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The Devil's Daughter
Tuesday 27 September @ 13:00
Embrace Of The Vampire (2013)
Sunday 25 September @ 02:30
Silver Bullet
Tuesday 27 September @ 21:00
Horror Channel: Let The Nightmare Begin
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Tense spine-tingler starring Lara Flynn Boyle. A peaceful couple find their idyllic lives derailed by the construction of an extravagant home next door that harbours a sinister secret.

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Interview With Marcus Dunstan Director Of The Neighbour
Posted in: Interviews, Tuesday 20th Sep 2016

The Neighbour QuadOne of the strongest movies of FrightFest 2016 was the superior shocker The Neighbour from Marcus Dunstan who Horror Channel viewers may recognise from his films The Collector and The Collection.

With The Neighbour out now in cinemas and VOD we chatted to Marcus about this, his involvement with the Saw franchise and if there will be another entry into The Collector series.

HC: Have you always been a big horror fan and was there one movie in particular that inspired you to go into the movie business?

MD: YES! Horror movies were bonding experiences in my family since I can recall. Huddling together under a blanket and passing the po ... »


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Saturday 24 September @ 00:50
The Reptile

Saturday 24 September @ 02:30
The House Next Door

Sunday 25 September @ 08:00
Emily Booth's Blog
Booth's Blog: Icy Intrigue And Pagan Rituals This Weekend On Horror!
By Emily Booth, Thursday 22nd Sep 2016

Emily Booth Red JacketHorror Channels' weekend movie premieres are getting better and better, with two unmissable gems coming this Friday and Saturday night; The Dyatlov Pass Incident, and The Wicker Man (original of course - don't dare talk Nic Cage to me on this matter!).

While I'm sure we have all heard of, known, loved, and sang along with The Wicker Man (more on that in a moment), the former premiere is a lesser known title, but oh lord, this is a story just dying to be told! Based on a very real, incredibly strange incident, doing the research for this film was pure heaven to me as the true life mystery unfolded before my eyes. This is one sinister story, and I'm amazed it's only now been told in film... If you love an unsolved myste... »


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Blair Witch - Film Review
Posted in: Reviews, Tuesday 20th Sep 2016

Blair-Witch-PosterBlair Witch - Film Review


Certificate 15

Blair Witch is one of the most talked about horror movies of the year but does it live up to the hype? We sent our very own Giovanna Utichi to check out this latest entry into one of horror cinema's most debated line of movies.

Thinking back to 1999 when I watched the first Blair Witch movie I was a teenager convinced that I would never see anything as scary ever again. I also remember my boyfriend at the time had to physically leave the theatre to be sick and we were amazed and baffled by what we had just seen.

17 years later and I found myself back in the old cinema seat going through ... »