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Metal Shifters
Sunday 29 May @ 16:45
Black Death (2010)
Sunday 29 May @ 21:00
Curse Of The Crimson Altar
Wednesday 1 June @ 21:00
Horror Channel: Let The Nightmare Begin
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Eight volunteers find themselves fighting for their lives when a drug trial goes horrifically wrong in the UK TV Premiere of The Facility at 10.55pm.


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Pride And Prejudice And Zombies - Coming DVD And Blu-Ray
Posted in: News, Wednesday 25th May 2016

Pride And Prejudice And Zombies Blu-ray coverIt’s Pride And Prejudice like you’ve never seen it before, as Jane Austen’s 19th Century classic is invaded by hordes of flesh-eating zombies! Yes, Pride And Prejudice And Zombies is the literary-monster mash-up you’ve been waiting to feast on and it coming to DVD and Blu-Ray from Monday 27th June and on Digital HD from Monday 20th June.

Based on book by Seth Grahame-Smith (and Jane Austen, of course), it’s one of greatest premises in movie history: what if the literary classic was retold, but this time packed with the living dead? Will Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy still find love? Or will be too busy chopping down an army of the undead for romance?

... »


Upcoming Movies On Horror

Friday 27 May @ 16:00
Silver Bullet

Friday 27 May @ 21:00
The Facility

Friday 27 May @ 22:55
Emily Booth's Blog
Booth's Blog: The Demon Child...!
By Emily Booth, Thursday 26th May 2016

Emily Booth Red JacketThe Village of the Damned, Children of the Corn, Damien Thorn, Orphan, Regan, The Shining twins – you know where I’m going with this. There is a long history of the evil child in horror films and a very primal fear being explored, addressed and exorcised; could our own darling offspring turn against us? Does our unconditional protective love really mean anything to them? What kind of chaotic society would be left behind if the children were in charge?

With the network premiere of Tom Shankland’s The Children on Horror Channel this coming Saturday 28th May, I thought I’d delve a little further into the history of this most potent sub- genre and why the hell it freaks us out so much!

The evil child can ... »


Tonight At Prime Time On The Horror Channel
Action comedy series that sees Chicago cops taking on deadly monsters. When young men start turning up dead, the team believe a 'black widow' spider-like-creature is at large.

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The Ninth Configuration – Blu-ray review
Posted in: Reviews, Wednesday 25th May 2016

The Ninth ConfigurationThe Ninth Configuration – Blu-ray review

Second Sight

Certificate 15

Extras: Audio Commentary by Writer/Director William Peter Blatty and Mark Kermode, Killer Kane featurette - brand new interviews with writer/director/producer William Peter Blatty, actors Stacy Keach, Tom Atkins and Stephen Powers, composer Barry De Vorzon, production designer William Malley and art director J. Dennis, Archive featurette with Mark Kermode, Deleted Scenes and Outtakes.

William Peter Blatty’s The Ninth Configuration was originally released in 1980 to an incredibly mixed response. Its mixture of biting satire, brutal horrors of war and of life itself as well as surreal drama and confusing moments of comedy has earn ... »