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Saturday 29 April @ 22:55
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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Sunday 30 April @ 18:35
Horror Channel: Let The Nightmare Begin
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Tonight At Prime Time On The Horror Channel
Creepy kids chiller. A Christmas holiday goes horrendously wrong when the children turn on their parents who have to fight for survival.

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Look out Jack, Chucky's back! Everyone's "friend till the end" on Horror in May
Posted in: Features, Monday 24th Apr 2017
Horror Channel has eight prime-time weekend film premieres this May including the network premieres for Don Mancini's killer-dolls spin-off Seed Of Chucky (pictured), starring Brad Dourif, Jennifer Tilly and Billy Boyd, Xavier Gen's unsettling post-apocalyptic horror The Divide and the epic vampire-battling Daybreakers, starring Eithan Hawke and Willem Dafoe.

There are also UK premieres of Jose Manuel Cravioto's pulse-pounding thriller Bound To Vengeance and Mary Lambert's evil-spirited gripper Urban Legends: Bloody Mary. Other highlights are first channel showings for St ... »


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Haunted (2012)

Monday 24 April @ 02:55

Tuesday 25 April @ 11:00
Super Shark

Tuesday 25 April @ 13:00
Emily Booth's Blog
Booth's Blog: Make a beeline for your wasp spray!
By Emily Booth, Monday 24th Apr 2017
Ah, the 1950's creature features, from atomic bugs to swamp monsters, it pretty much all began in the '50s as fears of nuclear bomb testing and the notion of outer space began to pervade the public consciousness, giving rise to a slew of creepy crawly horror movies. There are so many, but notably Them (1954), Tarantula (1955) and Wasp Woman (1959) with their exciting special effects were no doubt part of the inspiration for this week's Horror Channel premiere.

In the middle of hot and humid rural America, a gathering of wealthy privileged white Americans including the town's mayor (Lance Henriksen) come together for a rich old lady's annual summer party. But as the festivities get going, ... »


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Tales Of Halloween - DVD Review
Posted in: Reviews, Monday 24th Apr 2017
Tales-Of-Halloween-coverTales Of Halloween DVD

Arrow Films

Certificate 18

Extras: Deleted Scene: Grim Grinning Ghost - directed by Axelle Carolyn, Behind-The-Scenes: Sweet Tooth - directed by Dave Parker, Anatomy of a Scene: Friday the 31st - directed by Mike Mendez, Fun Facts pop-on video commentary for selected segments (caption file), Photo Gallery, Behind-The-Scenes of Bad Seed, Storyboards for Ding Dong.

Halloween, a traditional time for sitting around and telling the most outrageous horror themed stories you can think of. Well, you don't have to make up your own anymore as some of the genres finest talent have done all the hard work for you!

Tales of Halloween has 10 (yes, 10!) interlocking stories that ... »