Studying the life form quickly turns from fascinating to a complete catastrophe, as the organism rapidly grows strength and intelligence - with the desperation to prey upon those within its reach.

We spoke with Ferguson about her character, filming ... »


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Alien Fury: Countdown to Invasion

Saturday 25 March @ 15:00

Saturday 25 March @ 16:50
The Darwin Conspiracy

Saturday 25 March @ 18:40
Emily Booth's Blog
Booth's Blog: Wrong Turn is the Right Way on Horror!
By Emily Booth, Wednesday 22nd Mar 2017
Emily Booth Red JacketOne of the most talked about films to enter the 2017 horror radar is and will be Raw; the French/Belgian cannibal film directed by first timer Julia Ducournau, scooping out more awards than her leading lady scoops out eyeballs.

Raw is currently getting the critics' tongues wagging and the audiences' stomachs reeling. Reports are coming in that people have been vomiting during screenings; not something you hear much in this disaffected age. I feel there's an emerging wave of arthouse horror taking its cue from current society's ills, splashing it across the celluloid dripping with not just blood, but oodles of style. 2012's Antiviral (the disease of celebrity culture), It Follows (sexual disease) and The Babadook (motherhood) in 2014, and The Neon Demo... »


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Tales Of Halloween - DVD Review
Posted in: Reviews, Wednesday 22nd Mar 2017
Tales-Of-Halloween-coverTales Of Halloween DVD

Arrow Films

Certificate 18

Extras: Deleted Scene: Grim Grinning Ghost - directed by Axelle Carolyn, Behind-The-Scenes: Sweet Tooth - directed by Dave Parker, Anatomy of a Scene: Friday the 31st - directed by Mike Mendez, Fun Facts pop-on video commentary for selected segments (caption file), Photo Gallery, Behind-The-Scenes of Bad Seed, Storyboards for Ding Dong.

Halloween, a traditional time for sitting around and telling the most outrageous horror themed stories you can think of. Well, you don't have to make up your own anymore as some of the genres finest talent have done all the hard work for you!

Tales of Halloween has 10 (yes, 10!) interlocking stories that ... »